Walking Workout


Warm-Up, Cool-Down
Speed (mph): 2.5
How it feels: Like window-shopping
Intensity level*: 3-4

Easy Walk
Speed (mph): 3.0
How it feels: Easy enough that you can sing
Intensity level: 4-5

Brisk Walk
Speed (mph): 3.5
How it feels: You can talk freely but no more singing.
Intensity level: 5-6

Strong Walk
Speed (mph): 4.0
How it feels: You’re slightly breathless.
Intensity level: 6-7

Power Walk
Speed (mph): 4.5
How it feels: You can talk in brief phrases—but you’d rather not.
Intensity level: 7-8

Speed Walk (or Jumping Jacks)
Speed (mph): 5.0
How it feels: No breath for chatting
Intensity level: 8-9

*Based on 1-10 scale, with 1 equivalent to sitting on the sofa and 10 equivalent to sprinting.

Mi Día de los Muertos (My Day of the Dead) + link to the cutest little gingerbread cookies!

Sugar Skull Tights & Calavera Tech Shirt By: INKnBURN

Prepared this morning much like I would for a race. I woke excited (despite a morning sinus headache) for getting back out there. And I think my first day back on the pavement,  on All Saints Day, or to some Día de los Muertos is appropriate. Because in remembering and celebrating our ancestors we can’t, but find reason to celebrate our own being. We owe it to them, who came before us to embrace life we still have and go out and meet it head on. Create goals and then strive to crush them just for the pure joy of being able to say, “I did it”.

I have to remind myself that I am also running for that little dog who could no longer run on her own because of blindness. Who went out in a stroller to train with me (yep I was a doggy stroller mama). She loved the sun shining down and the wind as we walked or ran. That was her joy and my goals all come together.

I can’t allow an injury that set me back or the rut I got into the last few months keep kicking me down. Today was a day custom made to let all that was keeping me away from the being out in this moment, to just let it all go and move.

And that is precisely what I’m doing! It won’t be pretty. It will be far from where I had been. But today I begin again to climb that mountain so I can meet the challenge of that half marathon I have my sights set on in March!!



Day Of The Dead Gingerbread Man

Isn’t this the cutest EVER???