Holiday Intentions


I figured out that the magic is all in my mindset. With everything really, but here I’m talking the holiday season. I used to take the holiday season sooooo seriously. We celebrate Christmas and Yule in our home.  Everything had to be perfection. We went into debt buying gifts (which made the new year super stressful). When company came over I would stress myself out and be exhausted trying to make everything perfect, to the point I forgot to enjoy the moments with the company that came to see us. So this year I am setting some Holiday intentions to keep myself present and maybe, just maybe I will be less stressed and enjoy the season I love so much, even more!

Slow down and savor the moments.

Take time for self care.

Give back.

Have gratitude even in small things.

Take time to log off

Take time and reflect on the past year and what I want different in the new year.

Create a new year bullet list of intentions, visions and goals.

Have a weekly date night with my hubby.

Create a new holiday tradition with my hubby. In Iceland they exchange books in the days before Christmas and spend Christmas Eve reading them and eating chocolate.

Set an example to others.

Make Amends. Apologize. And Forgive.

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Programming is putting intention into a crystal’s energy for the purpose you are using it for.

  1. Make yourself comfortable somewhere where you won’t be interrupted.
  2. Place your crystal in your left (receiving) hand and cover it with your right (giving) hand then, close your eyes. Picture_20190515_135822414.jpg
  3. Visualize universal white light energy coming down into your crown chakra (top of your head).
  4. See and feel the energy move through your third eye (between your eyebrows), down through to your throat chakra (back of your neck) and extending across through each of your shoulders, down your arms and out of your hands and into the stones.
  5. Visualize the stones glowing with that white light and visualize your intention. This can be visualizing the word(s), or the desired outcome.
  6. See the light surround your crystal(s) and soak them with the energy of your intention(s). Hold this image until the light begins to receded or fade to a soft flickering glow.
  7. Open your eyes and know your intention has been set.




This will charge and program your crystals for your intention or desired work. You can place your stone(s) into a pouch and carry it with you, get a macrame or metal cage type necklace holder to wear it, or you can just have the stones nearby you while working on your set goal.





For longer range intentions, keeping your crystal(s) close (wearing them/carrying them with you) will help to remind you of your goal/intention as you work towards the desired outcome. This will help you maintain your focus.

New Moon Manifestation Meditation & Drum Circle


Today was a little different, never been to a drum circle before. The hubby and I went to a 2 hour New Moon Manifestation Meditation & Drum Circle. We talked about the new moon and what we want to manifest in this next month, meditated on positive changes and positive affirmations and then had a super fun, energy filled drum circle as we sat around a virtual stone fire. It was a lot of fun and very insightful. It was our first ever drum circle. And based on today, we will do it again, soon!