Down On The Boardwalk


Beautiful but busy day! Headed down to the boardwalk for a quick run with the hubby in between the other plans and responsibilities we had to take care of today đź’™ It gets so busy down at the boardwalk during tourist season, which is nearly here. So we decided to get in a beach run. It was already bustling with early vacationers and spring breakers. I admit I love the energy vibe down here during tourist season, but my other half, not so much lol.





A quick tip for anyone wanting to head to Virginia Beach for a vacation? The months of March, April, and October are usually less crowded and the hotels are at lower rates. But be warned, March & April the ocean may still be a bit chilly. October though you still have warm waters! Just no sign of lifeguards. Today though people were in the water! Swimmers, surfers and kids playing around. It was kinda awesome!





The hubby did his thing and I did mine. We run at different paces and I do the whole run/walk/run so we went separate ways once we were there. But it was absolutely beautiful! Temps hit the 80’s, sunny with a nice cool breeze, perfect run weather!






17861843_10213001635735429_3508897361492808106_n (1)My legs are starting to gain strength and I’m pretty happy with the day. I’m not even worried about running right now. It’s all about building endurance and strengthening my legs. And of course conditioning these lungs of mine. Four packs of cigarettes a day does some serious damage. Quit NOW, if you smoke. That damage just increases as time goes by. So happy I quit and never going back.

Days like today make me so thankful I quit smoking. Breathing the fresh air, smoke free is profoundly different. And smelling the ocean breeze, yeah that’s good stuff!



Wise words from Kara Groucher


“Well, here we stand.

On the starting line nonetheless. Maybe you’re facing your first 5k. Maybe it’s a ten. Maybe a half, or a marathon, or an ultra. Maybe you’re even running Boston.

Waiting on that starting line, you’re beginning to feel it. The anticipation, the doubt, the excitement, the energy. The definitiveness of what’s behind. The uncertainty of what’s ahead.

It hasn’t been easy. There have been workouts that tanked. Weeks with missed mileage. Tired legs. Hard sessions. The daily dance of life vs. the plan.

But there have been great moments too. The decision to race. The dedication to train. Miles where you felt like you could run forever. Even the bravery of this morning, where you put on your singlet, fought the crowds, and met your fate at the starting line.

And now it’s here. It is time. No more countdowns. No more workouts to nail. No more wondering, “Am I fit enough? Strong enough? Prepared for what’s ahead?”

This is what you have been waiting for. No doubt you are nervous, but know that you are ready. You earned this opportunity. And you were born to fly.

So, take a deep breath, look around you, and soak it all in. Relish where you are. Realize how far you’ve come.

You are ready. You are powerful. And you belong.

Now, go get it.

Head Up, Wings Out. ”

Kara Groucher

Progress and randomness


✔️ 30 minute run (walk/run/walk)

✔️ Started personal development reading – The Four Agreements

✔️ Meditation on acceptance (of self)

✔️ Super healthy shopping trip

✔️ Nutrition on point today

✔️ Down 2.5 pounds (This past week has been a game changer for me)

✔️ Took a dietbet to help with focus on nutrition!

Recipe Of The Moment:

I am all over this chili with sweet potatoes, which can be made in the slow-cooker.  Have to make this kind of winter dish while it’s still cooler out!


Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili With Sweet Potatoes



Hubby and I are doing a Dietbet to help us focus on our nutrition. We both grew up with reallllly bad eating habits and we tend to get on track and then slowly slide back into emotional comfort zones with eating during stressful or busy times when we aren’t focused on meal planning. This is our first time doing one. We thought about it before but missed the start because we were busy with holiday stuff. Not losing or wasting money is another big focal point for us now so we figured it would be a great motivator!

Painted Feathers 


Aren’t these capris just amazing 💜 The website doesn’t do justice to the colors!! I’m really happy we moved closer to a nice area to go where we can walk/run at. It’s a big plus they have workout stations space so many feet apart along the route. Fabulous for cross training and muscle confusion.


Never Quit

12-ideas-on-the-amazing-power-of-failure-50-638Today I did one of the workouts on Core De Force, it kicked my booty! So I know this program will be big in my rotation.

It feels fabulous when you get over a hump or plateau in your training and I did that this week with run training. Cross training and yoga are helping to strengthen my legs!

I know the struggle will be back. But that’s the point, keep challenging yourself. With running, fitness or nutrition changes, just when you think it’s horrible and the worst feeling in the world, you go over that bump in the road and start coasting along. So never give up. That really is the point when you are just about to turn a corner and achieve a goal!

Are you facing a plateau in your training, workouts, or nutrition? These tips may help you overcome some obstacles and get past some roadblocks. These are strategies that are helping me in big ways. Let me know if these help you, or if you have any ideas to add!

  1. Keep A Log – Make A Plan – Be Accountable – First things first, you have to get organized and make a plan of action. Write it down, keep it visible. And talk about it. Find a person, group, etc… where you feel comfortable to make yourself uncomfortable. You have to put yourself out there with everything you’re trying to achieve when you are struggling, unsure what to do, or afraid to take that step forward. Being open about whatever it is, weight, nutritional pitfalls, consistency, or just simply needing motivation from a place of non-judgement.
  2. Purge And Shop – Get rid of the junk food, cookies, candy and soda if you are trying to lose weight or eat healthier. When you just start out the gate with a new plan you cannot count on yourself to have willpower. You make it harder on yourself to put temptation or unhealthy foods right in your face.
  3. When You Are Stuck, Work On Form – Ok, so you can’t run, yet. Your legs aren’t conditioned well enough, yet. But you’re feeling defeated and uninspired? Stop trying to run and just walk. Bring your focus point in to a more narrow view. Work on perfecting your walking, going farther, or faster. With food give up one thing at a time. For instance one thing a week. This week I will give up soda (pop, cola), next week I will give up my morning donut. So in two weeks you’ve given up a whole lot of empty calories that have zero nutrition!
  4. Change It Up – Try new recipes! Your taste buds need to be as inspired as you are. Don’t let yourself fall into a running/fitness rut. If you find yourself hating what your doing there is no rule that says you can’t take some time off and do something different. Go on a hike, switch workout programs, change the location of your runs. Shake up your routine!
  5. Add Weight Training – And don’t settle for the same weight every time. Challenge yourself and ladies, don’t be afraid to lift heavier weights. You won’t look like a bodybuilder until you train to be a bodybuilder.
  6. Give Yourself Recovery Time – Allow your body to rest and recover. Incorporate some yoga into your routine. Your body will yell at you if you don’t give it recovery and down time. And when it starts yelling you will be more prone to quit if you don’t give it a rest and stretch! Foam rollers are amazing for helping achy muscles to release and heal 💙

Change your course, adjust your sails, but never, ever give up!



Zen 1d.png

Run/Walk/Run – The Galloway Method

Men’s Blue Healing Mandala Tech By: INKnBURN


Here is the procedure:

  1. Usually done during the middle of a recovery “walk day” between runs or during the warm down walk on a running day.
  2. Warm up by walking very gently for at least 5 minutes – then do the following Drill.
  3. For 10-20 seconds, pick up the cadence of the walk by shortening stride.
  4. Walk gently for 30 seconds.
  5. Keep alternating segments, finding a cadence or rhythm that is quicker.
  6. Ease back on the cadence if you lose smoothness.
  7. First day, do this for ten minutes.
  8. Increase by 3-4 minutes on each successive session.
  9. Goal is to have 20-30 minutes total in this workout.
  10. Do this once or twice a week to maintain adaptations.






Jeff Galloway Resources:

Run/Walk/Run Timer 

Strength Through Adversity


New Release – Strength Through Adversity
Pre-Order ends Friday, March 31st.
“Unfortunately not all living with MS share my experience and so I’m running the MS Run the US 2017 for those who can’t. I’m running to raise awareness. I’m running to help raise funds to conquer this disease. I’m running to show my kids that no hurdle is too high. I’m running to motivate people to help and inspire those with MS to always fight and push limits.”
– Loren Ollenburger
How awesome is this gorgeous purchase for a fabulous cause? This is one of the things that I adore about this company. They have huge hearts to go along with all that artistic ability! Raising awareness and funds for MS! Thank you INKnBURN!! Read below more from the INKnBURN Newsletter and about the release!
Strength Through Adversity
Our newest design came about when we heard what Loren Ollenburger was doing to raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis. An inspiring father of 3, he was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago. This summer Loren and 17 other runners will be running nearly 200 miles each, spanning 7 days, as part of the MS Run the US relay from LA to NY. To help his fund-raising efforts we designed this new tech shirt, available in men’s and women’s cuts, and will be donating a percentage of proceeds to help fight MS. To learn more about this new design and the meaning behind it click this link:
Please Note! This is a pre-order that ends Friday, March 31st. Once all orders are in, we will begin production and make shirts for all those who placed an order. Production time is typically 6-8 weeks.

Megan Tsuyuki, INKnBURN Co-Owner & Loren Ollenberger



Finding Joy In The Journey

Crane 3a
Crane Pullover By: INKnBURN

So yesterday, I decided to journey out for a bit even though my knee is still hurting and mobility is still limited. I wrapped my knee pretty well and enjoyed getting out for a short walk, a very short walk. And yep, I suffered a bit for it but wrapping, icing and elevating is doing the trick. I’m pretty sure by tomorrow I will at least be able to get some yoga in to stretch the muscle and relieve some of the pressure.

Trying not to get too down about the setback. Today it rained/snowed/slushed a bit outside and I knew all weekend friends were running Shamrock (8k, Half Marathon, and Marathon), and I was stuck sitting staring outside at the bleakness of the day and re-wrapping my knee.

Shamrock was to be my first Half Marathon, one because of lack of training I wasn’t prepared for physically or mentally. But was still bittersweet that I was ill-prepared and then sidelined due to injury. But life is about lessons and introspection and all this has shown me how important doing training is and how important strength training is to aid in preventing injury. And has given my a HUGE reminder that I don’t have to push myself to failure.


You see a while back I realized I lack self compassion. Oh I have had a ton of dislike for myself from time to time. But I never gave myself a break. I don’t mean rest break. I mean I not giving myself permission to fail. So when I inevitably did (we all do) I didn’t handle it well. I would get angry with myself for not being good enough, not being as good as _____ fill anyone or anything in the blank.


I was doing this to myself.

I tended to look at the end of things instead of the present. I looked far into the future and would prepare myself for the possibility of failure, the inevitable defeat of ones self. Thinking if I prepare myself for the failure I won’t be as hurt, or disappointed, or as crushed. But seriously all this was doing was defeating myself before even starting.


When I was training for the Shamrock Half all I saw was the end game. And all the self doubt hung on my shoulder every day. So when I went out to train I carried that self doubt along the way. I may as well have given up the day I started. I didn’t give myself permission to fail, or even to just enjoy the journey. Instead I presumed I wouldn’t make it and I would be swept off the course.

But you know what I learned? Who cares if I would have been swept off the course? Who cares if I was dead last? That isn’t the point. It never was or should have been the point. I have learned a lot this past year about myself and life. The end of the story doesn’t matter if you aren’t enjoying the beginning or middle of it. Because even getting swept off a course means you put in your training and you showed up for yourself. Look at all that IS achieved, all the training and all the miles. And maybe, just maybe next year you won’t get swept, you’ll make it a little further, just maybe.


So to myself a reminder, and to all of you reading who may need to hear this….


Space to face the fear of failure, confront it and move forward without it. Take control and put that fear in it’s place. Space to freely choose the direction you want to head in. Is it something you really want? If it is, go at it as if you already won. If you put the effort in, you already are a winner.



Consider this. If your friend were afraid of doing something, something they reallllly wanted to do, but was afraid they would fail. Would you tell them, “go ahead, quit”? No, no you wouldn’t. So remember to treat yourself as you would your best friend, your parent, or your spouse. Love yourself as you love them. Give yourself the same pep talk you would give them. The same cheer squad so to speak as you would be for them.

large (1)


Don’t focus on the end game. Enjoy the process. Because if you aren’t enjoying it, why are you even out there doing it? Enjoy every aspect of it. Go where you feel inspired. Go at things in YOUR pace, not anyone else’s. Dress yourself the part and stand tall because you are putting yourself out there to improve yourself. And that alone is the best win of all.





Be the child. Children fear life much less that adults do. They don’t have that fear of failure (unless instilled by those around them). So instead of going out and thinking “I can ONLY do 2 miles”, lace up your shoes, walk out the door and think “I wonder how many miles I can do today”.  Yes, there are specific training plans you should consider when you are training for longer races. But if you’re just starting out. Don’t limit yourself by your own imagination. Like a child with innocence in tact, let your imagination be limitless. And this we should do with life in general. Not just running.



Don’t set massive earth shattering goals. Set attainable goals that step just a wee bit outside your present ability.



And most of all….


People can spend years worrying what others will say, or what they’ll think of something. But they aren’t living your life. They don’t wake up with your dreams or your ambitions to focus on. They have their own lives to live.

Something my adorable and wise husband tells me all the time is to not worry what others are thinking because they are usually to worried what someone else is thinking about them and won’t see whatever flaw I am seeing that in my eyes is so HUGE. That by the way, is never HUGE. We all have flaws. We all have things we may not be as good at doing as others. But at the end of the day those unique qualities we all possess of failure and accomplishment balance out with humanity as a whole. That’s why friends are able to help friends and co-workers can help the guy in the next cubicle. So stop being so hard on yourself. We all a gift to the humanity no matter how small or insignificant we feel that gift may be, to others it may be everything. You never know who you may be inspiring, or who’s life you may be helping to change. So be yourself, life isn’t a competition with anyone 💛



So once again I’ll be training but this time I will train in the present and not looking ahead too far. I’m thinking my next planned first time half marathon will be in about a year. But even that, I’m not stressing about. I made myself hate the process and now it’s about falling in love all over again. I have 5k’s, 8k’s and a couple 10 milers I plan to do this year but none with anticipated goals. It’s about the journey and so far, even with a big bad boo boo, I’m loving the journey!







Throwback Thursday From INKnBURN – The Return Of The Mermaid!!


Two gorgeous pieces to rock our inner mermaid ladies!!!  How beautiful are these pieces!!!! Read below for more info and the link to order!


From The INKnBURN Newsletter:

Always Be Yourself, Unless… You can be a Mermaid
We decided to bring back our Mermaid Capris for Throwback Thursday! This design update has an warm orange glow that blends beautifully into purples and blues. All mermaids need beautiful shells to wear up top right? This Mother of Pearl Camisole with a built in shelf bra is the perfect compliment. Though, it will go with so many things, it works wonderfully on its own as well!
Mermaid Capris and Mother of Pearl Camisole – Pre-Order
Please note! This is a One Day Only Throwback Thursday Pre-Order! Friday, we have to begin making these designs for those who placed an order. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to hand-craft our designs at our warehouse in Southern California before your order will ship.