❣️10 Years❣️

We just wound down from the weekend events and today is our wedding anniversary❣️

❤️️🎊💕️🎉💞🍾💃🏽🕺🏽🙌🏽❤️ And it’s a big one! 10 years!!!  And how are we celebrating? We’re going to see the new 🕷️ Spiderman at Cinema Cafe! It’s a dinner theater. Nothing fancy, just a chill evening.


But we’re also leaving soon for our vacation to the Jersey Shore ☀️🌊⛱ soon! And I’m certain we’ll plan out a fund night or two out while we’re there! We’re a pretty laid back couple though. Our wedding was at a justice of the peace and we just did a long weekend honeymoon to St. Augustine Fl.

We keep saying we’re gonna do something BIG someday to make up for it, but life gets in the way or we lose track of planning time. At this point I think instead of doing a renewal of vows we’re just gonna plan a real honeymoon✈ We’ve talked Italy, Hawaii and Ireland as possible destinations. With Italy and Hawaii we are even talking moving there for a while maybe someday!

But for now I sign off to go get pretty for a movie 🎞 date with my honey 💏

ps…look at my belly! I’ve lost so much weight since then!!

Gifts of Autumn + a recipe


He really is the better half 💗 My super amazing hubby likes to surprise me with gifts. Which he knows I love because they are unplanned, spur of the moment and not given at the traditional birthday, Christmas, Yule, etc…. We exchange gifts for those too, but he likes me to feel pampered and will get me things I would never spend the money on because “they aren’t practical”. And he wants more for me.

So after opening my super awesome presents I decided a great accompaniment  to the fruit would be a nice hot cup of semi-homemade cider. The apples are wrapped in chocolate and caramel so the sound of cider along with the fruit sounded so good! So I made some cider!




Throw It Together Quick Cider

4-5 cups apple juice

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

a couple drops of artificial caramel, or rum flavoring, to taste (optional)

garnish with a cinnamon stick or apple slice (if you have it and want to make it pretty)


Heat the apple juice and spices in a small pot, stir over medium heat, reducing heat as it starts to get hotter. Keep stirring so the spices fully dissolve or you will have clumps in your cider. Last, before removing from heat add in the artificial  flavoring if adding it, stir for a moment or two. Serve hot and enjoy a cozy cup of autumnautumn_leaves_png3582



Tinka Belle


She was caught being a “normal” kitty. When we adopted her she was super feral. She was a biter and she scratched and she was even more dangerous because she can move her body like a ferret. She hated being touched and ran if you came in the room. But she never would have survived a shelter even though we weren’t really looking for another cat at the time, we knew she had to stay with us.

She’s changed dramatically with patience and respect for her fears. We’ve shown her we won’t fear her, but we will love her. Over time she’s learned how to live with us humans and the other cat of the house, Loki. Our  move we just did last October was hard for her. She really doesn’t like being picked up and the apartment was nearly empty, she was already skittish and frantic. She ran and ran and ran from us. And when we finally caught her, she was exhausted and had a white flag out saying I give up. But even though the move was painstakingly difficult, it seems to have taught her that even when she is at her lowest, when she is all run out and tired of fighting, we didn’t hurt her. We kept her safe and gave her space after that to adjust to the new surroundings. It was her biggest change for the better as a secure and non feral cat. She trusts us now. And now she doesn’t just act like she lives with us, she acts like she is home and likes it.

Now she comes for nose boops, cuddles and occasionally she just totally lets her guard down and does things like this in the picture. She’s no longer a biter and only would scratch to defend herself now, like any other animal would. Humans are pretty cool now to her. And considering she even questioned the food we would set down for her when she first came to live with us, I’d say we get along just fine now.