meal prep 101

Meal prep can be a crucial part of achieving your health, weight-loss and fitness goals. Now, you might think that healthy meal prep is for those who have plenty of time and money to spend, but experts beg to differ!!  Plan well and you could save time and money, not to mention your health. Are you ready to get planning and save yourself some dough while eating healthier and getting in shape? Here’s how!  

Make a Plan

A great first step in in meal planning and time saving is to have a pretty solid idea of your food needs throughout the week before you do anything else. Take a moment to think about the week ahead: Think about where you’ll be at mealtimes; home, work, out with friends, traveling and whether you’ll have the means to reheat food if you’ll need something that’s ready to go and the kinds of containers you’ll need to store that food. Most importantly, think about the clean meals and snacks that you want to eat. You need to not only eat healthy nutritious ingredients but they need to be foods you enjoy, even if that limits variety.

  1. See what you already have. Look in your freezer, cabinets, and refrigerator. Make a note of what you currently have on hand. You can save money by using these items in the upcoming week’s meals.
  2. Use a worksheet or notepad to plan your meals. I have added some planner pages below that can help you out!
  3. Create a list of a few recipes to try. Find new ideas for healthy and low-cost meals (a dozen fantastic ideas for appealing, healthy meals that cost between 45 cents and $2.72 per serving) based on what you have on hand, foods your family enjoys, and foods that are good buys.
  4. Think about your schedule. Choose meals you can easily prepare when you don’t have a lot of time. Save recipes that take longer for days off. You also can prepare meals in advance to heat and serve on your busiest days. Do some meal prep, especially for lunches. This will reduce the chance of you skipping making a healthy lunch to take and instead opt for fast food options. 
  5. Plan to use leftovers. Use a couple larger recipes that have enough servings for multiple meals. This can reduce the number of ingredients you need to buy, and save you time preparing another meal. I use these for lunches!
Quinoa, kale, pomegranate seeds & feta

Make a Clean-Eating Grocery List

Once you’ve thought about the clean, healthy, nutritious meals found a few new recipes you’d like to try and have a meal plan ready to go, work backward to come up with a grocery list.   Beans or lentils are are a good (and less expensive!) alternative protein source instead of meats that tend to be higher priced and not always as good for you. “Consider serving budget-friendly meatless meals once or twice a week. Meatless meals are built around beans, lentils, vegetables and whole grains. These plant-based proteins tend to be less expensive and offer more health benefits than meat.” (The Mayo Clinic). Once you’ve made your list, think about where each of the items can be bought at the best price and get your groceries on a day when you’re not rushed. We have a store called Aldi’s that keeps prices low by stocking generic brands and forgoing fancy packaging. Buying in bulk is another way to save money.

Here are examples of healthy foods that should make up the core of your clean-eating grocery list!

Veggie Spring Rolls!

Stick With the List

Ever gone to the store to buy groceries and come home to find that you bought a lot of things you hadn’t planned on and maybe even forgot some things you meant to buy? Did you know that grocery stores, and stores in general pay a lot of money to merchandisers to make sure that customers stray from their lists and make impulse purchases? There job is to make displays stand out and pop so you will snag the item. I know it’s bad for my budget, so likely yours too. And because impulse buys are generally not the healthiest items, bad for health goals too. Do you ever go shopping with a hungry belly? Well stop! A 2013 study showed that when people go shopping when they’re hungry or they’ve gone a long time without eating, they tend to buy foods with a higher caloric density.

Shop Bulk Foods

What do beans, grains like quinoa and barley, nuts, seeds, rice, and legumes have in common? Most supermarkets offer these items in bulk bins. Not only does shopping in bulk save you money because you’re not paying for the fancy labels, you can also take as much or indeed as little as you need meaning that you can experiment with new things and new meals without getting stuck with something that’s not up your alley and not over spend or have waste that you’ll be tempted to eat. Like opening a box of pasta for 2 and devouring the whole thing in one sitting together. At least make that pasta cover 2 meals for 2! Beans and lentils are rich in both protein and fiber and are particularly cheap when bought dry and from the bulk bins. Soaking beans might sound like a hassle but if you’re already planning your meals for the week, it’s just one extra step really. To save even more time, you might consider investing in a pressure cooker or Instant Pot. One upfront cost might be to get some airtight jars to store them in. Put them on a shelf (avoid placing them in direct sunlight), and they have the added bonus of making your kitchen look pretty homey too.

Brown rice, cucumber, tomato, green peas, red cabbage, chickpea, fresh lettuce salad and cashew nuts.

Shop Seasonally and Locally!

The farmers market can be a big win for your health and budget. You can find fresher, locally grown food that may actually be cheaper than what’s at your grocery store. Plus you’d be supporting small business along with eating healthier! So if you come across fresh produce at your local farmers’ market, then, by all means, add them to your week’s meals!

Veggie Ratatouille

Go Big or Go No Frills

Consider investing in an annual membership to a wholesale market like Costco, especially if you’ve got a family. Or shop at a no frills, plain packaged kind of store like Aldi’s, they keep prices low in part by forgoing all the fancy frilly packaging, store design, and display cases. But, get your quantities right on your store list. The savings you make by bulk buying will disappear if you don’t eat what you buy before it goes bad. Plan ahead and figure out what can be stored in the fridge, what has good shelf life, and what you can freeze for later. If you’re freezing food, write the date on the package or container so you don’t have to guess whether you should keep it or toss it when you defrost.

Ready Set, Cook

You had a bulk mindset when you bought this stuff, and to really unlock your savings, you should adopt a bulk mindset when cooking. Set aside a few hours on a Sunday (or whatever day is most convenient) putting together three or four dishes that can be frozen in batches to give you the benefits of variety and economy. My husband and I meal prep 4 lunches for 2 and 3 dinners for 2 every week. And while you’re putting food into containers, make sure portion sizes are in step with your weight-loss goals. Or take the guesswork out of the equation and use Ultimate Portion Fix containers to assemble your meals, then freeze. (Don’t freeze the containers themselves!) If you are not measuring your portion sizes you could not only be consuming too much food and costing more money. By keeping foods at the correct portion size you will be trimming your waistline and also trimming costs.

Make it Public

Use your blog or Twitter/Facebook or a public forum or just email to let people know how your meal plan is going. Or get a partner and report to each other. Making it public or having a partner gives you accountability and motivation, and works like a charm. Don’t skip this step.

The Bottom Line

It may seem daunting at first to plan an entire week of healthy meals, shop, then cook it all. But if you stick with it and start meal prepping on a regular basis, you’ll figure out what works/what doesn’t work, and you’ll save yourself time and money. I know Keith and I found we actually have more time during the week to live life instead of being stuck in the kitchen. And Sunday meal prep has become an us thing we do. And because we are doing it together, it takes less time and we are both then taking charge of our nutrition and health. So get your whole family in on a fun day of meal prep and cooking. It will bring you closer, help you be accountable and if you have kids, teach them healthy nutrition.

 You can find a sample meal plan below along with some free planner pages !

If you’re looking for accountability or help with meal planning or nutrition I’ve got you covered as well!

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2b mindset


This program was created by Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Ilana Muhlstein, as a practical and simple weight loss solution after her own years of yo-yo dieting. 2B Mindset is NOT a diet – it’s about understanding how to lose weight, without feeling deprived, counting calories or cutting out entire food groups. You’ve heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen,” right? That’s why 2B Mindset focuses on food, Vegetables in particular, as a means of weight loss while still keeping it enjoyable!

Instead of adopting the mindset of “I can’t have that food for 3 weeks because I’m on a diet,” you’ll be focusing on what you CAN have and saying YES to the foods you want!


This is simply a more positive and sensible approach to a healthy water first, veggies most. lifestyle that allows you to shift your mindset and adopt a more positive perspective on how you view food and food preparation, overcome emotional eating, and make life-long changes with results that LAST!


  • Those who are unable to workout due to illness, immobility or simply do not have the time. This program follows a “food first approach” – meaning that you’ll focus on the food first, shed some weight, then feel empowered to exercise. I know from personal experience that it’s HARD to exercise when you have 50, 60 70+ lbs of extra weight on you and feel disconnected from your body and unable to even begin to know where to start with exercise. And some of you are simply unable to exercise but for optimal health need to drop some pounds and learn an approach to food that’s easy and sustainable. With the 2B Mindset approach, you are NOT required to exercise. Exercise is considered “extra credit,” so you can do it, but it’s not a requirement.
  • Even though as a Vegetarian (or Vegan) I have been successful doing the Ultimate Portion Fix, when it comes to a more user friendly approach, 2B Mindset wins for me in the category. Since Veggies most is one of the key elements of the programs, it’s easy to utilize Vegetarian and yes, Vegan recipes and I can supply you with them!
  • If you want a healthy relationship with food. Are you an emotional eater? Have you struggled with eating disorders and need something that’s healthy and sustainable? As always if you are under a doctors care, or feel you need help with an eating disorder, please consult with a physician. I can give you all the materials you would need to present to your doctor!
  • If you struggle with sugar cravings.
  • If you’re working out and still not losing weight.
  • If you don’t like rigid nutrition plans.

“What I wanted was a way to eat a lot of food, be satisfied, and still lose weight. Nothing existed, so I figured it out myself. I studied and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, all the while refining my approach.” ~ Ilana Muhlstein


You’ll get recipe ideas and meal prep help, plus tips for conquering emotional eating and more.  Ilana has been working on this program with Beachbody for the past 2 years along with many years of researching and testing on her own to develop this program! Ilana Muhlstein has built a reputation as a renowned public speaker, active media personality and influencer. She proudly sits on the prestigious Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association, and holds lectures for the Bruin Health Improvement Program at UCLA. Ilana acts as a nutrition consultant for several prominent companies, including Beachbody, Whole Foods Market, Curves Gyms, PIMCO, Zevia, BFree, and The Wonderful Company. And after a lifetime of weight struggles and summers at “fat camp” herself, she dropped everything traditional weight loss programs teach and lost 100 lbs with her own mindful eating concepts! 


An integral component of the 2B Mindset program is Shakeology, which is unlike any other shake because it’s made from over 70 whole superfoods from around the world. It will replace your vitamin and probiotic, fill you up, give you natural energy (without caffeine), and tastes delish! Plus it helps your hair, skin, and nails! And it has nothing artificial! It’s literally what gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me going. It’s my morning meal MON – SUN. What sets it apart is that there are NO GMOs, soy, artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives! It’s seriously delicious and improves your energy, digestion, cravings, hair, nails, and skin. The ingredients are sourced from all over the world and the Shakeology creators regularly visit the farmers to test the soil and ensure the best farming practices are being followed. READ MORE ABOUT SHAKEOLOGY HERE.


*This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you purchase something by clicking my link. Thank you!

egg white pizza

This Egg White Pizza Omelet recipe is the grown-up (and healthier) version of eating pizza for breakfast! From prep to plate, this omelet only takes a total of 22 minutes to make, so get cooking! Get the recipe below:

• 4 large egg whites (½ cup)
• ¼ cup all-natural marinara sauce
• 2 Tbsp. shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
• ¼ cup cooked chopped kale (optional)
• ¼ cup cooked sliced mushroom (optional)
• Nonstick cooking spray

1. Heat small skillet, lightly coated with spray over medium-high heat.
2. Add egg whites. Do not stir. As eggs set, lift edge, letting uncooked portions flow underneath—cook for 1 to 2 minutes, or until set.
3. Spread marinara sauce evenly over top of omelet. Top with cheese, kale (if desired), and mushrooms (if desired); cook, covered, for 1 to 2 minutes, or until cheese melts.
4. Cut into four slices. 

slow cooker vegetable stew⁣

Slow Cooker Vegetable Stew⁣


Prep Time 15 mins⁣

Cook Time 4 hrs 17 mins⁣

Total Time 4 hrs 32 mins⁣

Servings 6 servings, approx. 2 cups each⁣

Calories 274 kcal⁣


1 tsp. olive oil⁣
1 medium onion, chopped⁣
1 medium green bell pepper, chopped⁣
1 medium red bell pepper, chopped⁣
2 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped⁣
2 cups low-sodium organic vegetable broth⁣
1 (14.5-oz.) can diced tomatoes, no added salt⁣
2 15-oz. cans chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained, rinsed⁣
1 Tbsp. curry powder⁣
1 Tbsp. pure maple syrup⁣
1 Tbsp. fresh ginger, finely chopped⁣
½ tsp. sea salt (or Himalayan salt)⁣
½ tsp. ground black pepper⁣
1 dash ground cayenne pepper (optional)⁣
1 medium head cauliflower, cut into florets⁣
1 (10-oz.) bag raw baby spinach⁣
1 cup lite coconut milk⁣


Heat oil in medium nonstick skillet over high heat.⁣ Add onion and bell peppers; cook, stirring frequently, for 4 to 5 minutes, or until onion is translucent.⁣ Add garlic; cook, stirring frequently, for 1 minute.⁣ Place onion mixture in 3-quart slow cooker.⁣ Add broth, tomatoes (with juice), chickpeas, curry powder, maple syrup, ginger, salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Mix well; cover. Cook on high for 3 hours.⁣ Add cauliflower. Mix well; cover. Cook on high for 1 hour.⁣ Add spinach and coconut milk. Mix well; cover. Cook on high for 10 minutes, or until spinach wilts.⁣

Recipe Notes
To make this recipe in an Instant Pot (programmable pressure cooker), follow these instructions:⁣
Turn 6-quart Instant Pot to high sauté setting.⁣
Heat oil to hot.⁣ Add onion and bell peppers; cook, stirring frequently, for 4 to 5 minutes, or until onion is translucent.⁣ Add garlic; cook, stirring frequently, for 1 minute.⁣ Add broth, tomatoes, chickpeas, curry powder, maple syrup, ginger, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper (if desired), and cauliflower. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for locking lid and preparing to cook. Set to pressure cook on high for 12 minutes. Follow manufacturer’s guide for natural release, and wait until cycle is complete. Carefully unlock and remove lid, taking care that there is no remaining steam. Add spinach and coconut milk; mix well. Cover and wait for spinach to wilt, approximately 5 minutes Serve immediately.

Container Equivalents

2 Green

1½ Yellow

½ Blue

½ tsp.

2B Mindset Plate It!

A great dinner option for the vegan plan. For non-vegans, add a serving of protein for lunch.

Amount Per Serving (1 serving)

Calories 274

Calories from Fat 72

sweet potato hash with eggs

Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

This sheet pan sweet potato hash with eggs is an easy, high-protein breakfast!

Course Breakfast

Keyword gluten free, High in Fiber, High in Protein, Made Without Dairy, vegetarian

Prep Time 20 min

Cook Time 30 min

Total Time 50 min

Servings 4 servings

Calories 353 kcal

Author Beachbody


  • Parchment paper
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, cut into 1-inch cubes
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 cup black beans, drained, rinsed
  • 1 cup corn kernels
  • 1 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. olive oil
  • 1 1/2 tsp. chili powder
  • 1/4 tsp. ground cumin
  • 1/4 tsp. ground smoked paprika
  • 1/2 tsp. sea salt (or Himalayan salt), divided use
  • 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper, divided use
  • 8 large eggs
  • 2 Tbsp. finely chopped fresh cilantro


  1. Preheat oven to 400º F.
  2. Line large sheet pan with parchment paper. Set aside.
  3. Combine sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, bell pepper, beans, corn, oil, chili powder, cumin, paprika, ¼ tsp. salt, and ¼ tsp. pepper in a large bowl; toss gently to blend.
  4. Place sweet potato mixture on pan. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes, stirring after 10 minutes.
  5. Create eight wells in sweet potato mixture. Gently crack an egg into each well. Season eggs with remaining ¼ tsp. salt and remaining ¼ tsp. pepper. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, or until eggs are set.
  6. Garnish with cilantro; serve immediately.


The Nutrition Facts box below provides estimated nutritional information for this recipe.

P90X2 Portions
½ Fat
1½ Protein
¾ Grain/Tuber Carb
½ Vegetable

P90X3 Portions
2 Carbs
1½ Protein
½ Fat

Body Beast Portions
1 Starch
½ Legume
1 Vegetable
3 Proteins
½ Fat

Container Equivalents
1 Red
2 Yellow
1 tsp.**

2B Mindset Plate It!
**A great breakfast option. Add veggies or a side salad for lunch.



Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 36 mins
Total Time 51 mins
Servings 16 servings, 1 brownie each
Calories 116 kcal

Nonstick cooking spray
1 medium ripe avocado, mashed
¼ cup coconut oil, melted
1 large egg, lightly beaten
½ cup pure maple syrup
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
¾ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
½ tsp. sea salt (or Himalayan salt)
¼ cup gluten-free flour
⅓ cup dark chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350° F.
Line an 8 x 8-inch baking pan with aluminum foil. Lightly coat with spray. Set aside. Combine avocado, oil, egg, maple syrup, and extract in a medium bowl; mix well. Set aside. Combine cocoa powder, salt, and flour in a medium bowl; mix well. Add cocoa powder mixture to avocado mixture; mix well. Add chocolate chips; mix until blended. Pour batter into prepared pan; spread to make even. Bake for 33 to 36 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool for an hour before removing from pan. Cut into sixteen squares.

Container Equivalents
1 Yellow
1 tsp.

nutrition mentorship

As a soon to be Certified Nutrition Mentor and Master Coach, I can help you navigate and guide you, through the nutrition program of your choice, both of which are designed to get you off the diet merry-go-round and mindset that keeps you yo-yo dieting. Both are designed to teach you to eat intuitively and with mindful intention. These programs are put together by experts in the health and nutrition. Each program is video guided to help you understand how to make changes to your nutrition. I work right along side you to answer questions, help with meal planning, introduce you to a supportive community of like minds, keep you on track as you work through those first days/weeks of learning and fully implementing the knowledge you will be gaining to make this a true lifestyle change.

Knowledge is power. And that is precisely what you need to make long lasting changes.This kind of knowledge will help you TAKE CONTROL of your nutrition.

I’ve designed my mentoring to be convenient for you and your lifestyle. You can do this from your own home and have the option to choose what will work best for you from setting up weekly one on one calls, to working within a small group, to moving through the program with a larger group guidance, to being 100% independent and doing this on your own with availability to me if needed. You get to customize this experience to YOU!

I have two options that I will break down for you to help you decide which is best to suit your needs.

2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix.

They both implement focusing on eating predominately whole foods and making sure that you are tailoring your nutrition to your specific needs. But they are very different programs. As someone who loves Ultimate Portion Fix and truly believes that the container system works (why I’m training to become a UPF Master Coach in the first place), I didn’t see the need for another program, 2B Mindset…but that wasn’t the case at all.  I found a lot that I do like about the program, and there are actually a lot of similarities to both programs and some key differences that show WHO each program is tailored towards.

The 2B Mindset Nutrition plan avoids most “rules” but there are definite guidelines to this program. Similar to UPF, there is a food list with 4 categories – Veggies, Proteins, Carbohydrates (called FFCs), and Accessories – aka fats and sweeteners –  and also a recommended amount of each food group to eat daily.

Unlike UPF though, there isn’t an exact measurement for your food like the container system. You eyeball the amount in a way that’s trackable for you.  There is a simple to follow Plate It system and shows you how to divide your plate at each meal – for example, the breakfast is 50% protein and 50% carbs – or FFCs (Fiber Filled Carbohydrates) as they are called on the plan.  Veggies, she says, are extra credit for breakfasts, meaning you can add them if you want to. With UPF you are free to manipulate your containers how you want to throughout the day. So let’s say you want to eat all your fruit in the morning, you can do that. With 2B Mindset the plating system doesn’t allow for that particular flexibility.

Both programs allow for treats.  But instead of having set treat swaps with parameters like the UPF has, the 2B Mindset gives you the freedom to choose that glass of wine or that cupcake whenever and wherever, as long as you track it.  These “silly” carbs as they are called, are ok on occasion…aka probably not more than the three times Autumn Calabrese recommends.  The idea behind not giving you a set amount, though, is it empowers YOU to make the rules instead of forcing them onto you.  If you allow yourself some wine and you track it, you will be able to see how it affects your goals and change the behavior accordingly. The big question, though, is whether that is easier said than done for some of us (said as I look at myself). 

I’ve found that 2B Mindset is an easier nutrition plan for vegetarians and vegans to slide into. As far as veggies – you will be eating a lot of these with 2B Mindset, as veggies most is one of the mantras of the system. I also feel that 2B Mindset is for people who not only don’t do well with structure but who also don’t have quite as many issues with needing their nutrition cleaned up. Some slide from UPF into the 2B Mindset after they have a basic understanding of portioning and macronutrients and kind of use 2B as their maintenance nutrition program. They one they live life with. But that’s just my opinion. Either system works brilliantly to change the way you think about nutrition and the way you cope with food on a daily basis.

If you’re wondering which program may be right for you, fill out this little quiz and I will send you your results!

*This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you purchase something by clicking my link. Thank you!

mindful intuitive nutrition….

“So often, even when we stop to say a blessing before a meal, we’re mentally preparing to spoon some pasta or potatoes onto our plates. We’re not usually focused on the present moment, simply placing ourselves before our food and entering into the still, slow space where eating is done for eating’s sake and not something we do simply to get to the next thing on our list.”– Mary Proust

I can only speak about what I know and see, so, here in America everything is always rush rush rush. Get caught in busy rush hour for a hot minute and the horns all honking tell you everyone is always in a rush. We multi-task while we eat and we eat on the go. Even when families get together for dinner it’s hurried through like an Olympic event. Those who work from home find ourselves eating at our desk, too often mindlessly. Are we full? Are we still hungry? Who knows, our attention is on our work silly! Work from home people tend to be snackers and grab unhealthy pre-packaged quick options to get back to what’s really on their mind, work. Then there are others who try an curb a craving by eating other things, then a bit later the craving is still there so we eat more of something else, etc… Why not just eat an intentional and mindful slice of the cake instead and not go through the frustration and all the calories added on by trying to avoid eating said cake in the first place??? And Mom’s, oh Mom’s you don’t have to eat what’s on your kids plate! Continue reading for some tips and motivation to help you begin to eat and create a mindful intuitive atmosphere around nutrition!

Webster’s Dictionary defines mindfulness as, “the practice of maintaining a non-judgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis.”

1. Don’t Diet Create a life where you have a nutrition plan, not a diet. Diets are rarely successful long term, and that’s what you want right? Long term loss of the weight you carry. So set yourself up with living a life with a nutrition plan set in place. I can help you with 2 different styles of nutrition plans; Ultimate Portion Control and the 2B Mindset.

2. Fuel Your Body Thoughtfully – Keeping your body fed with nutritionally dense foods with, the right energy producing fruits and carbs, building block proteins, nutrient absorbing fats, and a diet rich in  vegetables that will help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check, is what your body needs to fuel itself efficiently! If you don’t honor this throughout the day you will binge and you will overeat. Your body craves healthy nutrition to function optimally! Eat mindfully, with moderation.

3. Food is not your enemy And if you deny yourself that occasional slice of cake, pint of beer or dinner roll long enough eventually you will binge and then be filled with regret. Learn how to make sweets, treats, baked goods, etc.. fit into your nutrition plan with a few recipe tweaks and breathing a little leeway for that glass of wine once in a while.

4. Challenge the People Who Give you Super Restrictive Solutions – You are not bad for eating that slice of cake. And you can’t sustain on a juice diet very long before your body starts taking the lack of nutrients as a sign it’s ill and needs to stop. Don’t be dipping lower calorie than you should for height, weight, and activity or you will have lower energy and you will push your organs to work harder than they should.

5. Discover True Satisfaction In Eating – You can do this by eating slower and more mindfully. Savor the bites, really enjoy your meal. And eating slower and feeling satisfied will allow you to feel the signal that you’re full much easier.

6. Feel Your Fullness – Feel comfort in being satisfied. Don’t go over that point, another reason to eat mindfully slow! Enjoy the primal feeling of being sated.

7. Cope with Your Emotions Head On – Treat the cause with solutions directly related to the cause, not by what’s right in front of you (food). If you’re lonely, join a club, find ways to meet more people. If you’re sad, do things to uplift your mood (exercise is amazing for endorphins). You want things fixed right? Not just swept under the carpet for tomorrow. Don’t compound problems you face by with creation of another.

8. Respect Your Body – Love it for where it’s at right now. Love it like you would a child who can’t remember their abc’s. Respect your body type, dieting will not get you a models hips if you were born with wide hips. It’s that simple. Strive for health not an idealized perception of a perfect body type.

9. Daily Movement – Just move. You can walk, run, do workout programs, climb rock walls, etc.. I don’t care, just move and move daily and then start moving a little more, etc… You will feel a shift. You will start to feel lighter, feel stronger and feel happier because your body is doing what it should and of course you are stimulation endorphins!!

10. Honor Your Health – Nutrition + exercise + restful sleep + self care + mental health, they all go together like a well oiled machine. And they should all be done mindfully and with patience in yourself. Your goal is progress, not perfection. Perfection is an illusion!

Mindful eating is all about getting in tune with your body. These tips can help you start to choose foods that’ll make you feel good and actually enjoy the process of eating.

Pause before you eat to ask yourself why you’re eating

Take a moment to notice how your body feels. Is your stomach grumbly? Do you feel lightheaded or tired? Are you thirsty? Consider your environment as well. Are you bored? Do you feel the urge to procrastinate on work? So much of eating happens without awareness, the pause itself allows eating to be more purposeful.

Chew each bite thoroughly and savor it

Consider the fact that there are times when you inhale your food and barely taste it, either out of extreme hunger or craving it so badly you eat it super fast without really enjoying it or just habit of fast eating. My husband is a fast eater and developed this habit from when he was single and gamed a lot, eating dinner, yep at his pc. Not only can this hinder proper digestion, it also means you miss out on the complex textures and flavors of your food which doesn’t allow you to really make eating an experience. Think of how wine coinsurers savor the wine from aroma, to color, to taste, to swallow. It makes the experience joyful AND satisfying. When you chew well, you register each salty, sour, or sweet flavor as it hits your mouth, which helps you savor your food more thoroughly. This also slows down the eating process giving your digestive system the ability to work efficiently. Resist the urge to wolf down your food; instead, focus on eating one small bite at a time and chewing it completely before you swallow it.

Drink water before meals

Preliminary research has shown that drinking water before a meal may prevent you from overeating (not to mention help you stay hydrated), but the simple ritual also has the power to shake you out of autopilot mode and bring you into the present.

Eat the rainbow, no, really!

Whenever possible, choose colorful, fresh, unprocessed foods for your meals and snacks in the proper portions. Since mindful eating teaches you to notice the subtle flavors in foods by slowing down and taking small bites, you’ll develop a better taste and appreciation for naturally healthy, whole foods. This could ultimately entice you to choose carrots with a natural sweetness over a sugary treat, or whip up some vegetables because you love the flavor instead of drowning them in dressing or cheese.

Eat without distractions

Close your laptop, switch off the TV, and step away from your desk. Mindful eating is about focusing solely on the food in front of you, not your emails, a magazine, or the latest episode of New Girl. Even listening to music or podcasts can be too distracting — research shows that the noise your food makes when you eat can significantly influence how much food you consume. This “Crunch Effect” suggests you’re likely to eat less if you’re aware of the sounds you make as you eat. When you drown out that noise with earphones, though, you can end up consuming more. Start to look at eating as a form of meditation or even intention setting. It’s challenging to eat mindfully — to savor your food and notice your body’s satiety signals — if your attention is scattered. The research agrees: Eating while distracted can lead to overeating, while attentive eating can help you lose weight.

Wait before getting seconds

It takes your brain about 20 minutes to receive the signal from your gut that you’re full. It’s easy to overeat in that small window of time, which is why it’s a good idea to take a break before loading up your plate for round two. Give yourself the chance to feel the fullness.

When you feel the urge to snack, make a cup of tea first

Sometimes we confuse hunger with the need for oral sensation fulfillment. In other words, oftentimes you aren’t actually hungry, you’re just craving the ritual of indulging in something. So, make yourself a cup of tea. Try black or green tea for a boost of caffeine, peppermint or unsweetened hibiscus for a strong flavor, or rooibos tea with fresh lemon, ginger, and apple cider. The process of boiling the water, steeping the tea, and sipping it usually cancels out the urge to snack!

What are you craving? Take note!

If you’re practicing mindful eating for the first time, use a journal to record how you’re feeling, identify your cravings, and make note of when and where you’re eating. Recognizing your cravings when they happen and make a conscious, thoughtful decision whether to indulge or not. Not just that, but taking note of your eating habits and environment can help you figure out what you need to adjust to eat more mindfully.

Eat with joy, not judgment

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s easy to become so concerned with what and how much you eat that you forget to actually enjoy your food. Of course, it’s important to understand the nutritional value of the things you’re putting in your body, but if you’re overly preoccupied with counting calories, you’re likely to experience a lot of self-imposed guilt and judgment. The Ultimate Portion Fix and the 2B Mindset are both designed to eliminate the need to count anything for than containers (UPF). Instead of approaching meals with dread or fear that you might overeat, approach them with a sense of joy and excitement. Savor each delicious, healthy bite and revel in the process of nourishing yourself and taking care of your body.

When you’re kind to yourself and take genuine pleasure in eating, you’re more likely to honor your body and eat only to the point of fullness. If you would like to talk more about getting set up on a nutrition program, click the photo below and we’ll set up a time to talk!

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Additional Sources Of Info: Beachbody & Intuitive Eating

fix your portions with the ultimate portion fix!

I’m currently studying for my Ultimate Portion Fix Certification to be able to help guide and mentor my clients better as you go through the UPF program – announcement later this month!!

What is The Ultimate Portion Fix?

Ultimate Portion Fix is the expansion of one of the most successful weight loss programs at Beachbody. This 30-day video-based program from creator and Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese uses color-coded, portion-control containers to take the guesswork out of eating delicious, perfectly-sized meals, every time. Applying learnings from 5 years of proven success, the program is now improved and expanded to teach you how to feed your whole family healthy meals, eat for performance, and beat sugar addiction, so it’s easier than ever to meet your goals. You’ll be armed with delicious new recipes, useful tools and healthy hacks to help you finally overcome your weight loss obstacles.

What is the ultimate portion fix?

Ultimate Portion Fix is the expansion of one of the most successful weight loss programs at Beachbody. This 30-day video-based program from creator and Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese uses color-coded, portion-control containers to take the guesswork out of eating delicious, perfectly-sized meals, every time. Applying learnings from 5 years of proven success, the program is now improved and expanded to teach you how to feed your whole family healthy meals, eat for performance, and beat sugar addiction, so it’s easier than ever to meet your goals. You’ll be armed with delicious new recipes, useful tools and healthy hacks to help you finally overcome your weight loss obstacles.

With more tools, more strategies, more tips and more hacks, it’s actually simpler than ever to lose weight and maintain the weight loss!!

Step-By-Step Instruction
30+ videos will teach you the principles, tricks and strategies for every step of your weight loss journey. You’ll learn how to use the containers, how to plan, prep and food shop, and how the fundamentals of portion control can give you a lifetime of benefits.

Tools to Guide Your Journey
A Workbook and Daily Logbook help set you up to get the most out of this incredible program. Helpful video summaries, daily check-ins, and thought-provoking reflections make sure you’re getting to the core of what drives your eating decisions.

Recipes You’ll Love
Great food is right at your fingertips with the FIXATE® cooking show, FIXATE Vol. 2 Cookbook, and 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids included in this program. You’ll see how you can finally break your sugar addiction and remove processed foods from your routine when you’re making meals with wholesome ingredients.

Results for the Whole Family
Portion control can work for everyone in the house, including kids. Ultimate Portion Fix is designed to let you eat the foods you love, and still succeed. You’ll see how getting the whole family involved in what foods make it to the table can be the smart choice—and the delicious choice.

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods!

With Ultimate Portion Fix, you still get to enjoy the foods you love, but you’ll learn how to prepare them in healthier, right-sized portions. You can still eat burgers, pasta, pizza, even desserts. This program makes sure you do it the healthy way, in less time.

Plan and prep the right sized portions, every time

Make healthy, delicious meals with balanced macronutrients

Help break your sugar addiction with wholesome, healthy ingredients

Find your “why” and harness your real motivation to get ultimate results

Get the whole family healthy and involved in their own nutrition—kids actually love it

Fuel your body for performance when you make exercise a part of your success

Find your community who can help support and encourage your success—groups get results

What is The Monthly Fix subscription?†
The subscription gives you 24/7 access to the Portion Fix Exclusive Community with check-ins from Autumn, plus support from other members, other coaches and me, so you won’t ever be alone on your weight-loss journey. There are monthly Q&As, new meal plans, plus so much more:
• Strategies for conquering progress-killers like holidays, parties, back-to-school, and more
• Deep dives into topics like helping kids eat healthy, functional foods, managing your yellow carb containers, and
improving your gut health
• Expert interviews on topics like learning to get more out of your day and how sleep impacts weight loss
• New FIXATE recipes you’ll get months before everyone else—and we’ll share our masterpieces in private groups!
• Fun assignments to make it easier to stay on-track—especially during challenging times.

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*This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you purchase something by clicking my link. Thank you!