Tis the Day After Christmas and I am filled with such gratitude. The past year as you all know was a rough one for me emotionally and the outpouring of love, help and kindness from friends and family has meant so much to both myself and Keith.
After the scent and shininess of the holidays starts to fade and we get back to the day to day living I know we can often forget to continue to be filled with gratitude during the middle of a mundane Monday or a Thursday that feels like the workday may never end. In past years I’ve taken to gratitude journaling. Sometimes just a random Facebook post, or I blog, and sometimes in the past of done a physical gratitude journal. This year I’m considering one of these apps…
There are some great gratitude apps out there:
💗 Grateful – A Gratitude Journal from treebetty,
It gives you reminders;you get a daily prompt, but you have the option to change the prompt or write your own.…/grateful-a-gratitude-…/id1197512462
💗 My Gratitude Journal from Happy Tapper includes rewards for writing, reminders for when you don’t, and emojis that “capture the spirit of the day.”…/app/my-gratitude-jou…/id1164553256…
💗 365 Gratitude: Diary, Journal from Grateful Community utilizes daily prompts and allows you to add photos, accumulate points, and do it in a community setting.…/365-gratitude-diary-j…/id1072397377
💗 If you’ve never kept a gratitude journal before, ThinkUp is a great place to start. The app is essentially a catch-all for the different ways to approach mindfulness. Users can find inspiration from professionally-curated positive affirmations — or voice record their own. There are also features to add inspiring music and track your progress. It’s by far one of the most dynamic gratitude apps out there and definitely worth the download.…
💗 Gratitude – This app is perfect for those who want a commitment-free approach to gratitude journaling. Here’s how it works: Each morning, Gratitude will send you a text, and you can reply to that number anytime you’re feeling grateful. Each text you send gets stored in your own personal account, which you can revisit to re-read or even leave comments. The best part? If you’re not feeling particularly grateful one day, you can skip it altogether. Once you’re up for it, though, your online journal will still be ready and waiting for you.…
💗 365 Gratitude Android: Diary, Journal from Grateful Community utilizes daily prompts and allows you to add photos, accumulate points, and do it in a community setting.…
And if you want to stick to pen and paper:
💗 Panda Planner –
💗 Gratitude: A Journal: (Thankfulness Journal, Journal for Women) –…/…/081186720X
And my personal favorite:
💗 Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal: Questions, Prompts, and Coloring Pages for a Brighter, Happier Life –…/…/0062681265
And some tips:
Turn Pain to Joy: 11 Tips for a Powerful Gratitude Journal…/turn-pain-to-joy-11-tips-for-a-po…/
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Add Value


One of the reasons I love Arbonne is that their main goal is actually not “weight loss”. There are a zillion companies who’s focus is “lose those pounds”, “slim in…” etc…
Arbonne believes that in order to lose any weight in the first place you need to focus on a healthy lifestyle. And to become healthy from the inside, out. Weight fluctuates and the scale can be deceptive. But you have to value your health #1 and the rest will follow. Fad diets don’t work and exercise alone won’t do the job!
A key ingredient to health is how you value your self.
Do you make yourself a priority?
Do you take time out of the day for self care?
Can you love yourself enough for your one precious life?
I want you to dig deep and all that crap you tell yourself about:
Not being good enough.
Not being worthy.
And every single other person being important BUT YOU.
Toss it all in the garbage today and look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself:
Then do this….
1. Be grateful! Put your hand over your heart, feel that beat? That’s your one precious life telling you, not to waste it on de-valuing yourself.
2. Do something good for yourself! Take 30 minutes to work out, or meditate. Maybe take a bubble bath and linger a while, sign up for that class you always wanted to take, or take some preventative action for your future health. Then…
3. Do someone good for someone else…give a compliment or two, lend some encouragement, give them your grocery cart instead of returning it for that quarter. Or buy that cup of coffee for the person in front of you in line.
Let me know below, how did you feel afterwards?