“Half of U.S. adults to be obese by 2030 with one in four severely obese”.


This scares me. It scares me for family and friends, Moms and Dads and all those who love someone who may be in these statistics.
I promised my husband I would take good care of myself, not only for myself, but for him and other loved ones. I don’t want the odds stacked against me. I have to take all the preventative steps I can to ensure I live as healthy a life as possible for my future and for my loved ones 
Who would want to dive in head first with me on a nutrition and balanced eating challenge?? I’d be with you the entire way as your guide and support system. You would learn how the foods you eat or don’t eat make your body feel. How certain foods may trigger your weight gain. How certain foods can mess with your digestive system and even your skin. I am so excited and super ready to do it for myself a second time around and would love a few people to join. Let me know.
And while your thinking about it, read up on the alarming trend our country is facing.
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