35 Gifting “moments”


Here are some great ideas to gift to kids and families.

  1. Donate to an animal sanctuary or sponsor an animal. 
  2. Gift a yearly membership to a museum. 
  3. Buy a gift certificate to a fun activity. 
  4. Membership to the botanical gardens or national park passes. 
  5. A road trip with you somewhere fun. 
  6. Movie night for the whole family. 
  7. Gift an indoor veggie garden starter kit. 
  8. Buy a passes to an amusement or theme park. 
  9. Gift certificates for bowling or mini golf
  10. Buy games to have an ongoing weekly family game night
  11. Gift a family photo shoot
  12. Gift a local class or paint night
  13. Gift Certificate for a massage
  14. Gift tickets to a sports game
  15. Gift a session with a tarot reader 
  16. Gift tickets to a live show
  17. Write a poem on pretty paper and wrap in ribbon
  18. Gift dance classes for two
  19. Buy them an online course
  20. Give the gift of food
  21. Book a house cleaning for a day
  22. Make them a playlist
  23. Yoga class passes
  24. Gift a makeup session to pamper them for dinner out
  25. Gift language instruction
  26. Spa day, mani pedi or facial gift certificate
  27. Rock climbing gift certificate
  28. Give the gift of outdoor gear
  29. Escape room!
  30. Tickets for a wine tasting event
  31. Gift a cooking class
  32. Puzzles
  33. Online guitar class (here)
  34.  Experience gift ideas for kids (here)
  35. (USA) Cloud 9 experience gifts (here)

Have more ideas?? I’d love to see them in comments!!