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  1. noun, Usually, tapas.(especially in Spain) a snack or appetizer, typically served with wine or beer.
  2. noun, Yoga. the conditioning of the body through the proper kinds and amounts of diet, rest, bodily training, meditation, etc., to bring it to the greatest possible state of creative power.

To preface…sorry if this is a bit rambling. I had a zillion thoughts on my mind as I wrote this. But, I’m learning to live a healthy life and want you to learn the same 💞


Tapas (🍽 small plates, little dishes and small bites) are getting more and more popular as people are becoming more health conscientious of portioning. Ever since I did the 21 Day Fix, and now the 3 Day Refresh, I’ve learned so much about portioning my food. Over the years our dinner plates have grown 🔺 exponentially. In the 50’s dinner plates in the United States were only 9 inches across, today they’re a whopping 🔺12 inches across. And we are obsessed with filling them. We don’t seem to think we have a full meal unless the plate is completely full. Now keep this in mind as I continue…

“Both men and women in the United States are roughly 25 pounds heavier than they were in 1960 🔺 “….Source:Live Science. Coincidence? I think not


🛑❌‼️Portion sizes and increased consumption of processed foods & refined sugars are big reasons why we here in the U.S. are getting bigger & bigger. 🛑❌‼️

Over the last, almost three days and doing the cleanse, I’ve dealt with the issue of occasional hunger pangs (most of the time this wasn’t an issue) and depriving myself of my normal eating/drinking. What started as just a cleanse has turned into an almost spiritual journey of self realization. I’ve learned a lot. 💡😯 Like the fact that I eat with a sense of urgency. I think it stems from having many moments in my life when finances where verrry tight and at times it was a question of pay the rent or get groceries and I of course,  paid the rent. My hubby noted that I even always shop like I’m shopping for a dinner party and not just for two, and it’s been true in the past, but I’m learning. We are ok, we are not going to run out of food. That primal voice can just 📢 calm down And it’s ok to be hungry, to feel those hunger pangs. If I’m always full I’ll never really know when I’m truly hungry on a physical level instead of just emotionally. When you’re feeling the urge to eat, pause for a bit and ask yourself, “Am I hungry?” It’s not about deciding if you’re allowed to eat but getting to the bottom of why you want to, if you’re really hungry or just relieving some other anxiety or urge. This is especially true between meals!


I love food, I love to fuel my body, love to cook and enjoy the energy I get from a nutritious meal. But I will see food differently now. I understand now the difference between my body needing fuel to function, fuel to function at max (workout/calorie expenditure), and eating out of a taste for something, or desire. By desire I mean cravings, the desire to taste, smell and indulge the sense in food. There’s a time and place for all three. And there should be a balance of all three and as a society,  and I myself forget that and need to relearn it. It is a very zen thing to learn, that kind of balancing in life.

I will do the 3 Day Refresh again. It’s been a great way to reset my brain to keeping on track with my nutritional goals. I know a lot of people do the 3 Day Refresh after vacations and holidays to reset themselves back to focusing on their day to day nutritional goals. There’s also the Ultimate Reset which is usually done in the spring or right after the winter holidays. It’s a 21 day reset. It’s a bit different from the 3 day version but people have had amazing results . I may do it after the winter holidays this year.

“When we apply the yogic concept of Tapas to healthy eating, we slowly burn away self-doubt and build up will power.” ~ Emily Hightower


We don’t need 12 inch plates. Typically you see a 12 inch plate and then a tiny side salad. Instead, how about we use those 12 inch plates for our salad/veggies and that tiny plate/bowl for whatever your protein & carbs are 😉 We need more tapas, and we need portion control. We need to re-learn and re-think the way we eat. We need more eating to fuel our bodies and less eating to relieve some other urge or desire that’s not met. We need to learn to enjoy a slice of cake 🍰 as a true treat, like a true delicacy. Not like a drug fix from withdrawal. We need to learn to love to cook 🍲🥘🍳 again and all the steps in preparation because it’s an act of love 💚. And we need to feed our bodies like we love ourselves more and want to nurture 🌱 health instead of immediate gratifications. We need to remember to savor every bite, to ☯ mindfully eat.

The Portion Fix is where I started to re-learn portion control. I actually bought the 21 Day Fix fitness program and the portion control system came with. It’s become so popular and so successful🙌 for people that it’s now incorporated into most of or all of the fitness programs now. And they created it as a stand alone buy. The program designed to be molded to your specific needs (weight, goals, energy expenditure…). I HIGHLY recommend this program. It’s a fabulous tool to get you started on re-learning portioning, and it can be tweaked for your nutrition of choice (I hate the word DIEt, hate diets themselves, nutrition plans are a daily living plan), such as Keto & Vegetarian, etc…

Good rule of thumb (without diet specific guidelines or the portion fix) – When plating your food, make half of the plate veggies and salad. The other half should be split into 2/3 protein, and 1/3 carbs. The starchy carb items should be the smallest part of your plate. And can be substituted for healthy fats as part of a KETO nutrition plan!


This is my last day of the 3 Day Refresh and I’m motivated and eager to get back to my nutrition plan and fitness program I’m doing till the release of Shift Shop! I missed Flow On The Go and Insane Basics because of the Refresh, but tomorrow I’ll be doing Pure Cardio 2!!


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Good Morning Moon

INKnBURN Anahata

I am notoriously not a morning person, or wasn’t. I did have a job where I started at 4am for a couple of years but that was more like a night job since it was still dark and I was off by the time the real commotion of the day started. No, I like sleeping in and all things not morning. But races, most of them are in the morning (boo) and so I needed to work on a morning mantra and start to get moving earlier in the day.

But since we’ve been eating and fueling our bodies with nutritious foods and giving up junk food, not loading down on carbs and focusing on being good to our health. Mornings are coming easier, way easier. I mean seriously, look at that smile on my face!

Now in light of full disclosure, I had planned on being up at 5am and meeting with the Running Turtles for a pre-dawn run, but, you guessed it, I slept in. But I was up at 6am, laced up, downed water with lemon and was out the door with my hubby. Snapped a few photo’s of the morning moon and we were off!


And you know what? It felt amazing! I guess the saying “workout early before your body knows what’s going on” is true. I felt strong and pr’d my time for that distance. Granted I was breathing hard and giving my lungs and heart a serious workout pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but it was everything a workout or run should be!


But beyond that, after the run I was more awake mentally than I ever am at 6:30 in the morning. And my mood was elevated (part endorphins, part wow I just did a super early morning workout). But here its is 2pm and I don’t have any sluggish afternoon drowsy feelings. Hubby and I are planning to a yoga session from the 3 Week Yoga Retreat that we’ve been doing. We’re almost at the end and we plan on restarting again on Monday. Then June 20th I will be doing another round of 21 Day Fix with my hubby and others. The last time I did this program I lost 6.5 pounds and several inches. The 21 Day Fix is a HUGE help with getting not only nutrition in check, but portion control too. I am excited to see what we will be accomplishing by the time summer arrives!!


“I felt like I was breathing like a freight train and everything hurt, [but] somehow it didn’t bother me. The joy of moving and getting started overwhelms the negativity.”
– Lauren Fleshman