Here are a few more random acts of kindness ideas you can do to celebrate🎉

💛 Give out at least three compliments today.

💛 Pick up the tab for the person behind you in line — at the cafe, in the grocery store, even in the drivethru.

💛 Deliver flowers to hospital patients (or get involved with an organization that does just that).

💛 Spread the digital love: Leave a positive note on someone’s Facebook page or endorse them on LinkedIn.

💛 While walking down the street, pretend someone dropped a dollar and hand them a one of your own.

💛 Tell someone thank you. Start with custodians, teachers, nurses or anyone who you feel is under-appreciated.

💛 Donate a copy of your favorite book to a library.

💛 Start an online fundraising page to help someone cover medical bills, accomplish a goal or fulfill a dream.

💛 You know those passive aggressive notes people leave on poorly parked cars? Do the opposite! Write a “thank you for taking the time to park well” note.

💛 While out shopping, hide notes in clothing merchandise pockets with body positive messages.

💛 Volunteer or donate at your local shelter.

💛 Stop to talk to someone you see every day. Learn their names, and be sure to greet them the next time you see them.

💛 Increase your vocabulary while helping end world hunger on freerice.com. For every answer you get right, sponsors donate to the World Food Programme.

💛 Feed shelter animals
The Animal Rescue Site or Freekibble



Today is World Kindness Day and many are also deeming it Cardigan Day.

Cardigan Day is a nod to the iconic children’s television star, Fred Rogers. Everyone is encouraged to wear a cardigan, to represent the kindness that the late Mr. Rogers spread.

The campaign started on social media and comes just ahead of the November 22nd release of “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” a film that is based off of Roger’s real life friendship with a journalist Tom Junod.

28 countries mark November 13th as a day to spread kindness. Social media users are urging people to use the hashtags #WorldKindnessDay and #CardiganDay to show off their good deeds and cardigans.

Random Acts Of Kindness




Fotor1227164335I’ve been a RAKtivist for a few years now. And I usually don’t publicize my random acts. Many of which are either through volunteer work, or donations but I think it’s a crucial piece of personal development and social development if we take part. Of course people do kind things all the time on their own without having a group, or movement to tell them to do so. But the act of “joining” in and of itself serves at that little reminder as we start to get bogged down with our own busy days to stop and take a moment to reach out in some small way, big or small, to make a positive impact in the world we share with one another.





And stop by the Random Acts Of Kindness Website and see if you’d like to join, just click the button below!