moon phases & crystal intention setting 


Setting Intentions

Setting intentions with your crystals can help you manifest many things in your life; from attracting prosperity and good luck, or a basic realising during the waning gibbous phase, can help clear a troubled mind or to rid an area, person or yourself of negative energy.  Once you’ve programmed a stone, it will continue to emit the energy you charge it with, until it is cleared once again.

When preparing for setting intentions, you’ll want to take some time and think about what your intention is for your crystal or crystals, particularly for the specific moon phase and crystal you are using. What are you trying to accomplish? What is the desired outcome? Ensure your stone has been cleansed and ready for its  task,  cleanse the area you will be working in too.

When you are ready to begin setting your intentions, be sure you are free from distractions. To start, write your intention down. Take the crystal in your hands, visualize what you hope to manifest and speak it aloud to the universe. Feel the emotions you will feel when your desired outcome is reached, and visualize it.

The moon profoundly influences all aspects of our lives. Because of this, it is important to choose the appropriate time for setting intentions in your crystals. Different phases of the moon are used for different intentions.

Dark/New Moon: Moon of Beginnings

Good stone to work with during a Dark Moon: Labradorite or Aquamarine

Waxing Crescent: Moon of Rebirth

Good stone to work with during a Waxing Crescent Moon: Rose Quartz

First Quarter: Moon of Caution

Good stone to work with during a First Quarter Moon: Carnelian

Waxing Gibbous: Moon of Endings

Good stone to work with during a Waxing Gibbous Moon: Tigers Eye

Full Moon: Moon of Celebration

The effects of the full moon lasts for three days – the day before, the day of, and the day after the calendar date of the full moon.

Good stone to work with during a Full Moon: Smoky Quartz

Waning Gibbous: Moon of Retribution

After the 3rd night of the full moon, we enter the moon’s waning period, which lasts for about 14 days. This phaseis a good time for creative release

Good stone to work with during a Waning Gibbous Moon: Black Moonstone

Last Quarter: Moon of Transition

Good stone to work with during a Last Quarter Moon: Obsidian or Clear Quartz

Waning Crescent: Moon of Cleansing

Good stone to work with during a Waning Crescent Moon: Black Tourmaline or Bloodstone

The Other Special Moons

Blue Moon

A Blue Moon occurs when the full moon appears twice within the same calendar month. Many consider the Blue Moon to be a goal moon where you set specific goals for yourself.

Good stone to work with during a Blue Moon: Celestite or Blue Quartz

Black Moon/Super Moon

A Black Moon occurs when there are two dark cycles of the moon in any given calendar month. Many consider the second dark moon especially powerful, with the specific intentions mentioned above.

Good stone to work with during a Blue Moon: Sugalite

june and the new moon in gemini!



New Moon at 12 Gemini
Monday, June 3, 2019
3:01 am PDT / 6:01 am EDT

This new moon is a time for powerful breakthroughs. These breakthroughs may occur through communication since this a huge time for communication. This is the perfect time to make connections with people, especially people you may not talk to often. Set your intentions! During a new moon we may not be able to see our path towards our intentions clearly, yet so this is a time to trust the process of intention setting. 

This is a new moon of big dreams, big goal setting. But keep in mind when we envision big dreams we sometimes have to trim back the layers and that big dream may change and evolve as it comes into fruition. This new moon has us looking for tangible manifestations of our goals and we can be stubborn and abandon them if we aren’t seeing the proof. Don’t let that happen. Although we may ache to see the finish line there’s still work to be done to get where you need to be. Discernment is the key to this. Are you wanting to see things right now because it’s time, or just because you believe it should be time? Don’t allow impatience and pride to interfere. 

This is a big time for communication. Reach out to people, especially those you may have lost contact with but who you keeps talking about getting in touch with. Also look into that mirror and reflect on how you’ve been talking to yourself, or neglecting yourself. It’s time to reach out and speak kindly to yourself too. 

Be on the lookout for signs and messages that can come through walking in nature, conversations about mathematics/money, your intuitive gut feelings, and conversations you have with people, especially spiritual and metaphysical conversations. The exchange of information can lead you to new horizons. Ideas and plans can spark from these exchanges. Mercury ruler of Gemini is charging information and communication so solutions can be found more easily and seeing possibilities becomes more apparent to you. 

During this new moon we find ourselves seeking that which is deeper. Deeper relationships, deeper communication, deeper purpose. This is helping guide you towards your potential and your goals. You can get frustrated easily because of stubbornness and being stuck on a thought or desired outcome. Let it rest, let it be. You need to focus more on letting that stress dissolve. It’s a great time for meditation and freedom of flowing thought. That is where answers and solutions will be found. They won’t be found when you get stuck in your own head. That way will only cause headache and delay. 

On this new moon ask yourself “are my actions aligned with what I say I most desire? Am I living my truth? Am I living my towards my desired goal?


Sage Goddess New Moon Event – Foxy New Moon for Cleverness and Adaptability




Programming is putting intention into a crystal’s energy for the purpose you are using it for.

  1. Make yourself comfortable somewhere where you won’t be interrupted.
  2. Place your crystal in your left (receiving) hand and cover it with your right (giving) hand then, close your eyes. Picture_20190515_135822414.jpg
  3. Visualize universal white light energy coming down into your crown chakra (top of your head).
  4. See and feel the energy move through your third eye (between your eyebrows), down through to your throat chakra (back of your neck) and extending across through each of your shoulders, down your arms and out of your hands and into the stones.
  5. Visualize the stones glowing with that white light and visualize your intention. This can be visualizing the word(s), or the desired outcome.
  6. See the light surround your crystal(s) and soak them with the energy of your intention(s). Hold this image until the light begins to receded or fade to a soft flickering glow.
  7. Open your eyes and know your intention has been set.




This will charge and program your crystals for your intention or desired work. You can place your stone(s) into a pouch and carry it with you, get a macrame or metal cage type necklace holder to wear it, or you can just have the stones nearby you while working on your set goal.





For longer range intentions, keeping your crystal(s) close (wearing them/carrying them with you) will help to remind you of your goal/intention as you work towards the desired outcome. This will help you maintain your focus.

New Moon Manifestation Meditation & Drum Circle


Today was a little different, never been to a drum circle before. The hubby and I went to a 2 hour New Moon Manifestation Meditation & Drum Circle. We talked about the new moon and what we want to manifest in this next month, meditated on positive changes and positive affirmations and then had a super fun, energy filled drum circle as we sat around a virtual stone fire. It was a lot of fun and very insightful. It was our first ever drum circle. And based on today, we will do it again, soon!



New Moon in Aries

Lesson To Focus On: To pursue independence and freedom




Meditation Intention Setting Ideas For This Moon!

  • Set intentions for personal achievement and growth
  • Make a commitment to something that is meaningful to you
  • Set intentions towards physical fitness and health
  • This is a time to face fears and overcome challenges you may have been facing
  • New beginnings
  • Take time to contemplate in meditation, your life direction, and act on it




Mini Intention Setting Meditation That Can Be Done Anywhere And Anytime

To begin settle into a comfortable posture. …..Allowing your eyes to lightly close and your mind to become still. Then when ready…

Taking three deep, slow, mindful breaths to settle in.


  • 1) What intention do you want to set today? It can be a goal, a focus point, a commitment to yourself (see ideas above). State your intention either softly to yourself, or aloud. 

Take three deep, slow, mindful breaths focusing on your intention.

  • 2) What step(s) will you take to begin manifesting your intention? 

Take three deep, slow, mindful breaths envisioning yourself taking the action to manifest your intention. 


Taking three deep, slow, mindful breaths once again, fill your heart and mind with the knowing that all you need to manifest your intention will reveal itself to you. Then, three more deep, slow, mindful breaths  before gently opening your eyes.