This (past) Sunday Blog Share


So as you’ve already read, Saturday was an amazing day spent with yoga and nature!! And it was amazing, BUT, I came home Saturday night and quickly realized either I was having a very bad allergy moment, OR I was starting a pretty rough sinus infection. It ended up being the sinus infection and I spent most of Sunday, doing nothing.

So without further ado I give you This (past) Sunday Blog Share


Lifestyle With Sarah gives some pretty rad uses for, Baking Soda, Vinegar and Lemon 🍋!

So what are you waiting for 🙃 , go read more about

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Lemon 🍋💛


Stop And Smell The Roses


You’re moving along pretty nicely on your training run and about a mile in your leg starts cramping. Not badly, not movement threatening and not to a degree that it’s going to cause damage. But it hurts. And your mind starts making that little hurt into a big hurt, it’s messing with you. The pain gets bigger and suddenly you know you just won’t be able to finish (in your head). *sigh* so you hit pause and come to a grinding halt, squat down to take some pressure off, and then you see them and smile. Beautiful spring flowers in bloom, rising up to meet the day, fighting the odds against their stay. And you think about this for a brief moment and then stand up.

Hmmm, no more pain. Or is there, and for a brief moment my mind was distracted by the spring blooms in their glory under the shining sun?

Yeah, the mind will play that way with you. And maybe you really do need to stop because of a real injury, but maybe, just maybe, it’s bigger in your head. So instead of giving up, just hit pause

🌹 stop and smell the roses 🌹


Sunday Blog Share – How To Be A Positive Thinker



I stumbled across the blog, Discovering Your Happiness who had written part 1 about How To Be A Positive Thinker. I think working on self improvement is huge, not just for myself or selfish reasoning but because of what I put out into the world and how my vibe affects the world around me.

I used to be nothing but a negative thinker. My glass was always half empty. But that’s exactly the point, my glass was staying always half empty. And of course I always blamed that on outside factors and never looked within.

I’ve been working on that though. And actually my blog is part of that ongoing personal positivity project. So I love coming across other blogs that are putting out something that can bring focus to changing my perceptions and focus towards good energy.  So I’m participating because small steps like this can brighten my horizons and create a more positive spin on life 😌

  • Write down three things that went well & explain why they went well.
  1. My last run – because I’ve been putting the training and conditioning on my legs.
  2. Playing cornhole for the first time – because I stepped out of my fear of doing new things in front of others and just did it!
  3. Putting on a shirt I bought that never fit because it was too tight – because I’ve been working on better nutrition, found a good program and am being consistent with it (no more DIets are ever needed), and have lost 8 pounds!


  • Write down three things that didn’t go well & explain why they didn’t go well.
  1. Making dinner last night – because I was tired and unprepared
  2. The last yoga balance poses I was trying to do – I just can’t get it
  3. Trying to re-arrange the office – ahhhh nothing fits the way I want it to!


  • Write down three things you are grateful for.
  1. My hubby
  2. My kitties
  3. Good health


  • Read back over what you wrote, sometimes what seems  super-dramatic in your mind will suddenly seem much more minor when you actually read it out. Was it really worth all that negativity?
  1. Dinner ended up not all that bad. I was just grumpy tired. My hubby ate it all up and enjoyed it and so did I.
  2. The balance poses I will eventually get. I weak legs that are getting stronger and as I practice more and gain leg and core strength, I WILL get them!
  3. The office is too small for all our stuff. It’s not the end of the world. I could get rid of stuff, or just find ways to make the room “feel” bigger 😀


Thanks for the good read and personal development exercise Discovering Your Happiness!

Blog Awards


Back when I first started blogging I was nominated for a couple awards. I was clueless and had no idea what they were or what to do so I never participated 😞  I’ve been looking up info about blog awards. I found this extremely helpful blog post about the Liebster Award and wanted to share it with you in case you were as clueless about awards as I was.

The Liebster Award: The Official Rules + My First Blog Award and a Few Personal Secrets Revealed

Wise words from Kara Groucher


“Well, here we stand.

On the starting line nonetheless. Maybe you’re facing your first 5k. Maybe it’s a ten. Maybe a half, or a marathon, or an ultra. Maybe you’re even running Boston.

Waiting on that starting line, you’re beginning to feel it. The anticipation, the doubt, the excitement, the energy. The definitiveness of what’s behind. The uncertainty of what’s ahead.

It hasn’t been easy. There have been workouts that tanked. Weeks with missed mileage. Tired legs. Hard sessions. The daily dance of life vs. the plan.

But there have been great moments too. The decision to race. The dedication to train. Miles where you felt like you could run forever. Even the bravery of this morning, where you put on your singlet, fought the crowds, and met your fate at the starting line.

And now it’s here. It is time. No more countdowns. No more workouts to nail. No more wondering, “Am I fit enough? Strong enough? Prepared for what’s ahead?”

This is what you have been waiting for. No doubt you are nervous, but know that you are ready. You earned this opportunity. And you were born to fly.

So, take a deep breath, look around you, and soak it all in. Relish where you are. Realize how far you’ve come.

You are ready. You are powerful. And you belong.

Now, go get it.

Head Up, Wings Out. ”

Kara Groucher

Why Running To Zen?

1I’m not much different than many of you. Things like running and working out aren’t easy for me. So my road has always been hard. And out of the gate I always think I should be at the finish line before I’ve even started the race. Nutrition has been a learning curve experience for me. Once again, learning the hard way. If at first you don’t succeed try try again?

“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”

So through years of starting something and getting mad at myself for not being “good enough” or good enough, fast enough and then quitting. And after years of experimenting with DIEts and just gaining weight again. And after trying to begin things for all the wrong reasons. You come full circle and learn your lessons and learn them well.

Examples?? Lets take a walk back through my time machine…

“What if I Fall?”

I joined team RWB with my husband (who is a runner and I had never run a day in my life) because we were looking for hobbies we could do together. We’re both trying to lead healthier lifestyles so running sounded like a great idea. Added benefit is that Team RWB also does a whole lot of volunteer work in the community. Well long story short, I went out and tried to run from day one, to keep up with people who were running under 16 minute miles. I couldn’t do it. My legs were like dead weights. The muscles in my legs were aged wayyyyy beyond my years. I should have just said to everyone, hey I can only walk and I should have stuck to that and built strength. But oh no pride and embarrasment set in and instead I just avoided everything, even walking. Even strength training. Why? Because I wanted to be at the finish line before I even started the race. Back in time now to current day. I’m now doing things the right way. Sure I can’t run with the super fast. But you know what I found out? I walk as fast, or faster than some run! I’m now still just a beginner and I’m solid with that. I am using Jeff Galloways run/walk/run training ( and I’m learning and training these legs of mine!

We can blame the whole world if we want. Our Mother, past friendships, past boyfriends, or things that happened to us in our past. But the bottom line is we have to decide to overcome those excuses and see that excuses are just that, excuses. We get in our own way. I was in my own way. I was sabotaging myself.

I don’t envy people because I truly look up to people who can run a 9 minute mile and am happy for all who can rock a bikini with confidence. But I’ve always had a problem with comparison. It causes me embarrassment and anger towards myself. And I let that affect my own self confidence and my own sense of self worth. You can see how this can affect everything from socializing to business. But I am facing this demon now and I am finding that self love I should have known when I was just a kid.

Loving myself for who I am, where I am now. It’s always been so hard for me to just be ok with “me”. Instead of looking at all the good that’s in me, any accomplishments I’ve made, or skills I do master, I focus on what I can’t do, what’s I’m not good enough at. Never good enough. Yeah I’m just now working on the things that I’ve suffered with since I was just a kid.

Once upon a time ago I only saw the first part of this quote ““What if I Fall?”. I’ve learned so much over the last 5 years and it’s truly been life changing. So many of us need to face the things our child self never did in order to lead happier healthier lives. Now I’m happy to say I’m try to keep my eye focused only on the second part of that quote.

“Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”

And this is where I am, finally finding my Zen. Running To Zen isn’t jsut about running. It’s about finding my zen (balance, happiness, joy) in every aspect of life. And if I can, through inspiration, recommendation, or support, I want to help you on your journey to finding yours ღ

Progress and randomness


✔️ 30 minute run (walk/run/walk)

✔️ Started personal development reading – The Four Agreements

✔️ Meditation on acceptance (of self)

✔️ Super healthy shopping trip

✔️ Nutrition on point today

✔️ Down 2.5 pounds (This past week has been a game changer for me)

✔️ Took a dietbet to help with focus on nutrition!

Recipe Of The Moment:

I am all over this chili with sweet potatoes, which can be made in the slow-cooker.  Have to make this kind of winter dish while it’s still cooler out!


Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili With Sweet Potatoes



Hubby and I are doing a Dietbet to help us focus on our nutrition. We both grew up with reallllly bad eating habits and we tend to get on track and then slowly slide back into emotional comfort zones with eating during stressful or busy times when we aren’t focused on meal planning. This is our first time doing one. We thought about it before but missed the start because we were busy with holiday stuff. Not losing or wasting money is another big focal point for us now so we figured it would be a great motivator!

Painted Feathers 


Aren’t these capris just amazing 💜 The website doesn’t do justice to the colors!! I’m really happy we moved closer to a nice area to go where we can walk/run at. It’s a big plus they have workout stations space so many feet apart along the route. Fabulous for cross training and muscle confusion.


Never Quit

12-ideas-on-the-amazing-power-of-failure-50-638Today I did one of the workouts on Core De Force, it kicked my booty! So I know this program will be big in my rotation.

It feels fabulous when you get over a hump or plateau in your training and I did that this week with run training. Cross training and yoga are helping to strengthen my legs!

I know the struggle will be back. But that’s the point, keep challenging yourself. With running, fitness or nutrition changes, just when you think it’s horrible and the worst feeling in the world, you go over that bump in the road and start coasting along. So never give up. That really is the point when you are just about to turn a corner and achieve a goal!

Are you facing a plateau in your training, workouts, or nutrition? These tips may help you overcome some obstacles and get past some roadblocks. These are strategies that are helping me in big ways. Let me know if these help you, or if you have any ideas to add!

  1. Keep A Log – Make A Plan – Be Accountable – First things first, you have to get organized and make a plan of action. Write it down, keep it visible. And talk about it. Find a person, group, etc… where you feel comfortable to make yourself uncomfortable. You have to put yourself out there with everything you’re trying to achieve when you are struggling, unsure what to do, or afraid to take that step forward. Being open about whatever it is, weight, nutritional pitfalls, consistency, or just simply needing motivation from a place of non-judgement.
  2. Purge And Shop – Get rid of the junk food, cookies, candy and soda if you are trying to lose weight or eat healthier. When you just start out the gate with a new plan you cannot count on yourself to have willpower. You make it harder on yourself to put temptation or unhealthy foods right in your face.
  3. When You Are Stuck, Work On Form – Ok, so you can’t run, yet. Your legs aren’t conditioned well enough, yet. But you’re feeling defeated and uninspired? Stop trying to run and just walk. Bring your focus point in to a more narrow view. Work on perfecting your walking, going farther, or faster. With food give up one thing at a time. For instance one thing a week. This week I will give up soda (pop, cola), next week I will give up my morning donut. So in two weeks you’ve given up a whole lot of empty calories that have zero nutrition!
  4. Change It Up – Try new recipes! Your taste buds need to be as inspired as you are. Don’t let yourself fall into a running/fitness rut. If you find yourself hating what your doing there is no rule that says you can’t take some time off and do something different. Go on a hike, switch workout programs, change the location of your runs. Shake up your routine!
  5. Add Weight Training – And don’t settle for the same weight every time. Challenge yourself and ladies, don’t be afraid to lift heavier weights. You won’t look like a bodybuilder until you train to be a bodybuilder.
  6. Give Yourself Recovery Time – Allow your body to rest and recover. Incorporate some yoga into your routine. Your body will yell at you if you don’t give it recovery and down time. And when it starts yelling you will be more prone to quit if you don’t give it a rest and stretch! Foam rollers are amazing for helping achy muscles to release and heal 💙

Change your course, adjust your sails, but never, ever give up!



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