June – 21 Day Challenge

RTZ 21
I’m super excited! I’ll be doing round two of the 21 Day Challenge starting June 10. Last time I lost 9 pounds and inches all around. It’s time to put together a challenge group because summer is closer than we think. And we all need encouragement and support along the way.
The challenge will be 21 days. You will be given a meal plan to follow with portion control containers to measure out your food. You will be doing 30 min workouts. You will be drinking Shakeology every day to curb your cravings and keep you from eating between meals. This will all be done in a PRIVATE Facebook group and the goal is to help you stay accountable and to make your 21 day journey FUN!!!
RTZ 21
Comment below with your email address or email me at runningtozen@gmail.com for more details. Excited to work with those who are ready to COMMIT!!
*U.S. & Canada only
 ** Last day to apply/order June1st (to insure arrival time)


Wearing INKnBURN Blue Healing Mandala

Finally I seem to have the right combination of nutrition and fitness tweaked and all the weight I gained a tear ago is melting away. That and the rain cleared today so I’m feeling awesome! This month has been a great month especially!

Tweaking what isn’t working when you think you’re trying so hard is really important. It may be that one small change will be that change everything moment. Mine was tweaking my nutrition, and adding weigh training into my rotation with run training and yoga.

So don’t get frustrated, don’t quit, tweak!




Progress and randomness


✔️ 30 minute run (walk/run/walk)

✔️ Started personal development reading – The Four Agreements

✔️ Meditation on acceptance (of self)

✔️ Super healthy shopping trip

✔️ Nutrition on point today

✔️ Down 2.5 pounds (This past week has been a game changer for me)

✔️ Took a dietbet to help with focus on nutrition!

Recipe Of The Moment:

I am all over this chili with sweet potatoes, which can be made in the slow-cooker.  Have to make this kind of winter dish while it’s still cooler out!


Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili With Sweet Potatoes



Hubby and I are doing a Dietbet to help us focus on our nutrition. We both grew up with reallllly bad eating habits and we tend to get on track and then slowly slide back into emotional comfort zones with eating during stressful or busy times when we aren’t focused on meal planning. This is our first time doing one. We thought about it before but missed the start because we were busy with holiday stuff. Not losing or wasting money is another big focal point for us now so we figured it would be a great motivator!

Painted Feathers 


Aren’t these capris just amazing 💜 The website doesn’t do justice to the colors!! I’m really happy we moved closer to a nice area to go where we can walk/run at. It’s a big plus they have workout stations space so many feet apart along the route. Fabulous for cross training and muscle confusion.


Never Quit

12-ideas-on-the-amazing-power-of-failure-50-638Today I did one of the workouts on Core De Force, it kicked my booty! So I know this program will be big in my rotation.

It feels fabulous when you get over a hump or plateau in your training and I did that this week with run training. Cross training and yoga are helping to strengthen my legs!

I know the struggle will be back. But that’s the point, keep challenging yourself. With running, fitness or nutrition changes, just when you think it’s horrible and the worst feeling in the world, you go over that bump in the road and start coasting along. So never give up. That really is the point when you are just about to turn a corner and achieve a goal!

Are you facing a plateau in your training, workouts, or nutrition? These tips may help you overcome some obstacles and get past some roadblocks. These are strategies that are helping me in big ways. Let me know if these help you, or if you have any ideas to add!

  1. Keep A Log – Make A Plan – Be Accountable – First things first, you have to get organized and make a plan of action. Write it down, keep it visible. And talk about it. Find a person, group, etc… where you feel comfortable to make yourself uncomfortable. You have to put yourself out there with everything you’re trying to achieve when you are struggling, unsure what to do, or afraid to take that step forward. Being open about whatever it is, weight, nutritional pitfalls, consistency, or just simply needing motivation from a place of non-judgement.
  2. Purge And Shop – Get rid of the junk food, cookies, candy and soda if you are trying to lose weight or eat healthier. When you just start out the gate with a new plan you cannot count on yourself to have willpower. You make it harder on yourself to put temptation or unhealthy foods right in your face.
  3. When You Are Stuck, Work On Form – Ok, so you can’t run, yet. Your legs aren’t conditioned well enough, yet. But you’re feeling defeated and uninspired? Stop trying to run and just walk. Bring your focus point in to a more narrow view. Work on perfecting your walking, going farther, or faster. With food give up one thing at a time. For instance one thing a week. This week I will give up soda (pop, cola), next week I will give up my morning donut. So in two weeks you’ve given up a whole lot of empty calories that have zero nutrition!
  4. Change It Up – Try new recipes! Your taste buds need to be as inspired as you are. Don’t let yourself fall into a running/fitness rut. If you find yourself hating what your doing there is no rule that says you can’t take some time off and do something different. Go on a hike, switch workout programs, change the location of your runs. Shake up your routine!
  5. Add Weight Training – And don’t settle for the same weight every time. Challenge yourself and ladies, don’t be afraid to lift heavier weights. You won’t look like a bodybuilder until you train to be a bodybuilder.
  6. Give Yourself Recovery Time – Allow your body to rest and recover. Incorporate some yoga into your routine. Your body will yell at you if you don’t give it recovery and down time. And when it starts yelling you will be more prone to quit if you don’t give it a rest and stretch! Foam rollers are amazing for helping achy muscles to release and heal 💙

Change your course, adjust your sails, but never, ever give up!



Zen 1d.png

Throwback Thursday From INKnBURN – The Return Of The Mermaid!!


Two gorgeous pieces to rock our inner mermaid ladies!!!  How beautiful are these pieces!!!! Read below for more info and the link to order!


From The INKnBURN Newsletter:

Always Be Yourself, Unless… You can be a Mermaid
We decided to bring back our Mermaid Capris for Throwback Thursday! This design update has an warm orange glow that blends beautifully into purples and blues. All mermaids need beautiful shells to wear up top right? This Mother of Pearl Camisole with a built in shelf bra is the perfect compliment. Though, it will go with so many things, it works wonderfully on its own as well!
Mermaid Capris and Mother of Pearl Camisole – Pre-Order @inknburn.com
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Workouts of The Holidays


7 Best Alternatives For Running From Bearbody Living Plus My Additions



This is an awesome list from Bearbody Living to get you started on a great cardio fitness routine that isn’t running. Most of these are a mix of cardio and strength training. That is exactly what everyBODY needs! You need both for optimal fitness and health.




So why no running you may ask?

  • Boredom – everyone needs a break from the run once in a while. And it’s a good thing to add in strength training and to work on different muscle groups.
  • Adventure – Some, like me get restless with routine. If and when the run starts to lack joy I quickly move on to another type of workout. And just as quickly I’m then wanting to run again. But I tend to try and incorporate 3 or 4 different types of activity so I never get that restless feeling.
  • Injury – With some running injuries running is out for a while, but other types of physical activity are allowed.
  • Group Activity – It’s nice to get out of solo stuff and be with a group training or enjoying an activity, like repelling or climbing.
  • Just Don’t Like It – Enough Said…


I have a few additions to Baran’s list






Indoor Rock Climbing


Stair Repeats


Skateboarding (at a rad skaepark, not just rolling down the street)



In Review: Quest Bars – By Nora @ Dreamer Achiever

Quest Nutrition sent Nora over at Dreamer Achiever 17 different flavored bars for taste testing & review.

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