My New Years Intentions


New Years Intentions
(Inspired by: Zoe Saldana & her sisters

I decided to have one word for the year and one for each month to focus on. It’s said that what we do repeatedly becomes habit. My intention is that placing focus for a complete month; real energized, engaged, zeroed in on focus will create new more solid and grounded habits. I decided to do one word for the year, and then one word for each month to focus my intentions on……



For the year my intention is:
Read – 

Good Reads 2017 Reading Challenge (

My intention is 12 Books
That may not seem like a lot of books. But I tend to buy books with every thought to read the book, and then get carried away with social media and never pick the book up! So I already have a few books to get started with 🙂

Here is my list so far….
January – Girl On A Train
February –



My Monthly Intentions:
January – Move
Stay off the sofa and move. Walk, run, hike, yoga, cross train, bike, etc. I need much much more of this in my life. Social media is a blessing and a curse. You get online and think to yourself “oh I’ll just read my email” and before you know it you’ve watched video’s on YouTube, read the news, checked Facebook, tweeted a few tweets, took some pics for Instagram and spend a good 30 minuted stuck in Pinterest land pinning your favorite recipes! So my intention is to move more!!
February – Explore
I will try more new things, new ways, new activities, new places, new foods, etc… I am one of those people who if I can have it all, I don’t want any of it :/ So I tend to just shoo shoo away what’s right in front of my while waiting for the big picture to happen. I have a HUGE hunger for travel and wanderlust wanting to go to exotic destinations. When in my own backyard I haven’t explored all the hidden treasures that are out there to experience. So I want to focus on the small picture this month and explore more of what’s right here and now!

March – Engage
Involve myself more in the world and with people.

April – Meditation
For me, meditation is everything. It is my prayer, it is my stress relief, it holds answers, it inspires confidence, etc… And yet it’s something I never do often enough or with focused intention enough.

May – Advocate
For the animals. I used to be very involved in many aspects of the animal rights movement but the subject is so broad and the problems so overwhelming that I was getting lost in the movement. I started instead to find more focus on specific issues and deciding what those issues would be. I wanted them to be issues that I could first hand have a place to create or inspire change. I want to continue that focus and become more involved now that I am more centered with the issues that I feel equipped to handle.
June – Swimming
I have a deathly fear of drowning and yet being on, in or near the water is my heaven on earth. Soooo it’s time to conquer the fears!

July – Minimalism
This intention actually started last year. But I want to make sure we stay focused on minimizing. Especially junk we seem in inevitably collect. You know, that stuff you think you will use some other time so you just want to keep in “in case”. Yeah, it’s gotta go. If I haven’t used it in 6 months or a year, why do I still have it????

August – Trust
Not only learning to trust to let others in, but trust myself more. I second guess myself repeatedly. Sometimes into inaction. Trusting myself more will allow the trust to happen with others more naturally too.

September – Volunteer
Volunteering is so important. It gives back to the community and others in need. And in the long run that only enriches our lives ❤ Hopefully we’ve stayed focused on that all through the year, but if not this is a good time, as the holidays are nearing again, to re-focus those intentions!

October – Thankfulness & Giving
So next month is Thanksgiving and the holidays are hear and I think the focus should be doubled right now. So I want to focus on thankfulness and giving.

November – Conserve
For the people, the animals and the planet. A time to reconnect and reaffirm reduction in my carbon footprint. Especially as we head into a season where indulgence is the norm.

December – Family
This is a no-brainer I suppose. But reaching out and making meaningful connections to family/friends who are family is important to our quality of life. It’s time to reach out to reach out even more and make some strong connections to bring into the new year.




Thinking ahead…

January – Education
By next year we will have most of our bills paid off. At this point I know I want to head back to school. Even if it’s just for a short program or a few classes. So it’s time to start narrowing down what I want to really do!


5 Tips to Start Helping You Set Intentions

Here are some ways to set positive intentions in your life, whether that be for new year’s, or every day of the week.

First and foremost, make your intention positive. The more you are positive in your life, the more you will attract positive things. That may be something related to your personal life, work life, or spiritual life. Whatever it is for you, the importance of positivity is key in setting a successful intention.

Secondly, set realistic intentions, with realistic time frames. You know how some people say “the bigger, the better.” Well, when setting an intention, it’s probably the opposite. You want to set yourself up for success, which might mean smaller, more frequent intention setting. Just like in the example I gave earlier, waking up an setting an intention for the day gets you started on the right foot.

Next, write your intentions down. Get a separate journal or notebook, and keep track of your intentions. You can add to that in any way you like, or just have it as a list for your reference. Similar to when you write down what you’re grateful for, this creates a larger chance of your gaining something from the process of setting your intentions.

Some people find that sharing their intention with a friend, co-worker, or loved one, they are not only held more accountable, but are able to receive support from those people in helping you stayed focused on your intention.

Lastly, if you are setting a daily intention, try to spend some time meditating. This helps clear your mind and really focus on what your intention is for that day. If you are saying “I don’t have time to meditate”, all it takes is 5 minutes. That’s part of setting the intention as well.

Source: Psych Central



The Mindset That Can Change Your Life; From: Bearbody Living

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

Continue Reading: The Mindset That Can Change Your Life

Bucket List Races


Setting goals and dreaming dreams is all part of the human spirit. And while some on this list are lofty ambitions, both in running distance and travel distance, they are none the less my dream races. I’m sure I’ll be adding on as time goes by. But these are some that I thought would be memorable and challenging.  I may not be ready yet, but I will be! 

Bucket List Races


runDisney (Tinkerbell Half, Super Heroes Half, Disney Princess Half, Star Wars Half, Wine & Dine Half, I guess most of them lol).

From all the pictures and stories I’ve heard these races are pretty special. I know my vacation trips to Disney have been magical so their races would be icing on the cake!








Seawheeze Half Marathon

I mean seriously? Combine yoga. running, the gorgeous Vancouver scenery, and a sunset after party????? Who wouldn’t have this on their running bucket list! This race is actually the race that inspired me to try and push further than the 8k as being the longest distance I’ve run. Like runDisney, Seawheeze sells out super fast, so keep that in mind if you add it to your list!







Sand Mine Challenge

The challenges here for me are yes, the obstacle course! But if I could ever, ever be athletic enough to get through the obstacles, what a cool race to add to a list of accomplishments. This is less about location and scenery and more about the challenge of it!







The Wicked Wine Run  

First I want to say, I’m NOT promoting drinking in any way. I do drink an occasional glass of wine. But I also know some people should never touch the stuff. Besides, that’s not the only reason for this being on my bucket list. This race organizes events in several locations. Some are through vineyards (how fun is that? I’m all about the wanderlust!), some are night runs (my fave), and many other unique locations. I love themed events!






Run Woodstock (Michigan)

Hippies, music, meditation, camping, yoga, peace out and hit the trails running! It’s a whole experience. Three days of different events (race distances), so there’s something for everyone.

“Run Woodstock offers a wide range of professionally  timed event distances. RF Events and the roadies of Run Woodstock take each of these events seriously and have great respect for the personal challenge each of you choose. Whether you enter the 100 mile, 100k, 50 mile, 50K, marathon, half marathon or 5 mile, you can expect a first class race experience. When you enter any of these runs or camp with us, we throw in fun organized runs that include the Friday night 5k, Saturday night 5K/10k and Sunday morning 5 mile. Not to mention, yoga, a hippy hike to Hell and the option to get in some *natural  miles.”

*One portion I won’t take part in lol






Bagan Temple Marathon (Myanmar)

Location, location, location! This isn’t just a race/race entry, this is a tourism package deal. Some who just want to run the race get upset by this. But the event coordinators are doing this to boost tourism and help the locals, so if you want an amazing trip this is for you. If you want to run a race and stay in another town, then maybe this isn’t a destination for you.  But beauty and culture is abundant. Breathtaking views and memories to last forever. This one is a pricey one, so a distant dream. But maybe, one day…And maybe one day I can run a marathon lol.






39ea6d0eb0ca71300dacc1e94d2b6dcbRun Hawaii

We want to live in Hawaii, at least for a short time. And the idea of races in Hawaii, in that climate, with all the beauty and grandeur that is the islands of Hawaii, I would want to run every race I could while we were there!



My 50 Things

So here’s my list of 50 things that I want to do (and will do) with my life in the next 20 years.

1) A Half Marathon

2) Open a business

3) Adopt another dog, or two

4) Have a formal wedding

5) Live in Hawaii

6) Live in Washington State

7) Learn to play violin

8) Go parasailing

9) Learn to rock climb

10) Take up photography

11) Learn to rappell

12) Travel to Europe

13) Learn to swim

14) Adopt a hedgehog

15) Do New Years Eve at Times Square

16) Move to Eaurope

17) Start a second business

18) Learn to DJ

19) Become a better dancer

20) Buy a camper van to travel to festivals in

21) Go away to a yoga retreat

22) Finish losing the weight

23) Maintain that weight loss

24) Invest money

25) Buy a small boat

26) Host a masquerade ball

27) Hike the appalacian trail (or part of)

28) Finally go to DC

29) Go back to school

30) Read at least 500 new books

31) Learn to design jewelry (better)

32) Help someone change their life

33) Become a nutritionist

34) Go deep sea diving

35) Do mornings better

36) Open a club/coffee shop

37) Attend a Sia concert

38) See Boy George DJ again

39) Buy an old house

40) Become a better student of Buddhism

41) Go skiing

42) Become a better Yogi

43) Be able to donate to charities on a regular basis

44) Become a pastry chef

45) More concerts

46) Take a train across the US (did it once want to do it again) write about it

47) Become a better blogger

48) Travel more

49) Attend Coachella

50) Buy land


50 Things I Want To Do (And Will Do) In My Life

I was inspired by a blog I just read by blogger, Vincent Carlos. I too had read the book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and found it very helpful in getting my unorganized self together. But I never sat down and made a list. I made a few bucket list collages in the past but never sat down and wrote a list of things that I really want to accomplish. So I did it. And now I have something to look at daily to focus my intentions on. Some are frivolous, some are far reaching and some are very serious and steps are already in motion on.

Stop by Vincent’s blog and see his write up and his list then take a peek at mine 😊




In the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Stephen R. Covey talks about the importance of knowing what you want in life. Covey talks about the idea that life is meant to be …

Source: 50 Things I Want To Do (And Will Do) In My Life

Down The Rabbit Hole

So I know many of you know that we lost Ippo (our dog) last month. But the last three months have been rough. My hubs traveling on and off, injuries preventing me from getting my butt out and doing any kind of training, depression settling in during the month of August hit hardest. I gained a lot of weight from where I had been. I mean a LOT of weight in a very short time. I gained 30 pounds in 3 months from stress eating and limited exercise.

The last three months has been painful and enlightening all at the same time. I realized just how strong I am and how capable I am of getting my sh*t together when I need to.

Running is HARD for me, stress eating is EASY for me to fall back into. And running, or run training (run/walk/run method – thank you Jeff Galloway) is exactly what keeps me from stress eating. Moving my body lets me get in touch with what my body needs, and what it doesn’t need. Run training releases those endorphin’s that make you feel alive and free your mind of the things that stress you out.

I have been blessed with meeting and knowing some amazing groups of people within the running community. They inspire me every day to be a better me. And during the crappy last few months I’ve been going through, although I neglected myself, neglected these groups, but I still listened to them. I still saw their stories of triumph over adversity. Of reaching new goals, of exceeding their limitations. The running community is filled with some of the best humans you could ever want to encounter. They lift you up when you need it and cheer you on enthusiastically every step of the way. Them along with a handful of amazing friends old and new and in-laws that I adore, I look forward to October and all the plans and goals I am setting!

Running is hard for me. And I love that fact. It challenges me to be better, to do more, to want more. So to INKnBURN, the RWB, RunJunkEes, the Running Turtles, and to Hogwarts


Running Club thank you!! Thank you for being amazing and challenging and there to learn from and to share with, even when I am sitting the sidelines quietly. Because even then, you teach me about me.

I can now fit back into my InB and am back at training again. I crawled out of that rabbit hole and am  feeling alive and grateful to be back on track again!

And if you are out there lost down a rabbit hole like I was, because of stress, or loss, or bad self image, or fear, etc… find a group, something you are passionate about and throw yourself head first into it. At fist you may feel like you’re faking it. guess what, you are! But in time you will feel alive again. Full of hope and goals. Ready to set your soul on fire and challenge yourself to what’s hard for you to do.

Woman running by the ocean beach at sunset


14435230_10154019135463041_2963968803040655303_oINB elites Katalin Nagy and Grant Maughan will be in this years Spartathelon!! “This race is a historic ultra-distance foot race that takes place in September of every year in Greece. It is one of the most difficult and satisfying ultra-distance races in the world because of its unique history and background. The idea for this race belongs to John Foden, a British RAF Wing Commander. As a lover of Greece and student of ancient Greek history, Foden stopped his reading of Herodotus’ narration regarding Pheidippides, puzzled and wondering if a modern man could cover the distance from Athens to Sparta, i.e. 250 kms, within 36 hours. Grant Maughan did this race last year in 32:05:06 and Katalin Nagy took Women’s First last year with a time of 25:07:12! ”

I am an in awe of these elite runners! They give me focus and drive to improve …#goals! It’s amazing what you can train the human body to overcome and to become. Much luck and many bravo’s to you both!!