The Fourth Of July

❤️💙 Celebrating The Fourth Of July ❤️💙
🛑Please, I can’t stress this enough. I’ve read too many posts about missing pets, injured pets, and worse 😢 from past 4th of July’s. ❣️ Take them out to do their 💩 business BEFORE typical firework times and then keep them safe indoors 😽🐶
Even cats may not be safe.
😠😱😭This is sadly also a time when cruel people do some really bad stuff to animals with fireworks. So don’t presume your pet is safe and the exception.
And PLEASE, be aware of the problems many combat vets suffer with. PTSD is real and horrifying for them.
💙 Go see a local fireworks show instead of shooting them off in your yard. It’s usually the fireworks going off in your neighborhood that cause the all the fear, danger and damages.
❤️💙 Have a happy,safe,conscientious 4th Of July ❤️💙