Scorpio Full Moon – The Blue Flower Moon



Scorpio Full Moon The Blue Flower Moon: MAY 18

The Moon turns full on May 18 at 5:11 PM EST. The Scorpio Full Moon calls us to our destiny and visions. Asking you to work towards your dreams and bring them to fulfillment. Whatever sets your soul on fire, focus on setting those plans in motion. The Scorpio full moon is going deep within our subconscious and dredging up all you have put on hold, sat idle on and telling you to trust the process and work towards your goals. Deal with those challenges you face in life instead of continuing to put them on the back burner, especially where relationships are concerned. It’s time to repair and heal, or resolve and move on. It’s time to clear and release toxic feelings, behaviors, cycles and thoughts.

It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you. Let go of old habits that hold you back from your dreams and goals. You need to trust your intuition more. This time will bring mental clarity and breakthroughs with relationships and projects. Remember that relationships are a two way street that require investment and care. This may be a time for revisiting and reprogramming past beliefs and bringing them into the present moment and rewriting your thoughts and attitudes concerning them.

This is a perfect time for personal development and introspection. Full Moon in Scorpio creates the need to dive into your feelings as deep as possible. Your desire for meaningful conversation and relationships is more prevalent now. Shallow relationships and talking about the weather do not satisfy you, as you seek meaning and purpose. 

This is also a time of joy and passion because it’s a time for sorting out the old and letting it go while reclaiming your utmost dreams and being given the push you need to get back on the path to making them into reality.


Photo by: Sage Goddess


Although a Blue Moon is commonly defined as the “second full Moon to occur within a single calendar month,” this is not the traditional meaning of the term. Originally, a Blue Moon was the third of four full Moons to occur within one astronomical season.

According to this definition, May’s Full Flower Moon is a Blue Moon this year! This is thanks to the timing of the March full Moon, which occurred on the same day as the Spring Equinox, and the upcoming June full Moon, which occurs just a few days prior to the Summer Solstice, making the May full Moon the third full Moon in the season of spring.

The four full Moons this spring are:
Full Worm Moon: March 20 at 9:43 P.M. EDT

Full Pink Moon: April 19 7:12 A.M. EDT
***Full Flower Moon: May 18 at 5:11 P.M. EDT <-– Blue Moon
Full Strawberry Moon: June 17 at 4:31 A.M. EDT
***HONG KONG time : 05:11 AM, May 19, SUNDAY***”
The Old Farmers Almanac





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Wild & Free


Last night we made the very painful decision to let our Tinka Belle cross the rainbow bridge. Her breast cancer had returned with a vengeance. It swiftly and aggressively took hold of her. It moved so fast there was nothing any medicine or treatment could do. Not even to slow it down. It was the hardest decision, but right decisions are not always the easy ones. She was always a proud, dignified and independent girl. Living in a cone and in a cancer riddled body, being forced medications, unable to eat and under supervision on and off every day for almost 2 months, while tumors grew in size and number and seeped blood, was not life for her. She was broken and beaten by a viscous unrelenting disease. CANCER SUCKS!

When we came outside to the car after the vet, this incredible sunset was in front of us. We watched as the sun set and the full moon rose. And I began the missing of her. 


My heart is broken into a million little pieces again, as it does whenever one of our furbabies transition ahead of us. 

SPAY and NEUTER your furkids.


A study at Brown University on spay and neutering reported:
“In males, neutering decreases the chances of developing prostatic disease and hernias, and eliminates the chances of developing testicular cancer. It also reduces problems with territorial and sexual aggression, inappropriate urination (spraying) and other undesirable male behaviors.


In Females, spaying decreases the incidence of breast cancer (the rate goes down to almost zero if the spaying is done before the first heat cycle!). It eliminates the chance of developing a serious and potentially fatal infection of the uterus experienced by many mature unspayed animals (pyometra). Spay surgery also eliminates the heat cycle and associated mood swings and undesirable behaviors, messy spotting (in dogs) and the attraction of all available males to your yard.”


Over 90 percent of feline mammary tumors are malignant, meaning they grow in an invasive fashion and spread to distant sites in the body. This is in contrast to dogs, where only about 50 percent of mammary tumors are malignant.
Tumors tend to affect older, unspayed female cats, but all cats, including males, are at risk.
The age at which a female cat is neutered plays a role in protecting against tumor development, with the greatest benefit seen for kittens spayed before 6 months of age, who have a 91 percent reduction in risk compared to non-spayed cats. Spaying between six months and one-year results in an 86 percent reduction in risk, spaying between 1-2 years leads to an 11 percent reduction in risk, and spaying after age two does not reduce the risk of mammary cancer development at all.
Now I try and keep busy the rest of the day. Tonight I’m participating in a Full Moon Release Meditation & Drum Circle. By my heart is broken. I’ve always adopted old, broken, unwanted furbabies and although it fills me with gratitude and a full heart when I do, this is a part of that. The letting go. She needed me to be strong for her, so I was. 
I will forever miss her head boops, her independent & proud nature, and the fact that no matter how long she had lived off the streets she never let us completely tame her. I always knew she was a child of the moon, now she truly is wild and free again, gone but never really gone.