Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Review & Photo Journal


We had an hour and a half drive to get to Medieval Times and back,  and the show was about 2ish hours. But it was so worth it! We had fun, got to know new friends, ate good food, laughed and cheered the day away!




Keith has been to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament before, this was my first time. We already have plans to go back again for my birthday in August and his in October. This was so much fun!! It was nice to hang out with new friends in such an upbeat atmosphere. The food was delicious. They have a vegetarian option that was DELICIOUS 😊 The entire staff was friendly and laid back. Souvenir cups were pricey. You could get your photo taken with the royalty of the court and that was verrrrry reasonably priced. Parking is free and lines to the ladies room moved along quickly. Our waiter was attentive and he was a lot of fun too. And the wait staff is also running around like crazy because they have bit roles in the show in between waiting on tables.

Vegetarian Meal Option; Bean, Rice & Tomato Stew w/warm pita, hummus, celery, carrots & fresh fruit for desert 😋⚜

Aaaaaaaand at the end of the evening I went off from the group for a few minutes and look who I ran into…our very own, and very charming Yellow Knight! He was our Champion in the tournament. Unfortunately, he lost his match (and it turns out he was a scoundrel 😲

Ps… See that big blinding white light? Well it’s a police officer and he saw the knight and I approaching to talk and he PHOTO BOMBED us! Well I have no clue how to photoshop him out, my skills are nowhere near that good, so this had to do 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 He’s a handsome scoundrel, isn’t he?



Medieval Times