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Signs from Harley

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” And we believe that this picture could be worth not only thousands of words, but also the lives of thousands of dogs. If everyone who loved dogs knew the truth about puppy mills, we could make puppy mills a thing of the past. So with that in mind, we’ve launched our first major anti-puppy mill campaign, Signs from Harley.

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Dogs are NOT Products!

Sharing and important message!

Sometimes a shirt is more than just a shirt. It’s a conversation starter! A shirt can be a wearable conversation starter to make it easier to spread the message about puppy mills. It’s …

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100% of funds raised will go to Harley’s Puppy Mill Action & Awareness Project.

Chipper’s Books Are Making A Difference

CHIPPER’S FRIENDS: The Heartwarming Story Of An Imperfect Dog – is a hilarious autobiDOGraphy that proves you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. The highly requested sequel, CHIPPER UNLEASHED! My Life As A Therapy Dog Dropout – is about Chipper’s mission to change the world and prove that our failed dreams don’t make us failures.

Source: Chipper’s Books Are Making A Difference

Help Puppy Mill Dogs on Make A Difference Day…& Every Day

Today, October 22nd, is National Make A Difference Day. It is the biggest day of giving nationwide, and below are eight suggestions of how you can volunteer a little of your time to help make a dif…

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