My road to Reiki

Like many intuitives and empaths, I began exploring several different modalities when it comes to offering guidance and perspective on life and healing. I am presently,  a Usui, Holy Fire & Archangel Light;  Reiki practitioner (all level 1 presently). Also, as a lover of the energy of crystals I am working on certifications in crystal healing which will be utilized on it’s own and within my Reiki sessions.

I’ve always been considered insightful and wise and I guess that’s why I was put on this earth. To help people find their way. It’s always been a calling but I was never sure exatly how the vision would materialize. Long before Reiki training came into my life I knew I had the gift of a healing touch and used my gift to help family, friends and acquaintances. I was always urged to get into the medical field (ewwwww needles, open wounds and blood). But it just wasn’t for me. I considered becoming a social worker, psychologist or something of that nature but never really had money to invest in dreams that big. The thought of going back to school seemed overwhelming.

I ran into Reiki kind of without looking for it. I was seeking out spiritual fulfillment and getting more into meditation, yoga and sound baths on on a personal level was gaining inner peace and with that stillness of inner peace is where I discovered Reiki was the path I needed to follow. Subsequently that’s branching out into the vision board I never knew I needed or wanted.

I’m passionate about helping people heal and unlock their true potential; mind, body and soul. I’ve always been able to read the energy of people, the vibe they give off. And not just what’s on the surface, but I can intuitively see beneath the emotional layers. This is what an empath is. It’s taken me a long time to decide how best to utilize this gift of empathy. It’s not exactly a normal resume skill set. But Reiki and now, crystal healing called me to service.

I am clairsentient and empathic; meaning I not only have the ability to know what you are feeling, but I also feel what you feel as if it is happening to me. When doing a Reiki or Crystal healing session, I receive impressions and sensations via your energy and then I just amplify the energy and direct it so you can heal yourself. I utilize my best intuitive skills as a Reiki practitioner and soon will do the same with my crystal healing practice and BEYOND…


No service, or product offered by me is intended, in any way – explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference – to be a substitute or replacement for licensed medical care. In addition, the information and techniques on this site do not constitute medical advice. Reiki and Crystal healing modalities are to be used only in conjunction with prescribed treatment by a licensed M.D. if you are in need of medical care, not as a substitute for said medical care.