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(If you select the 3-month option here, you get a free 14 day trial!)
While me and my husband’s favorite Beachbody workouts are probably LIIFT410 Rounds, Transform :20, Insanity, P90x and Shaun T’s BOD Exclusives Page. I also love love love the Yoga Studio where you can start as a beginner with the Week Yoga Retreat and then move right into the studio workouts. But, there are 100’s of others to pick from like 80 Day Obsession, and Morning Meltdown 100, plus many many more!
You can grab a FREE 14-Day Trial here – just click the link & then do the dropdown box to be 3-months.

Beachbody on Demand is a website and an app that allows you to stream hundreds of workouts, nutrition plans, meal planning,Recipes and get support with me as yourmentor. Members receive access to over 45+ full workout programs and nutrition guides. They can stream from their phone, laptop, or even to their TV with a streaming device!
If you’re unsure about what program you want to do, Lets talk and I can help you pick one based on your goals and time available.
With Beachbody on Demand, workouts can be literally streamed anywhere. It makes traveling so much easier as well. You can pull up the program guides, workouts, nutrition plans and everything from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.The streaming service also works through several streaming devices so that you can see the workouts on TV. It also includes exclusive at home workouts and a cooking show with weekly recipes.


Many of the workouts require no equipment!
I really love having  dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells. But you can just as easily use canned goods or water bottles filled with water or sand for weights. You may also want a step if you like step workouts, and resistance bands are awesome for resistance training, and a yoga mat for the workout programs, especially if you don’t have carpeting or have a sensitive back/tailbone.
I USUALLY USE A SET OF LIGHT, MEDIUM, AND HEAVY WEIGHTS, AND YOGA MAT. My husband also uses weights and has a set of resistance bands. There are plenty to do without any equipment though!


Most of the workouts do have a modifier, but not all of them do.  The good news is that there are plenty of beginner classes to choose from if you need to start out slow!

It’s important to find a good coach to help you get started and continue with you as you work towards your goals, and I would love be your new mentor (I’m not fond of the word coach, my style is much more mentor and an a supporting advocate for YOU!
If you’re looking for a supportive group of amazing people who are all working towards their health and fitness goals, and being supportive comrades, then our team would love to work with you too!
You can email me at to get started!
Having me as your mentor means…
You’ll get help and guidance when you need a new program.
Access to our private, online community.
Invites to join upcoming challenges!!
Exclusive support every step of the way!
Tips, more healthy recipes, advice…
If you’re on the fence — it’s super easy and free to add me as your coach, and I really do care about your success!


(If you select the 3-month option here, you get a free no risk – 14 day trial!)

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