and i simply decided to be happy


I came across this article and although I’m working at it, I’m not always as articulate or can put my thoughts down into words. And THIS is exactly what I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks. Deciding happiness. 

It doesn’t mean erase or ignore worry or anger. But what it does mean is to choose thoughts wisely with good vibes. Be constructive instead of destructive!

🌞and i simply decided to be happy🌞

💡👍🏽😉 So, let’s try on this behavior for a week:

Step 1) Wake up tomorrow and consider the miraculous fact that you’re even on the planet.

Step 2) List a few items you are grateful to have… anything between running clean water and trash pickup to a cancer-free body and people that love you.

Step 3) If you go over to social media, post something positive instead of something you find unacceptable. OR, if you can’t shake rage over injustice, then put something actionable on your social media, as in: “Injustice X is happening, please do Y to help.”

Step 4) Sit down with your loved ones and talk about only positive things over dinner. Yep. Just the good stuff. Set aside the hard and necessary and bothersome for a week. It’ll still be there. OR if you believe you need to discuss difficulties, discuss what you learned or hope to learn from a challenging experience.

Step 5) Repeat as often as possible.

Source: Human Unlimited