Best Playlist For Running 2016



Pretty awesome playlist by Bearbody Living

Best Playlist For Running 2016



“I say : “All the perfect and broken Hallelujahs have an equal value .” It’s, as I say, a desire to affirm my faith in life, not in some formal religious way but with enthusiasm, with emotion.” ~ Leonard Cohen 


Leonard Cohen

Sunshine Yoga & Meditation

Today I embraced the sunshine. After the horrible storms that passed through and 14666134_10211002834926658_1325396280491959193_nknowing that autumn is quickly settling in I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the sunshine in the warmth of lingering summer temperatures.

I’m normally not a morning person at all. I am a bit of an insomniac and have always been a bit of a vampire loving the night and the moonlight. But this morning I was up at sunrise so I started the day with My coffee and watching the sunrise.  I wanted to linger longer in the morning light as I sipped my coffee watching the rays become warm and bright. I decided after a light breakfast to do a sun meditation and follow it up with some much needed stretching and yoga to lengthen and relax my body. I’m thankful I had the time to sit and just be one with the morning light and the beauty of the sunshine. I played with the light in my photo’s because I’ve always been a lover of shadow and light in photography. Usually in black and white, loving the sharp contrast. The black and white would not have done justice to this awesomely cool shirt I wore (INKnBURN, of course – this time a club offering) 😊 And besides the yellow and the outline of the image reminded me once again, of the sun! I am adding a little info below in case you’re intrigued by sun gazing or have an interest in meditation. Plus some little extra sunshine info.

I highly recommend starting a day or two, or even three with the sunrise and stillness. Just drink it in and feel peace. You can hold a yoga pose, sip some coffee or just grab a blanket or chair and just enjoy the beauty of it all.peace-sign




Sunrise meditation
You might like to try this simple exercise when you have a moment to just close your eyes, even for just one minute. Ideally you can practice it for real outside in nature at sunrise, but you can do it by just closing your eyes and using your imagination, perhaps in the morning before you start the day, or at any moment that it feels right to allow more light in to your being.

  • Imagine yourself sitting, standing or lying outside, perhaps in nature where you feel safe and comfortable. It is early morning before sunrise. You are turned to face East, with a clear view in front of you of the horizon. Maybe it’s a lake and mountain tops, trees and grassy fields, the open sea, the desert or the rooftops of the city.
  • You settle in your body and get still. Tune-in to your body sensations as you relax more and more. Feel yourself letting go of all holding and tension. Notice the free-flowing rhythm of your breath.
  • Gradually the sun starts to rise over the horizon. Imagine the light starting to flood over the landscape. The sky, your body and all that is around you is gradually being lit up. Imagine the colours emerging. Nothing can stop it or slow it down – that light is coming no matter what. It is like a warm glow. Relax as you feel the warmth touch different parts of your body and notice the changing light and colours in your eyes.
  • Feel the light of the sun filling you up, healing, awakening and re-energising every cell in your body. Fully surrender your mind and body to this flood of light and feel your own light starting to react and radiate outward in reflection. How does it feel?
  • As you let go completely, acknowledge that you do not have to do or be or achieve anything more to receive this light or to be a source of radiant light. This is what you already are.
  • When you feel complete, give gratitude to this amazing sun, source of life and light.  As you move out of this practice into the rest of your day, let the light glow out through you all of your being, through your eyes, your smile, your heart and your whole body, so that simply being in your presence can light up all those around you.

Source: Georgina Peard













My 50 Things

So here’s my list of 50 things that I want to do (and will do) with my life in the next 20 years.

1) A Half Marathon

2) Open a business

3) Adopt another dog, or two

4) Have a formal wedding

5) Live in Hawaii

6) Live in Washington State

7) Learn to play violin

8) Go parasailing

9) Learn to rock climb

10) Take up photography

11) Learn to rappell

12) Travel to Europe

13) Learn to swim

14) Adopt a hedgehog

15) Do New Years Eve at Times Square

16) Move to Eaurope

17) Start a second business

18) Learn to DJ

19) Become a better dancer

20) Buy a camper van to travel to festivals in

21) Go away to a yoga retreat

22) Finish losing the weight

23) Maintain that weight loss

24) Invest money

25) Buy a small boat

26) Host a masquerade ball

27) Hike the appalacian trail (or part of)

28) Finally go to DC

29) Go back to school

30) Read at least 500 new books

31) Learn to design jewelry (better)

32) Help someone change their life

33) Become a nutritionist

34) Go deep sea diving

35) Do mornings better

36) Open a club/coffee shop

37) Attend a Sia concert

38) See Boy George DJ again

39) Buy an old house

40) Become a better student of Buddhism

41) Go skiing

42) Become a better Yogi

43) Be able to donate to charities on a regular basis

44) Become a pastry chef

45) More concerts

46) Take a train across the US (did it once want to do it again) write about it

47) Become a better blogger

48) Travel more

49) Attend Coachella

50) Buy land