Meet Sammy


This young man has stolen our hearts images (2) We don’t know much about Sammy. His name was Tilton and he is a year and a half at best guess (may be a little younger). We adopted him from Animal Alliance New Jersey Animal Alliance rescue’s from high kill shelters. And Sammy was no exception to that. The kill shelter knew virtually nothing of him, or didn’t care to ask. We know he is amazingly healthy, has immaculate teeth and is super smart. Sammy has some skills…

  • knows how to plat fetch
  • knows how to give a paw
  • knows to sit and stay when told to

We are pretty sure Sammy is a Shiba-Chi (Shiba Inu/Chihuahua). Some day we may do the DNA test but breed has never mattered to us. But we do know that he carries himself very well and has traits, build and markings of both breeds. To me though he is simply Sammy, our furkid. I won’t say furbaby because although he loves to cuddle, he is fiercely independent. Once he gained the confidence in us, his true personality was able to be fully out there.

Sammy loves to parkour off furniture to windows. He loves balls. He’s taken over our bed and likes to start the night under the covers. And he loves to go for walks, fast walks lol. He is high energy, super intelligent, and a whole lot of fun. 

But you know what? All this didn’t present itself at the rescue. While we were still there, at first he seemed very afraid and uninterested in us. But we saw something in his eyes that said this dog isn’t showing all he is to us, yet. And that’s something people who go see animals at rescues and shelters have to remember. They may seem shy, scared, distant. But when they finally get the love and attention they need, they blossom.

Sammy is NOTHING like any other animal I have ever called my furbaby. His personality is uniquely him and I love him all the more for it. He’s filled up and empty space in my soul and we know that we have lots of adventures to go on and lots of memories to make with this sweet boy images (2)