Katie G. lost 115 pounds in just 10 months! Katie and her husband were ready to start a family, but without a change, it could have put her at high risk during pregnancy — that’s when Katie knew it was time to make a change in her lifestyle and that’s just what she did! She said, “This program (Beachbody) has helped me to lose 115 pounds, and I could not be happier. I love what I see when I look in the mirror and no longer hate shopping for clothes! I am so proud to say that I am no longer at risk for diabetes, and my doctor states that I am overall very healthy and cleared to begin trying to conceive a child, which was my original motivating factor. I am excited to continue this lifestyle and maintain it through pregnancy and beyond. I would like to be a healthy role model for my future children so that they do not have to face the same struggles that I did.” Amazing job, Katie! 💙

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