They had so many requests, they decided to bring back the classic sunflower design for this months #TBT.  Strong, bold and beautiful, these pieces are not for the timid! Known for being the “happy” flower, sunflowers actually resemble the sun with the petals reaching out like beams of light. It is said this radiant flower symbolizes adoration, loyalty and longevity. TODAY, throwback Thursday is the ONLY day for pre-order! Friday they start production!

RunJunkEes® Run Club – What’s with the “Find the Magic in the Misery”?


“What’s with the “Find the Magic in the Misery”?
Many non runners find the act of running to be a miserable experience.  However, becoming a runner can be one of the most magical, rewarding and life changing experiences.  Our motto is intended to speak to the non-running community.  We are on a mission to help you Find the Magic in the Misery. You don’t have to be a “serious” runner to represent our club, you only have to seriously love running. 🙂

Merriam-Webster defines Junkie as  a person who gets an unusual amount of pleasure from or has an unusual amount of interest in something.
We’ve changed the i to an E because here Everyone matters.  RunJunkEes® is the worlds largest FREE running club. RunJunkEes is also about much more than just being a hardcore runner.  This is a home for avid runners and aspiring runners alike. We hope to share enough knowledge, motivation and inspiration to keep you coming back for more.”

Join Your Local Chapter Today!

ps… we also have a bike club!

Arbonne PhytoSport




Arbonne PhytoSport Range (Line)

I started with Arbonne’s RE9 line for skincare and fell in love with what it did for nourishing and smoothing my skin. I was so happy with the RE9 line I quickly decided to try the PhytoSport line for me and the hubby. Hydration has always been a challenge for me, staying hydrated well.  And muscle performance and recovery is of course an important issue for runners, but also for race walkers, hikers, swimmers, etc… 

The PhytoSport Range helped promote and increase my muscle endurance and energy naturally. I sweat a lot so it keeps me well hydrated and replenishes electrolytes with near immediate relief. The after workout/recovery is the something I never knew I needed and now after a tough training run/walk/run or a day of hiking, this just makes my body feel better, feel healthy. 

I can’t promote or talk about this line for people who work out, enough. All I can say is that this line will help you and your body feel less of that muscle fatigue, soreness and weariness that you can feel when you put in a good workout. Clean, plant-powered fuel so you can take on any sport. They taste delicious, and are absolutely brilliant for preparing or recovering from your sport AND helping avoid the dreaded DOMS (first hand experience).




Is your sports nutrition certified? Arbonne PhytoSport is! Arbonne PhytoSport products have been tested for a wide range of substances banned by WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) – and they have earned the Informed-Sport certification.

Certification Found Here

Arbonne PhytoSport range.jpg


Check out this  for our PhytoSport Range. Are you a budding athlete or armature? Do you like to run, hike, swim, body build, play a sport?






Distance Decals and Magnets


Pre-Order Now Open!

Strength Through Adversity


New Release – Strength Through Adversity
Pre-Order ends Friday, March 31st.
“Unfortunately not all living with MS share my experience and so I’m running the MS Run the US 2017 for those who can’t. I’m running to raise awareness. I’m running to help raise funds to conquer this disease. I’m running to show my kids that no hurdle is too high. I’m running to motivate people to help and inspire those with MS to always fight and push limits.”
– Loren Ollenburger
How awesome is this gorgeous purchase for a fabulous cause? This is one of the things that I adore about this company. They have huge hearts to go along with all that artistic ability! Raising awareness and funds for MS! Thank you INKnBURN!! Read below more from the INKnBURN Newsletter and about the release!
Strength Through Adversity
Our newest design came about when we heard what Loren Ollenburger was doing to raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis. An inspiring father of 3, he was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago. This summer Loren and 17 other runners will be running nearly 200 miles each, spanning 7 days, as part of the MS Run the US relay from LA to NY. To help his fund-raising efforts we designed this new tech shirt, available in men’s and women’s cuts, and will be donating a percentage of proceeds to help fight MS. To learn more about this new design and the meaning behind it click this link:
Please Note! This is a pre-order that ends Friday, March 31st. Once all orders are in, we will begin production and make shirts for all those who placed an order. Production time is typically 6-8 weeks.

Megan Tsuyuki, INKnBURN Co-Owner & Loren Ollenberger





Yoga Mat By: Gaiam – Hana Singlet By: INKnBURN
Up off my buns finally. Been in a physical rut/dead stop for quite some time. Struggles are real, depression and loss are real and not always is it easy to bounce back. I tend to shut myself off and hide from the world till I am stronger again. I think it’s because I never want anyone to see or know when I am hit hard and feeling weak and vulnerable. Shutting myself down has always been my go to fix. But it doesn’t work, it only makes things worse.
So I have a new attitude, new goals, and a new fitness schedule. It’s easy and flexible and will allow me to ease myself back into it all while still pushing my limits but giving me room to change things up. In the past I’ve tried to adhere to rigid schedules (that I made for myself) and ultimately I burned out fast. I pushed to hard in some aspects and not hard enough in others. But now I feel my head’s back in the game and hubby and I are working to be a support system instead of being negative enablers. You know how that story goes. I’d say how about stopping for a doughnut and while yeah one doughnut is fine, once in a while, us leaving with four doughnuts and neither trying to talk the other back to just one, or better yet none in NOT fine.
We’ve sadly loved each other so much we’ve allowed each other to be lazy and excuse away and let back in bad eating habits. Now we’ve acknowledged the problem and are facing it head on. We’ve turned the page and now love each other enough to say no, to give that push when needed and to be the reminder that we can do better and strive for more. We’ve moved and LOVE the place and with that have good vibes and positive energy flowing again (photo’s to come)!
So yeah, back to my schedule….
I’m getting back to the basics and starting all over again. This will help me focus and small improvements and specific goals.
Monday – Yoga
Tuesday – Run/Walk/Run
Wednesday – Cross Train/Weights
Thursday – Run/Walk/Run
Friday – Yoga
Saturday – Long Run/Walk/Run
Sunday – Rest/Stretch
When we moved we moved near two amazing things,  a park and a yoga/meditation/reiki studio! We also live near a gym and the YMCA (looking into memberships). And I also have a couple at home video’s I love. Bob Harper has a great series of video’s that are complete cardio conditioning, these are my go to when I am at home and need a good strength workout. He also has one of my all time favorite Yoga dvd’s. But I also follow a few yogi’s online and I’m going to check out Beachbody’s new release, 3 Week Yoga Retreat. Seane Corn, Travis Eliot, Shiva Rea and Rodney Yee are some of the online yoga teachers I follow. Another great source for yoga is Gaiam! I am hoping to incorporate some of the RWB‘s Death By Sled workouts @TheVault (it’s gonna hurt!). I’m dying to try kickboxing!
Toss in some hiking, hula hooping, swim training (yikes) and maybe some biking and climbing for a bit of flavor and I think I’ll be doing just fine. Oh and don’t forget RACES!! They are a huge motivator and so much fun!!
I am so thankful for my husband, friends, and family that stick by and remind me that even when life gives you those lemons, oranges and grapes are out there too. I’m thankful for my INKnBURN, RunJunkEes, RWB, and Hogwarts Running Club families out there who even when I’m not participating give me the motivation and inspiration I need to pick myself back up again. You have no idea how inspiring you really are 💙
So if you’re out there and life gave you some set backs and kicked your butt to the ground, just remember that when you fall, you can rise again. So start climbing back out of it and live. Live life loud and embrace ever single moment with your whole heart. It’s your one sweet life. Don’t let anyone’s judgement hold you back, even your own. I believe in you and I believe in me. We can do this 💜

Dandelion Wishes For The New Year!

New From INKnBURN!



Just look at these colors!! This was release early this morning from INKnBURN to start the new year off with all your wishes, hopes and dreams for the New Year! I have my own list of things I want to accomplish this year, and this long sleeve tech shirt will be worn for that inspiration and as a reminder that I can do whatever I set my heart and intentions towards as long as I persevere! Read below INKnBURN’s inspiration for the newest design release starting 2017 off to a gorgeous start!


Dandelion Wishes
It is our hope for the New Year that all your wishes come true! This beautiful new design was inspired by that awesome power that begins with something as simple as a wish. Dandelions are also a symbol of happiness, joy and keeping in touch with your inner child. May this vibrant and cheerful top remind you to have hope and fun in 2017!
From all of us at INKnBURN, we wish you a healthy and happy 2017!