Working Off Easter Treats


In my opinion having a day to eat what you want a few times a year is no biggy. But just so that you don’t carry the indulgence on longer than the holiday here’s some food for thought…

Here’s a fun little guide for how to burn off your favorite Easter treats…
Cadbury Crème Egg = 19 minutes of skipping
Lindt Gold Bunny = 45 minutes of walking
Cadbury Dream Egg = 1 hour of HIIT training
Hot cross bun = 20 minutes of boxing
Ferrero Roche Deluxe Egg = 60 minutes of burpees
Cadbury mini egg = 1 minute of speed running per egg
Peeps(4) = Low-impact aerobics for 25 minutes
Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg = Jumping jacks for 20 minutes
Jelly Belly Original (8oz) = Kayaking 4.5 hours
Sweetarts Chicks, Ducks and Bunnies (10 pieces) = 30 minutes of gentle yoga
M&Ms Bunny Mix (1/4c) = 5-minute run at a 12-minute mile pace
Snickers Egg = 15 minutes of moderate jumping rope
Lifesavers Gummies Bunnies and Eggs (20 pieces) = 25 minutes of yard work
Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg = 30 minutes of Pilates

*Calculations based on a 150-pound person

Here’s to healthy thoughts going into the new week! Don’t worry, you got this!