75 Min Power Yoga


An athletic yoga-based workout aimed to increase strength, flexibility and stamina! This full length total body workout focuses on combining dynamic breath with a series of strong, flowing and static movements. All levels are welcome, lookout for modification demonstrations throughout the video. Set to an eclectic mix of music and designed for you to access conveniently anywhere.

Few of the many benefits:
– Perfect compliment to weight training
– A great way to improve concentration and focus
– Guaranteed sweat to purify skin of toxins
– Increase in daily performance – Stress management

Requirements & Restrictions
– All-levels, modifications are available
– Not suggested for those with chronic ailments





For more info on Mark and checkout his other power yoga videos, go to: http://www.mightycollective.com


“Running water never goes stale,                                                so you just have to ‘keep on flowing’…”