Where you been?

The average is 8 for Americans. How do you match up? Put a 🏠 where you’ve lived,  ✈where you’ve been and ⭐ where you plan to go, or go again! GET UP, GET OUT & LIVE! Even if you just explore your own hometown! You only get 1 chance to live your life, LIVE BIG!
Alaska ⭐
California 🏠 ⭐
Colorado  ✈⭐
Florida 🏠
Georgia ✈
Illinois ✈
Maine ⭐
Maryland ✈
Michigan ✈
Nevada ✈
New Hampshire
New Jersey 🏠
New Mexico
New York ✈ ⭐
North Carolina✈
North Dakota
Ohio 🏠🤞🏽
Oregon ⭐
Pennsylvania ✈
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee ✈
Virginia 🏠
Washington ⭐
Washington Dc ⭐
West Virginia
Asia(India) (Thailand)
Europe ⭐
Caribbean ⭐
Canada ✈ ⭐
Dominican Republic
U.S. Virgin Island ⭐
N.Marian Island

Some of the world’s best vegetarian and vegan cities

Lucky Leek, Berlin If you are vegan or vegetarian, it’s easier than ever find places to eat when you travel. One of the restaurants on my list even won best new restaurant in Canada,……

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My World Wanders Article

Traveling can be expensive unless you learn to do it right. My husband and I are trying to learn all the ins and outs of travel on a budget and articles like this put it into perspective.

Are you traveling to experience the food, or the culture? Are they one and the same? Set your priorities. If you can live of PBJ and water while traveling somewhere you would otherwise not be able to afford, why not embrace the PBJ?

I love these tips from Jesse over at My World Wanders!

Happy Holidays my dear readers and fellow adventurers. This seemed like an appropriate topic to cover on the holiday 🙂 Yes I know this article has been done a million times, by much better …

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Travel Photography Advice!


I found this fantastic travel blog,  G Adventures and a really cool write up about how to,  and not to take travel photo’s. I’m just learning how to take better photo’s mysself. And am signing up for classes very very soon. Photo’s hold your most precious memories. Not only for yourself but for everyone you share your adventures with now and in the future. Learning how to better capture those moments is a subject I’m delving into more and more. So check out the blog and learn how to take better vacation pics!


How Not to Take a Travel Photo

Do you suffer from boring travel photo syndrome? Don’t worry! Travel photographer Peter West Carey’s got your cure!

Source: How Not to Take a Travel Photo

How to Prepare & Pack for a Run-cation!

Informative read on packing for an out of town race. I know I’m planning at least one in 2017 so this was really helpful!


Are you eying that out-of-town race that looks like tons of fun, but you’re not sure where to begin? Though it may seem intimidating, traveling for a race can be a lot of fun and surprisingly….continued at the source:  How to Prepare & Pack for a Run-cation!

Vacationing like you’re local

There are so many ways to travel, and one way isn’t better than any other. It comes down to personal preference. Over the years, I’ve found that I like to move around like I live in my destin…

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The Nyonya Garden Mural Art at Gusto Cafe, Penang.

The Nyonya Garden Mural art at Gusto Cafe, Penang. My brief was to paint something that would teach these people how to respect nature. Mr Koi represents all the koi fish that were brutally murdere…

Source: The Nyonya Garden Mural Art at Gusto Cafe, Penang.