Cause and Effect

Veterans Get Peace Of Mind With Equine Therapy

David Sanitore is a relative on my hubby’s side of the family. Have yet to have a chance to meet him or this side of the family sadly, hopefully this year we can change that. This is pretty amazing. I have seen and heard of domestic animals used in therapy for vets, autistic, etc. Seeing horses helping to heal is so beautiful. And just more reason to give understanding and compassion to extend to our animal world. To learn more about eguine therapy follow the source: Cause and Effect


The Equus Effect also has programs designed to help people in recovery, women who are comming out of situations they need help transitioning out of and much more. Please stop by and check out the important work they’re doing!


The Equus Effect

The Equus Effect At Work

Run As One


We were so honored to be a part of today’s Run As One‬ event with Team RWB VA Beach‬, Mission Continues‬ and Team Rubicon, in honor of Marine veteran Clay Hunt, an original member of Team Rubicon who took his own life after battling PTS, survivors syndrome and depression.

We began the day with ‪#‎22Pushups‬ to honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment.

So many of our military and first responders go through this and sadly many go through it alone, some do not make it through. All three of these groups reach out to veterans in different ways. Today was a day to reach out and talk with others. You do not have to be alone. There are resources, there is community.