Shift Shop Preview


🙌 I can tell this is gonna be a challenging one! So happy we plan to do 3 rounds of Shift Shop in the #SYSOFshift challenge group! It’s an all over, head to toe complete, break you down, make you ugly sweat 😅, fast moving workout. This one will get you in shape fast. Big doses of cardio to get your heart pumping and get you in amazing physical condition.

There’s a lil bit of an old school feel, but put together all shiny and new. Chris Downing is such an awesome motivator, he made me wanna give it my all. It was intense and I got my a** kicked but it was a great sweat  😅. And the modifier shows the moves any beginner can be challenged by and do.

What it is, more specifically? Shift Shop is 3 week  mix of cardio and strength training workouts. Each day Chris gives you a “shop rule”. Today it was “try before you modify”. I love this quote because there are so many times during workouts when I think, maybe I should just modify it, I probably can’t do it. it looks hard.  But today I kept his quote in the forefront as a reminder to keep pushing myself to push harder.  And I realized there were moves I did think, no way can I do that. But I did it anyway. And there were a few I really did need the modifier for, but there were also moves I COULD do!!  And of course there were some I could do a few times and then went to the modified version. But you never know till you really try!!!


The best part is that they show you exactly how to do the move, before starting and Chris shows you the modified version too. So you’re not racing to catch up at all.  This was a great time and I can’t wait till the release on BOD in July!!! 3 rounds baby!! Want to get in on our amazing group of over 570 in the #SYSOFshift? When you get signed up I’ll add you to the private Facebook group. We’ll get motivated, lose some weight, drop some inches, learn some new recipes and have an inspiring group to help you get it done! Want the info, just fill this out ➫➫ ➫ The SYSOF Shift

ps…this releases On Demand July 12th We are starting July 17th with round 1. So you’ll have some time to preview and get the feel for the workout a full week before we start!

It ain’t pretty – It just works!

So what’s next?

🤔So what is this 3 day thing I’m doing?

This Refresh is designed to increase energy, reduce bloating, and detox the system. If you need a kick start to your health journey it’s a perfect place to start. Been eating a lot of junk or processed food and you feel like yuck 🤢, this will make you feel better! Or you feel like you’ve been stuck at a weight plateau for a while, this will jump start your metabolism.  I’ve been on a bit of a plateau this week, so this will help kick that plateau outta my way!

19225845_10213677113821959_3269122847056273075_nWe’ve been working super hard to clean up our bad eating habits and create new ones. We still have a ways to go and it’s something you have to stay on top of. It’s so easy to fall into bad eating habits, junk food and processed stuff is everywhere!! Before doing Shaun Week, Keith (my hubby) and I cleared out our cabinets of any remaining foods that are over processed or filled with ingredients that just don’t even sound natural. After the 3 Day Refresh we plan on getting back to the 21 Day Fix portion control system as a refresher on food portioning and quantities. 

We did it before, but over time bad habits can creep back in (too many donut shops and pizza places around us!) so getting back to the basics and relearning will get us back on track. Since doing the 21 Day Fix the last time, it seems that we make big improvements afterwards that really stick with us. So we’re really excited to do it again. But before that, I want to start fresh and know my body has a good running start. The refresh will accomplish that goal!



✨ Detoxes your bod!

✨ Lose weight (3-10 pounds)!

✨ Regain energy!

✨ If you want to kick the caffeine habit, perfect time to get it done!

✨ Lets you get into a mental shift to prepare you for lifestyle changes

✨ Helps you feel better after a weekend of indulgences

✨ Sets groundwork for what you set your mind to achieve after the 3 days

✨ 3 Day Refresh Before/After




Today’s supposed to be a rest day for me, BUT,  Beachbody On Demand is doing a preview today of the upcoming (July 12th) BOD release of Shift Shop. And since all five hundred and …. of us are planning to do 3 rounds of this baby starting July 17th I want to get a peek at it today!

Then until July 17th I’ll be doing this schedule below….


All of this is helping me to gain leg strength for 🏃 run training, so that’s going to be amped up this month too. Looking to finally add these races to my calendar of events!

🏃 Sunday RUNday

🏃 Coast Guard 5K

🏃 5th Annual Spartyka Fallen Heroes 5k

Looking at a couple others, but not confirmed yet! So, that’s what’s next for me. 

whats next





My Shaun Week Results

Shaun Week

🙌 Oh my gosh this was a fun week!! I’m pleased with my results, know where I could have tweaked to have done even better, and am super ready for the next stage of the #SYSOFShift!!!
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Shaun Week – Day 7 – Dig Deeeeep!

PicMonkey Images.jpg

💙💙💙💙💙 What a week! A whirlwind of emotion, sore muscles, non scale victories and awesome accomplishments. Shaun Week is in the books!! My fingers are crossed they make this into a FULL program! I would love to see a 30 day program with these workouts. I’m 💪stronger and leaner thanks to this week, and it was FUN ✨✨✨

Hey now, you gotta excuse the messy sweaty hair but I thought I’d share a snippet of my workout. I have super tight hip flexors so my flexibility still needs work, but every day I see improvements 🤸


Next up for me is the 3 Day Refresh I didn’t get to do before Shaun Week. I’m excited and nervous! I’ll be opening the box in the a.m. and getting started first thing in the morning! My grocery shopping is done, prep was started and I’m ready to go! I’ll be sure to post updates and let you all know how it’s going over the next 3 days 😉

Any of you guys or gals (in the US or Canada) ready to get started with BOD & the challenge group? You can get signed up in just a few minutes time and be connected On Demand! June 19th – July 9th the #SYSOFShift Challenge group is doing “Pick Your Path” or some are calling it “Pick Your Poison”. There are full programs to choose from with over 600 🙃 workouts! It’s unlimited streaming, and so no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet access — whether you’re in your house, at the gym, or on vacation — you can access program guides, your workouts, and more on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You’ll have access to delicious and healthy 🥗🍲🍱 recipes from Fixate and will be able to do special workouts from the trainers!

Right now there’s a sweet special going on where for a limited time, you can get a 30-day supply of Shakeology, an Annual All-Access membership to Beachbody on Demand, a free coach (me 😄) and the support of a team of challengers in a private group. We share recipes, tips, give each other motivation and are there to inspire each other to reach our goals.

The #SYSOFShift Challenge group is still wide open for new members and at last count we were over 560 strong! I’d love to talk to you about your goals and help you get the tools you need to reach them! Sign up or email me for more info!


Shaun Week – Day 6 – Speed 4.0 & Team Building!!

Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0
Speed 4.0

speed 4.0

DONE – finally tonight! So you know we had a busy morning with the RWB, right? Well, the rest of the day, honestly we just spent doing much of nothing. We’ve been trying to watch re-runs of ⚜️ Game Of Thrones ⚜️ to hype up to the this coming season, and we just don’t have that kinda time. We just aren’t tv watchers like we were. So today we did some marathon viewing . And since we were sooooooo busy watching re-runs, we put off the workout, till, laaaaaate. Regrets ahuh. Still learning my lessons. But no matter what, you get it done! 

My legs and booty are on 🔥🔥🔥! The last 12 minutes, burpeeeeeees 😱😳. You heard that right. Now don’t be scared, there is always a modifier and the modified burpees are very doable. But I wasn’t letting it slide, since I let the day slide away.  

I’ve been feeling super emotional 😢 all week (no it’s not THAT time of the month) doing these workouts. Hip Hop Abs was my very first Beachbody program I ever did. That was a 30 day schedule and I had just started to clean up my diet, just started drinking Shakeology and  I lost 👋14 pounds and some inches that month. And shortly after was when I stepped away. Since I’ve been back I’ve been so emotional about coming back. It was like coming home. As I’ve gotten into run training and back to Beachbody I’ve had so many moments of being sore and vulnerable. I think a lot of times we don’t do what we know we should, or what we even want to do,  because of vulnerability. I stopped my run training, not because I didn’t want to run, but because I couldn’t run and that exposed a weakness in me. It’s interesting how much your physical and emotional self are connected to the way you move your body and the way you walk through your life. And all I can say is that I have an overwhelming feeling of liberation and inner strength these days 😌

Now find myself building my own team and paying it all forward. I thought at one time just being a challenger and customer was all I needed. But I was wrong. Being a health and wellness coach keeps me in check. It keeps me focused on my own personal goals. It gets a whole lot more real when your job becomes actually taking care of yourself and getting yourself in shape. How crazy smart is this??? Getting a paycheck for doing something for my own health turned into helping others reclaim their health, and then that turns into helping others pave a road to financial freedom. As Shaun would say… A-maze-balls! Amazing!!

Interested in joining and being trained by a team that’s TOP 10 in the biz? Wander over here ➪➪➪ Join The Team! *USA & Canada only right now.

But seriously, speed 4.0 is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and I will never ever, ever put off doing my workout so late, ever again! I can’t believe the week is almost up, it went by so fast! Monday is 3 Day Refresh time!


Shaun Week – Day 5

 Shaun Week – Day 🖐️

👇Like a boss 👇

Lil’ bit Insanity, lil bit wow! Today I was really focused and didn’t really take any photo’s. It was a hectic kind of day and I wanted to make sure I squeezed this in. Because you know, staying on track has to be one of my major focuses. When I let myself get so distracted I tend to let things like taking the time to workout, I start slipping and letting too many days in between put me in a slump. That’s one of the reasons I love the challenge group, it keeps me honest, keeps me motivated and on track.


I loved Day 5! And I’m looking forward to Day 6. Speed 4.0 (sounds like Focus T25, and that’s one of my favorite programs). Not much time to blog today though, the day was super busy with house cleaning, grocery shopping (3 Day Refresh is coming up!), and a few errands. Headed to sleep early tonight. Volunteering to work the Summer Slam 5K tomorrow with Team RWB and it calls for an early rise!

But, I did want to take the time to put my gratitude out to the universe for the SYSOF Shift Challenge Group. If you are anything like me and you get distracted from working out, or could benefit from some good old fashioned camaraderie, that’s what a challenge group is all about. It’s a no judgement zone. We have people from all walks of life, all kinds of backgrounds, all different sizes, shapes, and during all different times on their weight loss/fitness/health journey’s. We are over 560 strong, kicking butt every day to achieve our goals and we have each others backs. I 💙 challenge groups and am so grateful to every one of those 560+ challengers!!


“If you feel good on the inside, the outside will follow suit.” ~ Shaun T


Shaun Week – Day 4

PicMonkey Image.jpg

DAY 4 of Shaun Week- 25 Abs!
I was a lil scared of this one, Shaun T ‘s workouts are notoriously killer on my abs.
I did indeed walk away from the is workout with my abs blasted 💥, I did it!!!  I had to modify a couple things, and my chair is wayyyy too high to use for modifications and other furniture wat too soft, but I did it! And I’m darn proud 😏
His quote from this workout yesterday is still on my brain today, “Everything comes from the core of who you are.”! Mind blown 💥 It’s truth, and when you have a strong core you even carry yourself different and feel stronger, so of course great core strength is going to help with confidence and self absurdness.
🔥I felt the burn!
🔥I embraced the burn!
🔥I am stronger because of the burn!

Our SYSOF Shift Challenge Group is still wide open for you to join. I’ve got you covered all summer long to get you and keep you ready for summer and beyond! You can still catch the whole week of Shaun week on BOD! When we finish up Shaun week, we are all (last count 560+) picking whatever BOD workout we want to challenge ourselves with. Then on July 17th we’ll start our first round of Shift Shop! We’re planning 3 rounds which will take us into September, yayyyy!

This’ll give you all the support, encouragement and a success plan to reach your goals. If you want to join up right now, here’s your link! If you have more questions just reach out via email here! I’d love for you to get in on this, to keep your ☀️summer healthy & crazy fit 💪! *USA & Canada only at this time 

Now to hit up a thrift store for a used “regular height” chair hmmm 🤔