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A safe and effective healing practice that balances mind, body, and spirit.

  • Reduces pain and relieves anxiety
  • Boosts the immune system and promotes healing
  • Encourages feelings of peace and well-being
  • Provides comfort before surgery and encourages healing after surgery
  • Improves quality of sleep and mental clarity
  • Helps lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Supports caregivers and the terminally ill

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a simple, effective Japanese spiritual healing practice that brings the body into balance and promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is facilitated by using light touch on a fully clothed recipient. There is no manipulation. Reiki treatments combine easily with any medical condition or treatment. There are no medical contraindications.

During a session, the practitioner gently places her hands on your head, neck, shoulders, abdomen, arms and legs. If you prefer, hands can be held above the body. The recipient often feels warmth and a gentle pulsing from the practitioner’s hands. Most people find a Reiki treatment very soothing and feel relaxed and peaceful during and after the session. Treatments can last from 5-10 minutes or up to an hour. Even a few minutes of Reiki can be beneficial.
Deep relaxation encourages healing. If you are anxious about an upcoming surgery or medical procedure, a Reiki treatment can help you feel relaxed. If you are experiencing pain, Reiki treatment can help you feel more comfortable. If you are having trouble sleeping, Reiki can help you fall asleep easily and improve the quality of your sleep. Reiki does not take your problems away, but it can help you feel better and cope better with the stress of an illness, the treatment of a medical condition or everyday concerns. Anyone can learn to practice Reiki on self and others.

From:Hackensack Meridian Health Hospitals

What are the benefits of Reiki?
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Works on all levels — physical and emotional
  • Helps heal the subconcious mind where many emotional issues are rooted
  • Relief from pain
  • Enhances healing of all illness
  • Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy
  • Enhances and facilitates benefits of psychotherapy
  • Comforts the elderly
  • Heals the cause of illness/disease and relieves symptoms
  • Offers peace to the terminally ill
  • Reduces anxiety and panic disorder
  • Surgery patients need less anesthesia, come out of anesthesia more easily with less side effects
How long does it take for Reiki to work?
Reiki has immediate benefits in promoting a relaxed and peaceful state.  For other physical and/or emotional concerns, immediate benefits can also be experiences, however some people will experience a delayed reaction.
How many Reiki sessions do I need?
It depends on the person, the situation that is of concern and how they respond to the treatment.  I have seen people completely better after one session, however it usually is a process for most.  Also, many people use Reiki in conjunction with either psychotherapy or other medical treatment they may be getting for a physical issue.  Reiki can enhance other treatments a person is using and can hasten the benefits.
Can Reiki harm a person?  Are there side effects?
Reiki can never harm a person or worsen any condition/illness.  There are no negative side effects at all.  If nothing else, people reap the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction.  Reiki is a gentle healing energy that only offers positive benefits and results.
Can Reiki be performed on children?
Reiki can be used on children and is especially effective for children diagnosed with ADHD or autism, promoting a calmness.  In general, Reiki can also be used on children to help facilitate recovery of typical childhood illnesses or injuries.
Can Reiki be used on pets?
Reiki is commonly used on pets.  Some Reiki practitioners volunteer in their local SPCA or Human Society to help with abandoned pets.






Please note that Reiki is a complementary practice and is not a substitute for medical treatment. All clients should continue to see their physicians or therapists in conjunction with Reiki treatments.