Your Fab Facebook Party!


Is your skin care just not working or you haven’t found one that works long term? Are you looking for healthier ways to add nutrition into you and your families lives? Do you want to use make up that you know is more natural but still going to look great? Are you a sports enthusiast, runner or athlete who needs solid performance with their sports nutrition? This an much more can be found through Arbonne’s product line. 

You host a virtual Facebook party, reap the rewards and I take care of the presentation and all the rest!

PLUS you can be eligible to earn Host Rewards!


If you’re ready to have a Fab Facebook party, just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to to set up a date and time and to fill you in on all the details!

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Your Spa Party


It’s time for a party!

Invite 5 friends over to pamper yourselves with Facials & Foot Soaks. I’ll have information on hand about Arbonne’s other products too. Along with a little gifts! And I’ll supply the refreshments! You’ll just have to provide the space and invite your friends, family and/or co-workers for them to have some self care time.

 (Local to my area only)

Choose your party style:

  • Fountain Of Youth
  • SeaSource Spa
  • Rescue & Renew Detox

We can even create a themed event to make your spa day more special and personalized! 

  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Bridal Party
  • Baby Shower 
  • Office Party
  • Prom
  • Mothers Day
  • Girls Night In



If you live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and are interested in planning a Spa Party,  just jot down your info on the form below and I’ll be in touch to start planning a spa event for you and your guests (limit 5 guests).

PLUS you can be eligible to earn Host Rewards!


Sunday Blog Share – How To Be A Positive Thinker



I stumbled across the blog, Discovering Your Happiness who had written part 1 about How To Be A Positive Thinker. I think working on self improvement is huge, not just for myself or selfish reasoning but because of what I put out into the world and how my vibe affects the world around me.

I used to be nothing but a negative thinker. My glass was always half empty. But that’s exactly the point, my glass was staying always half empty. And of course I always blamed that on outside factors and never looked within.

I’ve been working on that though. And actually my blog is part of that ongoing personal positivity project. So I love coming across other blogs that are putting out something that can bring focus to changing my perceptions and focus towards good energy.  So I’m participating because small steps like this can brighten my horizons and create a more positive spin on life 😌

  • Write down three things that went well & explain why they went well.
  1. My last run – because I’ve been putting the training and conditioning on my legs.
  2. Playing cornhole for the first time – because I stepped out of my fear of doing new things in front of others and just did it!
  3. Putting on a shirt I bought that never fit because it was too tight – because I’ve been working on better nutrition, found a good program and am being consistent with it (no more DIets are ever needed), and have lost 8 pounds!


  • Write down three things that didn’t go well & explain why they didn’t go well.
  1. Making dinner last night – because I was tired and unprepared
  2. The last yoga balance poses I was trying to do – I just can’t get it
  3. Trying to re-arrange the office – ahhhh nothing fits the way I want it to!


  • Write down three things you are grateful for.
  1. My hubby
  2. My kitties
  3. Good health


  • Read back over what you wrote, sometimes what seems  super-dramatic in your mind will suddenly seem much more minor when you actually read it out. Was it really worth all that negativity?
  1. Dinner ended up not all that bad. I was just grumpy tired. My hubby ate it all up and enjoyed it and so did I.
  2. The balance poses I will eventually get. I weak legs that are getting stronger and as I practice more and gain leg and core strength, I WILL get them!
  3. The office is too small for all our stuff. It’s not the end of the world. I could get rid of stuff, or just find ways to make the room “feel” bigger 😀


Thanks for the good read and personal development exercise Discovering Your Happiness!

Arbonne Global Sustainability


Happy Earth Day!
Arbonne is making sustainable headway! The Arbonne Global Sustainability Commitment includes progress in 3 important areas: sustainable procurement, carbon neutrality and zero waste. Watch for announcements here in early May!
#EarthDay #Arbonne #GlobalSustainability

Earth Days


Top Earth Day Fun Facts Recycling









What Can You Do?

Trash Free Earth Challenge
Plant A Tree $1
Reduce Your Footprint
Eat Less Meat
Stop Using Disposable Plastic
Plant A Tree (US National Forest) In Honor Of Someone
Plant A Billion Trees
Rainforest Coalition
Go Styrofoam Free
Plastic Free Shopping Guide
Earth Justice
50 Ways To Make Every Day Earth Day
25+ Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Adopt The Planet



New Products Just Announced!


Just announced from GTC2017 brand new products!



Introducing Rescue & Renew. Integrating botanical extracts and pure botanical essential oils with aromatic features sourced from around the world, you’ll experience a ritual that gives you a reinvigorated appreciation for mind, body and soul. This is a day at the spa right in your own home!  Rescue & Renew provides a holistic approach to wellness combined with a beautiful experience for the ultimate in self-care. 

Shop Rescue & Renew

The Rescue & Renew Collection






Raise the bar on snacking! The delicious Arbonne Essentials® Protein Snack Bars have 10 g of plant-based protein and come in 2 mouthwatering flavors, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt or Cranberry & Pumpkin Seed. Yummmm!

Shop Arbonne Essentials® Protein Snack Bars




The Real Conceal Liquid Concealer is about to become your new flaw-blurring must-have! Made with moisturizing botanicals and age-defying ingredients, our line of makeup helps your skin look and feel fabulous.

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Are you ready for the Gold Standard? Introducing the newly formulated RE9 Advanced®. Three years in the making, this elevated collection features cleaner formulas to deliver even better results than before, with clinically tested performance. 

The Competitive Advantage

Cleaner formulas featuring gold standard ingredients deliver even better results, with clinically tested performance.

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RE9 Advanced® Collection


RE9 Results.png



Walking Workout


Warm-Up, Cool-Down
Speed (mph): 2.5
How it feels: Like window-shopping
Intensity level*: 3-4

Easy Walk
Speed (mph): 3.0
How it feels: Easy enough that you can sing
Intensity level: 4-5

Brisk Walk
Speed (mph): 3.5
How it feels: You can talk freely but no more singing.
Intensity level: 5-6

Strong Walk
Speed (mph): 4.0
How it feels: You’re slightly breathless.
Intensity level: 6-7

Power Walk
Speed (mph): 4.5
How it feels: You can talk in brief phrases—but you’d rather not.
Intensity level: 7-8

Speed Walk (or Jumping Jacks)
Speed (mph): 5.0
How it feels: No breath for chatting
Intensity level: 8-9

*Based on 1-10 scale, with 1 equivalent to sitting on the sofa and 10 equivalent to sprinting.