Joining The INKnBURN Alumni

PicMonkey Collage
Heard this on my run this morning and it’s to all of my fellow ambassadors who will be stepping aside for a brand new group of ambassadors who will rock their InB style and make us proud, and inspire us every day…
To everyone at #INKnBURN….
“I had the time of my life
And I’ve never felt this way before
And I swear this is true
And I owe it all to you”
To all of us ambassadors, who will soon be rockin with the #INKnBURNAlumni….
“We gon’ rock it to the top
Until the roof come burnin’ down
And to all the new and remaining #InBambassadors
“Welcome, this is the beginning
For every ending is mega starter
When they bring the dark we bring the light
Lets go”





Can you see in the middle photo, that sweat dripping off my nose💦? I usually don’t sweat “inside the apartment” because we keep the ❄ air conditioner ❄ cranked pretty cold during the hot months (set at 70). But that middle photo is post-Pure Cardio 2 🔥🔥🔥from #shaunweek on #BOD. The other two are from my run training this morning. I worked up more of a sweat INSIDE doing my #BOD workout than I did for two miles in the heat outside‼️

Workouts completed for the day 😄

I woke up super sore 😧 this morning from doubling up on my workouts yesterday. I didn’t want to move, reallllly didn’t want to workout at all. But I knew if I laced up and got my booty out the door I’d be glad I did. So instead of caving in and blowing off my workouts, I killed both of them💥💥!

Spent the rest of the day getting some serious cleaning done and spending time with my honey 💕✨ Now I’m working on cleaning up files and folders + updates on the computer AND getting caught up on mail 😄 Tomorrow I’ll be able to spend some time brainstorming some business ideas💡 So far even though I began the week behind in everything I wanted to get done, I’m getting super organized and accomplishing some goals. All in all, I survived Monday and I’m having a productive Tuesday!

How’s your week going so far❓


That’s So Trail

This was posted in our #INKnBURN ambassador’s group yesterday. If you look, you’ll see INKnBURN Phoenix running by at about the :38 second mark and again later in the vid. But if you’re a trail runner, dirtbag runner, or are thinking about hitting the trails, you’ll love this little vid, had to share!

ps…I love the trails, in the fall & winter. I hate dealing with summer bugs!


Phoenix is still available: Men’s Small & XLHERE

Dirtbag Runners

New Betty & Ambassador Update



My time as an INKnBURN Ambassador is quickly coming to an end. I’ll be joining the ranks of the INB Alumni on July 1st 😢😘❤️ It’s bittersweet but necessary for others to get the chance to spread the love of the brand! I’ll still be sharing some updates on INKnBURN and will get some insider news but my ambassador days for the brand are quickly running down. I had to share this adorable kit with you all! Such a fun look!

“Why name this kit “Betty” you might ask? Well, it is a great name from the era of this design combined with an urban meaning of being a “looker”. 

Isn’t this just the cutest kit! And what a dapper gentleman’s look!!

A Blast of Class From the Past
Everyone loves a sharp dressed man, right? Our new Men’s Dapper Tech Shirt features meticulously detailed art that looks like the classy texture of a herringbone tweed. After all, the suit is the modern gentleman’s armor! Our newest designs are a stylish tribute to the past, while taking advantage of the modern technology in our Dry I.C.E. Fabric to keep you cool and comfortable.

3 Day Refresh – June 21 – Day 3


So my friend Nicolle was right. Day 2 of the 3 days was HARD. But today I feel pretty amazing 🙌🏻! FYI…no crazy 💩bathroom trips with this cleanse. It’s all been pretty natural. My shake this morning was delish😋😘! 

PS… new frames, whatcha think? And OMG my eye color is poppin today! Ignore my hubbies messy desk 😏😄

My Plan Today

BOD Yoga Studio/Walk

🌞 10 oz of water w/lemon

🌞 Vegan Chocolate Shakeology w/ 10oz of water + imitation coconut extract

🌞 Morning tea (herbal of choice, orange spice)

🌞 Fiber Sweep 

☀️ Carrots & Almond Butter

☀️Vanilla Fresh Shake w/ drops of maple flavoring extract

☀️ Afternoon tea (herbal of choice, peppermint)

🌝 Vanilla Fresh Shake w/ drops of maple flavoring extract

☀️ I’m saving my afternoon snack & fruit from breakfast for dinner 

🌝 Coconut Steamed Veggies w/ orange slices + carrots w/hummus

🌝Evening tea (herbal of choice, will be vanilla sleepy time)


Good Morning Moon

INKnBURN Anahata

I am notoriously not a morning person, or wasn’t. I did have a job where I started at 4am for a couple of years but that was more like a night job since it was still dark and I was off by the time the real commotion of the day started. No, I like sleeping in and all things not morning. But races, most of them are in the morning (boo) and so I needed to work on a morning mantra and start to get moving earlier in the day.

But since we’ve been eating and fueling our bodies with nutritious foods and giving up junk food, not loading down on carbs and focusing on being good to our health. Mornings are coming easier, way easier. I mean seriously, look at that smile on my face!

Now in light of full disclosure, I had planned on being up at 5am and meeting with the Running Turtles for a pre-dawn run, but, you guessed it, I slept in. But I was up at 6am, laced up, downed water with lemon and was out the door with my hubby. Snapped a few photo’s of the morning moon and we were off!


And you know what? It felt amazing! I guess the saying “workout early before your body knows what’s going on” is true. I felt strong and pr’d my time for that distance. Granted I was breathing hard and giving my lungs and heart a serious workout pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but it was everything a workout or run should be!


But beyond that, after the run I was more awake mentally than I ever am at 6:30 in the morning. And my mood was elevated (part endorphins, part wow I just did a super early morning workout). But here its is 2pm and I don’t have any sluggish afternoon drowsy feelings. Hubby and I are planning to a yoga session from the 3 Week Yoga Retreat that we’ve been doing. We’re almost at the end and we plan on restarting again on Monday. Then June 20th I will be doing another round of 21 Day Fix with my hubby and others. The last time I did this program I lost 6.5 pounds and several inches. The 21 Day Fix is a HUGE help with getting not only nutrition in check, but portion control too. I am excited to see what we will be accomplishing by the time summer arrives!!


“I felt like I was breathing like a freight train and everything hurt, [but] somehow it didn’t bother me. The joy of moving and getting started overwhelms the negativity.”
– Lauren Fleshman

INKnBURN Ambassador Applications Now Open!

Soon it will time for me to step aside and join my fellow long standing ambassadors into the INB Alumni to make room for brand new ambassadors!
I love the brand, the designs, the method of the design process, the artists, the owners, and all my fellow ambassadors. We truly are family who gives encouragement and motivation. Somehow through being an ambassador I began to find my voice and come out of my shell. It allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and to be proud of my personal accomplishments while being an inspiration to others.
I’m honored to be joining the INKnBURN Alumni this July and to be able to continue to be part of such an amazing company as they move forward and bring in new ambassadors allowing them to have their voice and inspire others
Taking Ambassador Applications from now till June1st!