One Month!

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What a difference a month can make! Just ONE month! Both of these photo’s were taken at different times of the morning a month a part. So no makeup, no filter, not even a hair brush in site. As far as I’m concerned this is striped down simple facts. And I’m so proud of myself. THIS is what a little bit of determination, showing up every day for yourself and a fab support team can help you accomplish! I am so ready for more Shaun Week on rotation, more wholesome good nutrition, Shift Shop’s release, more positive vibes from the #SYSOFshift team and yes, another Diet Bet! Or Step Bet. I may even start one of my own! I just want to show the world what doing these workouts, Shakeology and good nutrition can really help you accomplish! In ONE month!!! 

ps….the lower loss in my waist in hips is that problem area I have written about before. This means I need to lower my carbs and tweak my macro percentages. People who carry weight in their midsection tend to have issues with metabolizing and burning off calories from carbs. So time to tweak my nutrition. And that’s what this is all about. Making adjustments for a lifestyle change. Not a DIEt!

Get in on the this!

Give Yourself Permission


Monday Vibes


Just Another Manic Monday

So my day was all off my routine 🙃 with my hubby’s hours being switched around and him being home all day. And the me of the past may have just sloughed off my workout and enjoyed the day with my hubby and moved on….
But instead, I rescheduled my 🔆 day and made it work 👍🏽. Yeah, I’m behind on emails and messages, but I didn’t cancel my routine and just opt out….. (playing catch up tomorrow)!
Conquer your mind…Most of getting a firm foundation with fitness and nutrition is mental. If you can conquer your mind, you can handle most any challenge you face! I’ve spent much of my life being at odds with myself 😣🥊Kicking myself around and being my OWN worst enemy. I’m focusing really hard on making those days a thing of the past.
And lately, I kinda feel like a bad ass🔥😘 Positive vibes, spreading good karma, allowing myself to be fully who I am and who I’m becoming
Today, I went all in with doubles. Team #SYSOf is starting Shaun week over again (on repeat till #shiftshop drops). So I did Insane Basics and improved my form😘💦 AND I did Joel Freeman’s Exclusive #BOD workout too. PLUS I did some strength training 😅💦🔥🔥🔥 I’ve definitely been upping my fitness game lately. I’m just so inspired and motivated by my mentor, the challengers and all the support I’m getting. I’ve got my groove back and it feels pretty darn awesome.
Need to up your fitness game too or just need to get started? I’m always here to help and share the tools that have been working for me & my tribe 💞🙌🏽
💙 Susan

What’s Up?

💙How’s the weekend goin’ everybody?

Keith and I just finished Speed 3.0 T25!!! Crazy fun sweaty messy hair (I don’t care) workout 😅‼️ And I wanted to take a minute and talk to the ladies…. Guys OUT!


👀Ok guys are gone right? 👀 Hope so cuz it’s confession time….

Do you know that I used to HATE selfies, still do. I told people they were dumb and pointless. I have very few photo’s of me that are over two years old. I still do small touch ups on my face (really, my wrinkles) when I don’t have make up on, which isjust about every selfie I take now a days. Like the one above 👆🏼 I touch that up because I would with makeup. But that being said, I don’t touch up weight, curves, that kind of thing. Never have, never will. Nooooo if I were so self conscious of my weight I just wouldn’t take the selfie. And that WAS me for a long long time. And it was dumb. It was even one of the reasons I quit being a coach before. I didn’t want people to see me.


I wanted to talk to just you girls tonight. I know guys are sensitive😘 too. But I know you ladies can maybe relate a little better to where I was when I started my weight loss journey.  Maybe you can relate too well even 😢

Have you ever…

  • been that girl who sat on her bed in the bedroom, staring into the closet and crying because nothing fit and yet needed to be ready by a certain time, that anxiety?
  • started a fitness plan, got tired or sore and just kinda quit?
  • or messed up a day or two and figured “I failed”, may as well just not do it?
  • felt uncomfortable in your own skin?
  • been that girl who avoided family photo’s?
  • posted photo’s of a family/friend get together and omitted the ones of yourself?
  • avoided looking in the mirror a little too long?
  • not bothered getting a hairstyle or mani/pedi because, why bother? Or worse, I don’t deserve it?


Me too 😢

112a.jpgI have been the girl who went to bed saying “I’ll start fresh tomorrow”, then something happens and I found myself eating half a box of donuts and that tomorrow came and went. I was over weight, smoked, had dark circles under my eyes, horrid skin, and was very very unhappy.

And I’m not gonna sugar coat it. It’s NOT all nutrition and exercise. That would be too easy. Seriously, that’s the easy part! You gotta get out of your own way. You have to push away the voices that are telling you things like; you can’t change, you’ll always be fat, or you’ll always be ugly.  And they’re right. If you keep listening to your own negative back talk and treating yourself like your less than human, YOU won’t change. The change has to begin with you getting out of your own self defeating self dehumanizing ways.

I decided to try something new. I got out of my own way. I realized I didn’t want to spend my whole life hating who I was. Because it had nothing to do with how overweight or skinny I was, or how pretty I was or wasn’t. You know all that kindness, time, patience and love you give everyone else in your life? It’s time to give the same to you yourself.  Start talking to yourself like you talk to those you cherish. Start treating yourself like you do the people you hold near and dear 💞

So how did and do I combat all of it?

    • Self Esteem
    • Weight Loss
    • Nutrition?

I now surround myself with people who give positive vibes, and support me in my journey. They motivate me when I need a kick in the booty. I am continuously trying to better myself by feeding my mind body and soul with personal development, good nutrition and meal planning, and daily fitness that not only makes me stronger and healthier; it puts me in a good mood and gives me the confidence in myself to reach further every day to be the best me I can be. AND, I step away from anyone and and anything that doesn’t support me and my goals.

I’m learning to love myself…flaws, imperfections, every wrinkle, every inch of me, where I am right now this day in my journey. It’s still hard for me. And that’s why I wanted to take a minute and reach out to anyone who is where I was, even where I still am.
Despite how much I have love and respect for myself now,  the two last photo’s I shared bring out so many insecurities. Despite all the amazing changes I see in my body, I remember how I felt, inside and out. And YOU, reading this (yeah even if you’re a guy. I know the guys didn’t realllly leave.), deserve to self respect and to love yourself too!! You deserve happiness and comfort in your own skin. And you deserve to be surrounded by supportive people.

I hope that it can inspire even just one person to make positive changes in their life. To help even one person accept themselves and get on the path to living a healthy self confident life.

If you want to talk about your health, weight loss, fitness goals or need some guidance on personal development, or challenge groups we run, just email me and we can set up a time for some girltalklogo.png




I was finally able to get back out on the pavement again yesterday! And it felt awesome, but sooooooo hot and humid 🔥🌞😅💦 I thought I was gonna melt! It was good to get back out there. I only did two miles, but they were good miles. The first mile was my 🌟fastest🌟 mile yet since being back out there training. I guess the rest and the refresh did some good for my time! Mile two….🔥😓🔥 was so hot my legs were even sweating. I felt zapped on energy (3 days under 1000 calories), so I took it slow and just enjoyed the sunshine and the scenery. It was a beautiful day despite the heat! 

It was only about 88°, but felt about 188°

When I got back I pushed out my workout 💻. I’m following a BOD fitness calendar that Shaun T put out to do after Shaun week. Yesterday was Pure Cardio 2 from his Insanity program. I haven’t done Insanity yet. Hubby and I plan too later this year, likely after 3 awesome rounds of Shift Shop, so I was super scared 😖 lol!! 

Pure Cardio is indeed a KILLLER! You do a “warm-up”, stretch and then about 18 minutes of intense cardio. Shaun T doesn’t do a break 💦 but he does say if you need to rest, DO IT! When you do any exercise, NEVER compromise form. If your tired, sore, etc…. hit pause before you start compromising form.

💡Tip: You have to push yourself, but not to the point your doing the workout wrong or off, because then you won’t be working the muscle group the right way. Better to do three reps or three minutes only than to do thirty incorrectly!

But that’s the best thing about Shaun T’s programs, you can keep challenging yourself! 

You see no photo’s from that workout lol, that’s because; one I was rushing around really trying to get a lot done in a short time yesterday, and two I was a sweaty hot mess and just did not want THAT ⚠️😱💦 photo to be out there on the internet for all time lol!  



Today, I’m excited, it’s Insane Weights 🏋️🏼 day! I LOVE strength training!! It leans me out super quick when I add that to other cardio I do. On a side note, I lose weight from the top of my head down🔻 and from my feet up🔺, leaving the middle 🔵, well you know what I mean. Anyone else lose like that? I still have a long way to get where I’m going, but I’m in the right direction and on the right path so I know I’ll get there! 

If you’re on a weight loss journey, never ever feel you are in a race, or have to lose super quick, or by ❌ time. Your focus needs to be on permanent solutions, on lifestyle changes that are livable and lovable 💗 Or they won’t be lasting changes. So that’s what you need to strive for. More than pounds lost, strive for a healthy life. The pounds will shed away, the inches will melt off, as long as you keep your focus on making 🌱healthy choices for living day to day life. That’s why I don’t believe in DIEts. DIEts traditionally have an end point. There is NO end point. ☠️ Death is an end point, And you want LIFE, a happy, healthy, LONG, thriving life. Don’t short change yourself out of that ✌️🏼💛🌹☀️



Be fully alive…