Tears – Fears – Endings – And – Spoilers

So far 2019 just hurts a whole lot for many reasons. I continue to try to keep my thoughts positive but some days it’s just damn hard.

Losing Tinka Belle was damn hard.
I’m not good with endings.

Loki decided eating was no longer his thing.
And instead of being attached at the hip to Keith and I he started staying in the closets.
This was Tinka’s thing.
But we hoped he was just having an off day, cats do that and he is weaning off prednisone and that can cause a sick tummy.

He’s not eating at all. The vet wants us to start a more rapid weaning off the prednisone. But, he still won’t touch his food, so we wait, and hope. Maybe he will get hungry enough.

He ate a bit and was acting more like himself. He was out of the closet and hanging out with us.

He was back in the closet
Not eating
And now, not drinking water either.
Called the vet with the update but his vet was gone for the day. I told them I would call in the morning, hopefully he would come out to eat.

Monday Night
I started forcing bits of water into him.
Still not eating

As of this morning our Loki still isn’t eating or drinking.
Called the vet with an update, waiting to hear back…

Keith and I were married in 2007 and since that date we have had 5 furbabies cross that rainbow bridge. Loki is who is still here, only Loki. He will likely have to go in to the vet today for tests. My heart is breaking into a million pieces right now. I feel kicked in the gut. Keith is our rock but I know this is tearing him up. That’s the only update I have on our boy for now.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers 💞
Did I say, I’m not good with endings?

Because I’m incredibly sad and scared and looking for anything to distract my thoughts, I thought I’d turn to other things that are bugging me right now. Other endings that everyone else is giving their two cents on, so I may as well distract myself while I wait for the vet to call. Besides, these endings don’t hurt because they are only make believe. Right now I need a dose of make believe.

Avengers Endgame
Game Of Thrones
Both left me empty..
Spoilers below.
Hopefully everyone who wants to see the show and movie, has by now. But if you didn’t you may not want to read any further….






Avengers Endgame

☹️ I know she has a stand alone movie coming, but is Scarlett Johansson really gone? I hope not. If she is then I hope Wasp gets a leadership role.
☹️ Speaking of Scar Jo, why didn’t SHE get a funeral????
☹️ Spiderman and the class being back in high school, why? Lalala, we will act like 5 years hasn’t passed. Time travel causes so many unresolved issues.
☹️ If Captain America going back in time replaced his time line then wouldn’t everything Captain America did in his original timeline be changed?? This is what happens when you play with time in a movie, plot holes.
☹️ I still don’t like Brie Larson in the role of Captain Marvel.
☹️ I guess I wasn’t ready for the end of an era for the Avengers. But it is isn’t it?
☹️ Ending left me on empty

Game Of Thrones

☹️ Simply because the last two seasons the character development was rushed which made the ending seem shallow and choices made in the end seem weird. The same care wasn’t given to the scripts compared to the other seasons and it showed and we as an audience felt it.
☹️ Jamie’s redemption arc was pointless
☹️ I’m surprised so many people were surprised by Dany’s outcome and decisions. She’s always had ruthlessness in her veins. She was following this path since season 4 if not before that.
☹️ Tyrion and Arya were exquisite characters.
☹️ Speaking of exquisite as a character, so was Cersei but she was barely used in the last two seasons other than to stand around. What’s up with that?☹️ I get why Bran was chosen as King, but the way it was done was weird. Tyrion giving a speech is always amazing but the whole elven council/LOTR looking entourage was just silly.
☹️Left me on empty

Are you a Marvel or GOT fan? What did you think of the endings?

I’m eager for a new season of Westworld next year! But I no longer trust long running series shows/movie plot lines to do right by them in the end. We are going to try out some other shows on HBO so HBO will seem worth our money. Some haven’t evencome out yet but we plan to give these a try…
His Dark Materials
The Nevers
I Know This Much Is True

We are big Marvel fans and the tv shows are gone now. Other than survivor, the amazing race and westworld, we watch supernatural(😢), blacklist, stranger things, john oliver, agents of shield, ncis, star trek discovery, the voice, and law and order.

Looking for something new to watch.
Recommend some shows below ⬇️ for us to watch ❤

ps…I can’t stand sappy stuff like, “This Is Us”. I don’t even watch too many “chick flicks” because I hate sappy stuff 🤔

As I finished writing this up I got the call back from the vet. Loki is going to the vet today. He is having blood work done. Vet said it still could be the prednisone, blood test will rule other stuff out. They can give him stuff for his tummy IF it’s just prednisone withdrawal. Could also be his kidney’s/liver. Prednisone is harsh on organs.