Ways to Connect with Your Highest Self


  1. Approach life with the humble innocence of a child.
  2. Stay close to what inspires you most.
  3. Connect with nature as much as possible.
  4. Meditate to still your mind.
  5. Prayer
  6. Choose a mantra and repeat.
  7. Expect magic in your life, don’t question, just know.
  8. Be around other people and places that are very spiritually focused. If you can travel, try sacred locations like Sedona Arizona, and Machu Picchu
  9. Get involved in charity work. 
  10. Practice arts that cross over into the spiritual world, such as Qi Gong, tai chi, and yoga.
  11. Go for a Reiki attunement.
  12. Attend a sound bath.
  13. Heal past trauma. Clearing what stands between you and your truest self.
  14. Journal your thoughts and emotions.
  15. Realize that your image of the perfect road may not be the road you are supposed to travel. Be open to change.
  16. Be open to receiving divine guidance.
  17. Live your truth, be your authentic self.
  18. Pay attention to higher sensory perceptions.
  19. Pay attention to synchronicity.
  20. Embrace all your emotion.
  21. Love yourself unconditionally.
  22. Have a grateful heart.
  23. Don’t take everything so seriously all the time.
  24. Remember how to play.