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Passion for Envisioning

Rational/Cerebral/Emotional/Limbic Brain

Imagine, Recognize, Achieve, Attain


You like to use your right rational brain more than the other three quadrants. This means that your passion is to envision your self, your life and everything in it in a new a exciting fashion. For you, seeing the future and where you are heading gets you, and everyone else around you, gets you fired up and excited about possibilities. Curious, inventive and imaginative, all you need to do is get the picture of something you can achieve or create and you are raring to go. With your sights on the future, you get excited when you are ahead of everyone else and you will work hard to make sure you stay in front. It’s easy for you to see who you want to be or what you want to do. Your ambition, combined with a strong work ethic, makes sure that you make your vision come to life.

When you don’t direct your passion, you can appear arrogant to others who don’t “see what you see,” or they may even consider you a bit flaky. It’s not uncommon for people with your passion to take center stage and wow others with your big ideas and latest schemes. To others, your passion can be frightening, as most people prefer to hold on to what they have instead of dreaming the big dreams that come so naturally to you. Because you like to win or be the “best of the best”, you can easily attract the envy of others and will be surprised when people undermine or try to dismiss your passion. You have a tendency to disconnect from your passion or downplay it to avoid unpleasant reactions from others when they devalue, dismiss or ridicule your dreams.

Use Your Passion at Work
Whatever place you start, you have the destination in mind. This means that in order for you to use your passion at work, you need to be able to “see” where you are going. You do well in your own business as an entrepreneur: where you can have a vision for what you want to create and then set about to achieve it. A career where you make plans, predictions or systems is energizing for you. Goal-driven jobs like sales, consulting, or marketing, where you set targets and win, will ignite your passion. Work where you may have the opportunity to make cutting-edge discoveries in your field, or produce innovative products or solutions, also fuels your passion.

Use Your Passion in Leisure
As a Seer, you are always on the lookout for new things to ignite your passion. You can get fired up about a lot of things and you do best to have a number of projects on the go that you can rotate such as reorganizing your home (and having someone else do the work), gardening, a jigsaw puzzle, knitting or beading. You get a picture of what the end product looks like and will get started with zest. Don’t beat yourself up for not finishing things because the passion for you comes with seeing what something will be and trying to make it. If you can’t get there fast enough, you will start something different. Taking courses on psychology, astrology or other subjects that fuel your passion for seeing why people do what they do are also compelling.

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