being healthy AND productive

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Schedule Your Day

When I first started working from home I was so scattered I really didn’t have a plan and things just never got done, it was like a loop of best laid plans. And I’d find I would be trying to squeeze in workouts and outdoor activities and I still wan’t getting anything accomplished.

Then I found myself never having an off time or an off day. I would get up and work through the day into too late a dinner and then back at it. One of the biggest mental and physical shifts I needed to make in working from home was to make sure to make time for everything else. AND to  schedule what I needed to accomplish for the day in my work life and off time. There needed to be a healthy balance.

I love what I do now and it’s so easy to get involved all day and evening talking with people and immersing myself in my work day but I also love my workouts, my off time with my hubby and friends and getting outside a whole lot!

It’s critical to create structure to my day; even a loose outline can help with staying on track and prioritize work. First and foremost, I’m learning to set clear start and finish times for the workday.I’m still working a few times in the day and evening but I’m learning that even when I divide my time doing some day hours and some evening time, I need a clear defined, shut it down time. Working from home may have different and assorted hours than a normal 9 to 5, but it still needs to have its own set but flexible schedule or your lose sight of the rest of your life.

So make sure you set a time for eating, breaks, phone calls, etc… Set blocks of time to accomplish tasks.

I get sluggish in the afternoon, always have no matter how I adjust my nutrition. So afternoon I need to be up and moving.  So not a good time to be sitting working. So afternoons I do very little pc/phone time. Schedule your day according to your own ebb and flow of energy. After all you’re the boss and can tweak it how you want it!

And at the end of your workday, shut down your pc, laptop, tablet, whatever you use. Even if you plan to go back to it for off hours fun. Shut it down for a bit, phone too. This will help your head know that the work day or time is done and your brain and body can relax and go into a more casual mode.



Prep meals and snacks (for the week/the day)

I prep hubby and I’s meals for the week. I do meal plans and do as much make ahead prep as I can. This helps us both stay on track nutritionally and lets our focus be on spending time together during off hours while still eating healthy and not running out to get fast food. Something we did a lot before I started meal planning.

Working at home I still want to eat right and prepping my meals makes eating a nutritious lunch and snack easy. If your blood sugar gets low through the day, concentration will dwindle and you’ll be less productive. Keep away from sugary drinks, bread products and baked goods. Refined carbs and sugar will for sure give you a quick boost, but after the insulin spike hits, it’s gonna drop quick and you will feel more sluggish than you did before. Things like fruits, nuts (good healthy fats), veggies and a bit of protein will help keep you alter and productive steadily through the day. And don’t forget to start the day with a healthy breakfast of protein and healthy fats, and even some fruit or veggies. You can add a carb, but make sure it’s a healthy one like; sweet potato, yams, beans or lentils. The healthy carbs in the morning will help you get started for the day and the healthy fats in the afternoon like nuts, hummus, and avocado are great for brain function!



Schedule daily workouts into your calendar/to do list

Schedule your fitness just like you schedule your work day, birthdays, anniversaries and vacations. Daily workouts should be a part of living every single day. 




Enjoy a break or even two, but…

Working from home gives me the luxury of taking breaks when I want, however long I want. And breaks are necessary for your brain. It’s a moment for your head to stop working and take a breather. Breaks allow you to come back mentally rested and ready to tackle the tasks at hand. But I’m still at work so just like at a normal 9-5 I make sure to take a break, but because I can also schedule my day around when I’m most energized I tend to just work in smaller blocks of time through the day and my breaks are productive, like working out, meal prepping, etc…



Sit down to eat outside your work area

So many who work from home eat lunch right there at the pc. This can lead to mindless eating. Schedule the time to step away from your work area, or work area of the day and sit with your lunch and mindfully eat, don’t rush it. Enjoy your lunch and the mental break from your workload.



Step away

You know step counters were created for a reason. Those with desk jobs were not walking around enough. They were sitting at their desks all day long then heading home to sit down to dinner, sit down to do homework with the kids and to finally sit down in the tub or with your spouse to relax for the day.

I make it a point to #takeitoutside. Breaks, workouts and even just taking the laptop out on the balcony to do my work. Scenery and nature allows your mind to relax which will help creatively with your productivity.

Make a point to leave the house — without your car — at least once a day. Bike to meet a friend for lunch, take your dog or kids to hang out at the park, or replace a coffee break in your kitchen with a walk to the nearest coffee shop. A quick walk may even help boost your creativity. 



I know when I sit at my pc and get wrapped up in my work day I’ll bring an 8oz glass of water to the desk, drink it and there it sits never to be refilled. Some people are water drinkers by nature and they don’t need to remind themselves. I on the other hand forget to drink, anything through the day. My hubby can pour me a cup of coffee that I ask for and will sit and get cold. So for my work day and life, I decided to go big or go home with my water. Here’s my big 




Take mindfulness breaks

Look away from that pc once in a while. Even when your using a tablet, laptop or your phone you need moments to visually step away. This is as good for your eyes as for your brain. My pc is right in front of windows so I glance out at the trees once in a while. It’s a small mental shift that’s like a mini break. 


Follow these 6 essential guidelines to make the most of office feng shui from:
  • Clear clutter and organize.
  • Make sure your desk is in the proper place.
  • Use appropriate artwork and imagery.
  • Balance and harmonize the space.
  • Choose suitable feng shui office colors.
  • Incorporate stress relievers.


In conclusion…

I love working from home. I love being my own boss and having to motivate myself, having the flexibility of scheduling and being able to set my own pace of the day. I love having healthy living for myself and others being my focus of the day. And what goes along with that is making sure my work day is productive and healthy. I’ve had to learn how to organize my day and prioritize tasks. When you run your own biz it’s rewarding and fun, but it’s also disciplined and focused too. It matters so much more because mine, my business, my lifestyle. I design the life I want to live.