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hubby’s dramatic selfie


Does everyone who starts a business from an MLM company need to follow the same type of business strategies?  I’ve been talking with a lot of people with good and bad feedback lately and it’s all had me thinking. Can we change the perception and maybe be more outwardly flexible with the approach?

I’m hoping so. Because I hope to prove that. And I will start here by giving you some insight and share some revelations about myself with you guys, some of which I just the last few days have had revelations about. Read on….
🤔I don’t really like posting selfies and video’s every day. I am not a selfie taker by nature. Never have been. I usually don’t even take photo’s of people ever. I’m a scenery/nature/animals kind of photographer. This is why lately you’ve seen less of them. I stepped outside the box and started posting more ( a best business strategy), but it just didn’t feel right for me. Not that it’s not totally ok. I don’t think bad of others that post a zillion a day. It’s just not ME. I actually forget to take selfies and even when I’m on vacations can forget to take pictures because I’m so involved in whatever I’m experiencing atm.
🤔I do believe in doing more than just building my business with more than just what you get when you sign up with the MLM. For instance, I am headed back to school after the new year to add to my knowledge to help others lead healthier lives for nutrition certification. Some though will say you don’t need to do that. Just work on your at home biz. I on the other hand want to strive for more and more info to help myself and others.
🤔Helping myself get healthy really is #1 (not a best business strategy), but followed closely at #2 is helping you get healthier too. Making money is #3 and for me is just a by-product. I would and will do this anyway even if I don’t make a dime. I want to be healthy and I found what helps me lead a healthy life. So all I can do is be honest with you and help you when and where I can.
🤔There is more to my social media life than just business and I will share that even if the best way to a successful business is keeping your focus business minded on social media. Usually for best business strategy you should stick to business and one or two relate-able points of interest. And that’s fabulous. But also for best business strategy you should try and keep things upbeat, no negativity, and no Debbie Downers (sorry anyone named Debbie or Debbie Downer). I am active politically, environmentally and animal welfare oriented. And not always are these happy shiny places. I do agree you need to turn negatives into positive action though so my spin will usually always include how you can help. But some times I will talk about hard things. sad things and even angry things. Because these are also things I’m passionate about.
🤔My nutrition will never be 100% clean and on point. Hello, I live in this world too ya know. There are bakeries and pizza shops etc… And I am a carb-aholic. So I attempt to eat clean 90% of the time and want you to strive for that too. But yeah you will see oooey gooey recipes from me occasionally. Life is about treating that only body you will ever have with love and respect. So while I will forever push good clean nutrition I also know people are not machines and we need a little room so that it can be a habit and not a *restrictive diet.
🤔I don’t like to do ONLY the workout programs from Beachbody. I’m also a big fan of Les Mills programs (Bodypump, Bodyflow) and I love Bob Harper’s workouts too. I get bored easily and like a LOT of variety. That being said, BOD is perfect for those seeking variety and assorted levels of ability. Plus it’s a streaming service you can use just about anywhere.
🤔That being said, BOD, Shakeology and PCS are the BEST thing you can ever do for yourself, your health and your body.
🤔And this business is something you can build while you are working on your won health and nutritional goals. It’s kind of the bonus to getting healthy.
🤔You can do it my way and build a business perhaps slower because you don’t or won’t follow all the best business strategy rules. OR you can take the wealth of knowledge and expertise that the training gives you and build a thriving business in 3 months to a year. 


I’ll be honest here. First and foremost if you take on this business it has to be for YOUR health and fitness. If it’s not and you just want to make a buck. Or it is but you lose sight of that while trying to build a business, STOP trying to build the business and focus on YOUR health. This is NOT a fast track to rolling in money. This is about getting your health back, about staying healthy and about helping others who want to do the same. 

This IS a path for:

✨learning to live a healthy lifestyle

✨getting fit

✨getting healthy

✨personal development 

helping yourself and others

This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is not just a job. And you need to look beyond all the coaches who tend to, at first glance seem like carbon copies of one another, all the selfies and all the pomp and circumstance you see, when in fact honestly good people are trying to tell you in their own way about something that they’ve found that works for them, and works reallllly well helping them get healthy and fit. Many of whom have had tremendous struggles with weight and diet fails along the way. 

So be patient with us. Some may seem silly, some may even seem filled with vanity with all their photo’s. Some even get too full of their own self image hype. But not all is what it seems. We are all just trying to tell you our truth, in our own sometimes stumbling, awkward ways. 

I want you to get healthy as much as I want me to get healthy. I found a path that works really well for me, and it may work really well for you too. So if you want to know more about BOD, fitness programs, Shakeology, PCS, or the biz, fill out the form below and tell me what your health and fitness goals are and I will work with you one on one to achieve them 💙

*some diets are restrictive by their purpose and as always people who are on prescribed diets by a physician or medical provider should follow the advice of their doctor first and foremost.








No regrets! But oh the lessons learned!


Ever get overwhelmed? I mean super overwhelmed?  Last week was a tad overwhelming for me. I’m doing some training for work that at times feels daunting and the last week of round 1 of the fitness program I’m doing was beyond a challenge. Add that to the rest of a crazy, albeit fun filled week and I guess my fitness and nutrition just went seriously off. 

I don’t have any before and after statistics and photo’s like I have been showing you. I seriously just was that slack on business. And that is a drawback to working from home with your own business. You HAVE to set boundaries and work a business, like it is a business, even if you’re not punching a time clock. Working from home has a zillion advantages. And being able to set your own hours is one of them, make your own schedule is another. Well last week all that went right out the window. 


It was like a steamroller effect the training I’m doing is training for the upper tiers of this business, something that right now I’m not nearing on that level. But I wanted the challenge. And I did and am learning so much. I am so thankful to have a fabulous team and mentor behind me who offers this training even if you’ve only just started your business. And I KNOW this training is helping me with my business and will continue to help me grow. But, you have to know when to put the blinders on. I was overwhelmed with the training and busy with other events and tasks in life and I just didn’t work on social media at all. And didn’t work on any personal development. 

But you know what? I’m human. And all I have to do, is do. Get back to it.


And as far as my fitness and nutrition? When we bumped the workouts up to 45 minutes and increased the difficulty, I had a whole lot of fail. Or, at least was I was perceiving as failure. Once again, I’m not at that level. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t getting anything out of the workout. I just let my head and my ego get in the way. Nutritionally, most days were spot on. But we did have a few days that we indulged in the wrong kind of foods. And I felt it. I was sluggish and bloated. And I didn’t lose ANY weight.


BUT, the good news is, I didn’t gain any either. My focus may not have been on point, I may have been distracted and yeah, maybe I did eat nachos and salsa, a bit too much nacho’s and salsa (yeah I suffered for that one). And definitely too much chocolate the last few days. But I’ve now made good choices a habit. And as long as I don’t sway from those habits too long, I won’t lose all I’ve learned. 

Lessons learned. All these new tools I have at my disposal for getting healthy and fit aren’t just tools, or programs. This is my LIFE. This is me choosing my lifestyle. How I want to eat, how I want to feel. I no longer let emotions, especially negative ones guide my lifestyle as much anymore. And that is GOLD!



Lessons Learned

  1. No experience is ever a waste of time. No matter how badly you think you are doing it, you are LEARNING.
  2. Get out of my way, my own way. I seriously can get lost in my own mind games I play with myself and looking at thing from a defeatist standpoint. Instead, I need to take what I have learned and use it to better myself and then get back up and start again. 
  3. Good habits can not only be learned, but retained and called upon even when you may sabotage yourself. 
  4. I need better organizational skills.
  5. I’m only human!


giphy (2).gif



  • I’m thinking about starting a PCS nutrition group soon because I’m so excited about my nutrition plan and how it’s completely changed my daily habits and choices.
  • I really need to work on my organizational skills so I don’t get so overwhelmed.
  • I’m thankful for my fitness programs and PCS because, I’m only human!


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Dance In That Rain!


I’ve had a SUPER busy, preoccupied kind of week last week.  I just never seemed to find time to blog 😒 and it feels like it’s been forever. So yeah, the week/weekend took me away a bit and definitely distracted me from some of my goals. But I had fun and spent time with doing good things, seeing great friends and spending quality time with the hubby and that made for a great weekend! No regrets!

I was working on G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. projects all week. Which was so much fun, and since I’m not at allllll artsy, I chose tasks that were close to heart and made up of all kinds of random kindness. Indeed very me. 

I also went to a picnic in the rain to say farewell to a few people we know who are leaving the area. Surprisingly a picnic in the rain (under a shelter) isn’t half bad. The rain was nice. I spent a few extra minutes in the Jeep listening to rain fall on the roof while hubby went ahead to the picnic.  We have a soft top and I love the sound of the raindrops. I nearly fell asleep lol. We ran into our friends Greg & Jade who we haven’t seen in quite a while. It was awesome to catch up and just chill a minute.

new breed.jpg

Saturday we went to the New Breed Championships. They are a jiu jitsu,  muy Thai and general mixed martial arts competition. One of our close friends daughter was in competition there for her team/training dojo,  OutFox. It’s crazy how good these kids are. Dedication and commitment mixed with a lot of heart and love for their sport. Keith and I walked away feeling like we just visited a tight community. We are so proud of Lily’s accomplishments. This was her FIRST real competition and she had to go up against someone at a higher skill set than she was in. She held her own and all and all she did am amazing job for her first real go at it competitively. 

We were going to go to Busch Gardens afterwards but it was still rainy and Keith’s till suffering an ankle injury (rain doesn’t help). So we decided to stay home and just have a lazy weekend spending some quality time together. The week was kind of non stop for both of us between work, working out and events going on. We didn’t even hit the computers much. We just wanted some quiet time to make plans, dream and just “be”. 

Then last night and some baaaaaad salsa. Not a great way to end a beautiful week, but I’ll take it because the rest was magical!

That’s where I’ve been, taking a few days technologically low key. And now a new week begins and so does a new round of the fitness program I’m doing as well as getting back to some run training and tweaking our PCS a little more. 

This Sunday’s Blog Share – A To Zen Of Life


A To Zen Of Life

Shift Shop – Round 1 Day 08/21 + Progress By The Numbers


That shake 👆🏽 is the best way to start a morning! Chocolate + coconut, yum!

Round 1 – Day 08/21
Shift Shop – Speed:35 

Ugh…I never posted this before I went to bed last night. I was soooooo sleepy from all the walking the day before and then hitting Speed:35 in the morning. It was definitely a Monday, and I spent all day playing catch up after a super busy weekend. But I still got my workout done in the morning before getting out of the apartment for the afternoon. 

So, Speed:35…whoa 10 minutes longer than last week now. And you wouldn’t think 10 minutes was much right? 

Speed:35 is no joke!!!

When the Shop Rule is “Don’t let the move finish you, you finish the move”, you know it’s gonna be tough!!! All I can say is that yesterday morning was rough after walking all day on Sunday 😅💦  This program ramps up every week. You do the same workouts for a week and then it increases in duration, intensity and speed so it’s constantly challenging you, making you stronger and FASTER. 

Fast forward to today and my legs are jello 😳 But today is a strength day with Shift Shop and I’m also heading out for an afternoon training run. I’ll be working different muscle groups today than I have been the last couple,  and I’m ready for it!

I may need a nap when I’m done 😴 😅



This nutrition plan is EVERYTHING! I love PCF + The Shift Shop Nutrition Plan

It’s not easy to do this as a vegetarian or vegan but only because of how the Shift Shop nutrition plan limits what carbs you can eat. You still eat carbs, just very specific ones. But the best thing about Portion Fix is that you can tweak it for whatever nutritional needs you have. The Shift Shop nutrition plan is geared specifically for the best results from the workout plan. You are building lean muscle and The SHIFT has us changing up our meal plan this week reducing the more starchy carbs and increasing our greens and proteins. 

Some starches can be metabolized as quickly and even quicker than sugar, which means that they can rapidly increase your blood sugar levels after eating. Reducing your starch and sugar intake is a good way to control your weight and blood sugar levels and improve your cardiovascular risk profile. This also allows the transition from using glucose as our primary cellular fuel to using fat instead. And that should be a gigantic nutritional goal for those who are over weight or obese. Using your own fat to fuel your body will help you melt away the pounds.



Progress By The Numbers

Oh, and I promised you an update on my progress! I’m really pleased with my progress. Especially when throwing in a weeks vacation where I had limited control over food choices. Even forgoing workouts and opting for walking all day on some days. I owe a lot of it to PCF! I’ve done some tweaking with my nutrition plan and you know what? That’s ok. Every person is different and some times you have to change things up. That’s the beauty of these programs and our training, we have the skillz 😜

It feels good to be in a place where everything fits. Where I’m getting healthier without some trendy fad. Some times people think losing weight and getting healthy is complicated and hard. But really it’s not, not when you have the right tools to make permanent change. 

I’m always here if you need the help getting started. I’m just an email away 💙



2 Monthsd.jpg

Re-Ignite Your Sense Of Wonder



I spent the last week with nieces and nephews at the beach, the aquarium, the carnival, eating caramel apples and playing in the sand. It give you perspective on joy, imagination, freedom of expression, imagination and creativity. And I began to think of ways to keep that momentum going seeing as we don’t have kids and our nieces and nephews are hours and hours away now. Hopefully this will help some of you to re-ignite your sense of wonder again 💙🐬🌊💙

“A sense of wonder is the key to agelessness”

Try everything, even things that may not sound fun or appealing to you. You never know, right? I’m sure you’ve tried things you thought you’d love and ended up wondering why you ever thought of doing it in the first place. So why not try the opposite? Never thought you’d want to play an instrument️🎻️🎷️🥁? maybe if you pick it up you’ll find it was one of the missing pieces of your life. The thing you never knew you wanted!

Let go of ego ☯️. Let go of your competitive side. Let go of the need to be the winner, the best at, and being number 1. Striving for perfection is tiring and can lead you down a path of defeat when you’re trying to experience new things. Worry about actually running 🏃🏽 before ever being concerned with beating your last PR.

Travel 🚙🚌✈🚆! Somehow when you set your feet in places you’ve never walked your mind is wide open for new experience. When your senses are awakened , your mind interactive and your eyes wide open 👀 you can sometimes learn new things about yourself and how you fit into the world. This can also open you up to new paths 🐾 to creativity and invention.

Volunteering. Putting yourself outside your own ego and self can be quite liberating. It can also allow you to experience life in new ways. This could be just the ticket to being inspired or motivated forward.

⭐Be an entrepreneur⭐. Having to rely on yourself and creating a business environment that puts you completely in charge of your own destiny is scary for sure. But it’s also mind expanding and creates an atmosphere of movement and change in your life. When you take on being your own boss you realize your own potential and can see it through your own eyes, not just through some boss in an office somewhere. You become more thoughtful, and more creative in your pursuit when you are doing something you wholeheartedly believe in. You can discover all of who you are and all that you can become!


Meditate ✌️🏽. Shut things down and out and just go within. To often the world tends to put constant chatter in our heads and we need to recharge and make it all stand still for a time so you can think fluidly again. Meditation will also bring you closer to your true self and callings because you are looking within as opposed to the world around you.

Let your inner weirdo out. Yes! Get down on the ground and do some sidewalk chalk. Go to a karaoke️🎤 place and belt out your favorite song. Do your hair 💇🏽that rainbow color you always wanted. Be a child again from time to time. If you let that inner wild one go, reclaim him or her and go and play, be weird!



Visit your local craft store and browse everything!! As you walk the aisles something will call to you. It may be a color, or shiny baubles or maybe even that blank canvas will inspire you ✂🖌! You don’t have to know what you’re going there for, just browse.

👶🏽Hang out for a while with kids. Round up your nieces and nephews. Remember what it was like to imagine🦄. To use your imagination to ride the skies with 🐲 dragons and silly animals 🐤🐛 from play-doh. Again, we tend to lose that inner child as we grow up and are submerged into the adult world. We lose our sense of wonder, reclaim it!

Create a vision board. Vision boards are awesome because it can start with a couple things and then when you start envisioning things you want to do and see, more and more is revealed. I actually realized my dream of one day playing the violin ️🎼️🎻️🎶through doing a vision board. I finally found a great beginner violin and I’m now pricing out teachers!

Put yourself in positions to meet new interesting people. As we go through our day to day we tend to meet the same or similar kinds of people. Moms meet other Moms at PTA, office workers hang with fellow office workers after work, etc.. Sign up for a painting class or floral arranging. Maybe a cooking 😋🍪 class or learn to tango 💃🏽🕺🏽. Get out and meet people who are different from the norm that you meet. Not because the norm are bad. But cultivating friendships with different kinds of people from different walks of life and interests will be inspiring for you.

Release that which is no longer serving you. From clothing to jobs. Try reinventing yourself. Stop holding onto the past. My biggest hmmm 🤔 is wondering why people hold onto eras. Instead take some from an era and move on and become and eclectic soul.

Doodle, ✏draw those silly flowers 🌸and smiley faces 😛. Doodling can have a calming effect, similar to meditation. Mandalas are sometimes drawn in repetition within a meditation. It will help relax your brain and rejuvenate your though process. Coloring books are also super helpful and fun!

Eat brain healthy foods; Blueberries, nuts🥜, seeds, avocados🥑…. Keeping your mind fresh and alert helps keep the creativity flowing.

The Arts.  ️🎧Music is a release and also can be inspiring. As well as art for some people. Some can find walking through a gallery very inspiring and thought provoking. So go see the ballet, your favorite band, or catch a play️ ️🎭!

Play video games, read comics, letting that inner child have some fun again 🤣

💤Sleeeeep💤. Catching enough zzzzz’s will help your mind to function better, as well as your whole body. This will help you be more creative, inspired and ready to expand your horizons.


Point Pleasant NJ Family Vacation 2017


Day 1 🌞🚙🌤️🍕

Thank you Mom, Dad, Tori and Barry for making this all happen!

We’ve been waiting for this kind of vacation a long time! And the family was waiting for this reunion for 12 years! That was the last time they were all together as a family. So this was super special. The ride there was beautiful. And you’ll hear that word thrown around a lot in this blog post 😄 So we drove from Virginia Beach to the Jersey Shore (Point Pleasant NJ/Beach) and we had great weather for the drive and very few stops. We were just excited to get there.


When we arrived, not everyone was there yet and wouldn’t be until Tuesday. We stayed at the Sand Pebble Motor Lodge in the Victorian. We were upstairs in a three bedroom suite (which was in itself two floors). We stayed with Keith’s parents, his brother Barry, sis-in-law Tori and their two littles (kids). The place was HUGE. His brother and fam was on the second floor of our suite, they had a massive bedroom with a king size bed, a huge bathroom with tub and a HUGE walk in closet that was actually used as the kids playroom, yeah it was that big. We think it may have originally been a small bedroom that they converted into a massive walk in closet. We were downstairs, where there were two bedrooms and a HUGE bathroom and kitchen. The living room was pretty big too. The kitchen was fully equipped and stocked with utensils, pots, pans, dishes, etc…. Keith’s big brother stayed downstairs in another suite (the steps in the first pic below show the entrance to their suite, we were on floor 2). Their suite was also roomy, a big two bedroom with large kitchen. 

We arrived around dinner time and so we just had pizza and enjoyed time with family. After dinner we took a walk down to the boardwalk (which was open till midnight) to walk around and get some desert.



Day 2 ☀️⛱👙🌊 🚂

Sunshine and blue skies! Time to hit the beach!!! The beach was nice. When staying at the Sand Pebble you can get a discount for tickets to Jenkinson’s Beach. Now this was something I had never heard of, people owning parts of the beach and you paying to get on their beach. Here is VB we don’t have that. We either have public beaches or private beaches that you can only access if you are staying someplace on that beach. 

The beach ended up being $2 a day per person after the lodge discount. Not bad I suppose. It pays for having a clean beach, and lifeguards everywhere. You feel pretty safe at this beach. It was beautiful!!

We went our own way for a bit and ended up at a cozy diner, Beach Diner and had a quick dinner while watching the trains go by. 

Afterwards we headed back down to the boardwalk for the kids to all ride rides (lots of good ones for the kids), play carny games and get desert at the The Black Anchor Coffee House, which was delicious!!!!


Day 3 🌤️📷🥗

Most of this day was just very family oriented. We took family photo’s and just spent time reconnecting and connecting. The day before Aunt Kate (Keith’s Mom’s sister) and her hubby Uncle Mike also came down and joined us and took family photo’s for us. 


Aunt Kate & Uncle Mike

We all went out to dinner at Frankie’s. I had a salad and was disappointed they didn’t even have bread sticks let alone bread. But my salad was good! And everyone just enjoyed spending time with each other. After all, for some it had been 12 years since they last saw each other. Keith (my hubby) had not seen his oldest brother Scott in 12 years! Scott and Nauko’s oldest was just a baby boy when he last saw them. And I had never met them. They live all the way in Washington State. So this really was a special time for all of us!


Day 4 🌥️📷🐸🦉🐧🐢🐠🐡🦐🐍🌦️⛈️

Jenkinson’s Aquarium was how we spent most of the day. It was a pretty laid back day with a few raindrops. And the start of some thunderstorms. It was a good day for an indoor experience. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To be honest, I really thought the aquarium was just going to be a roadside afterthought kind of place. I was even worried I would see mistreatment,neglect or bad conditions here. But it was the complete opposite. They were cleaning all the time, the animals looked happy and well fed. And happily I found this place to be very conscientious about animal welfare and sustainability. They had displays everywhere for conservation, animal protection, rescue, preservation and keeping the waterways clean of debris. I was pretty impressed with this little aquarium. They care a lot about their residents and the animal world. 

ps….their seal, Luseal wasn’t always alone here. Luseal is a rescue and so was the other resident seal. Sadly Luseal’s companion passed away recently. From what they said they are hoping to be able to take in another rescued seal.


Day 5 ⛈️☔💦🥙🚂

Rain, thunder, lightening, downpours! But it was still a pretty awesome day. We hung around the house for a while and hung out with family and then met with one of Keith’s old friends and her hubby for dinner. We had met once before and have been Facebook friends, but I haven’t seen her since Keith and I first got together! She even got married since then and moved out of Jersey to PA and then back to Jersey. So it was time to catch up! Unfortunately for whatever reason, we completely forgot to snap any pictures. But it was a fun evening playing catch up at Beach Diner with good friends we don’t get to see often enough!

And we did make tentative plans to get together some time during the holidays! And next time, we will take pictures!!


Day 6 Headed Home….☀️😢🌊⛴

All good things I suppose have an ending, or at least a, till next time. And we’ve already decided there will be a next time. We have solo trip plans and plans that involve group vacations back to Point Pleasant. We also determined that we can’t let so much time go by with us not seeing the littles. Keith is godfather to the two littlest niece and nephew and since they are in New Jersey and us in Virginia, we decided we need to start meeting at some half way points, even if only for weekends here and there so we can all see each other. Time slips away and we may ourselves eventually move further away so we have to find the time and take the time to spend with family while we can!

Look close, there be a dolphin swimming! We saw dolphin pods and I saw a whale!!

We grew closer to family who are in Washington State too and we may even move there one day soon, who knows. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to live and Keith’s job could potentially come up with a transfer there.  But either way we have to make it happen that we see each other more. Kids need family bonds and although it’s hard when people are so transient now and tend to live in other states, or even countries, to make the effort to remember that kids needs to know family.

We all had a quick lunch together back at Frankie’s and then a quick run back down to the boardwalk for us to grab this massive apple (we had at the beginning of the trip, soooo good!) and some taffy, as well as a new wall hanging for our ocean(esq) living room!

It was especially nice for Keith, Scott and Barry’s parents to see us all, and see us all together. Time keeps moving and before you know it, 12 years have gone by.  I think we all learned a valuable lesson while having a beautiful and memorable family vacation!

💙Till next we meet….

boardwalk-point-pleasant-beach_0 (1).jpg