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Sometimes I need to get out of my own headspace

I am by nature a giver and a nurturer but when going through times of stress I regress and become focused on self and my own problems too hard and for too long. To break myself free of being caught up in my own drama, I need a set plan. I need guidance to refocus on what’s important in life, or to focus on small things that make the world a better place.

I am a RAKtivist (Random Acts Of Kindness) and have been for about 10 years. I used to be a blog fairy and spread love on peoples blogs, especially to those who are trying in their small way to make positive change in the world. I work with the RWB, helping to enrich veterans lives through physical activity and to become closer to our community. I volunteer with the Virginia State Parks to help preserve a place for nature in all it’s glory within the confines of a city. I have volunteered with the Food Bank, The Ronald McDonald House and several animal rescues here locally.

I think these things help us to grow from within. They help us to even reach out to people we may have never met in our normal day to day life. I think these acts are an important part of keeping our sense of humanity in this  digital world.

Today I stumbled upon Kindness 365 and want you to go check it out.Or check out any of the links I posted below, find what fits you. It’s not just a “feel good” experience (although it will have that effect), it’s actually fun too!. I think some of the most defining transformation we can have in our lives is when it comes from within. It has a kind of ripple effect and extend through everything else in our lives.

Kindness 365

Random Acts Of Kindness



Best Friends Society

Ronald McDonald House Volunteers

Feeding America – Find Your Local Food Bank

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