Look at this sweet design!!! INKnBURN is a California based company so this design is a really special one for the company. I think whether from Cali, vacationed in Cali, Cali dreamin, or just have a Cali state of mind this tech shirt calls out “wear me”!! To me this screams skater wear 💗 But it’d double for running and hiking!


The California Tech Shirt
Inspired by elements of the state flag, make sure you get a closer look using the magnifying feature on our website, the details are amazing!
Get one for you and also a great gift!

Hitting the pavement (or trails)


1. Start Small
Maybe you’ve never run a day in your life. Or maybe you’ve taken a big hiatus from the pavement for whatever reason. Or injury has kept you sidelined. Regardless, you need to start or start back small. The most exuberant first time mountain climber isn’t gonna go out and tackle Mt. Everest his first climb. It would be foolish but also self deflating. You need to set yourself up for success, strength gaining and endurance building.
Heck you don’t even have to “run”. If you don’t feel a run, then walk. Or if your conditioning won’t yet allow running, then walk. Walk as slow as you need to. The point is letting your feet touch the pavement, the trail or the treadmill ( I highly suggest one or both of the first two. Treadmills are great for intervals or really bad weather conditions but being in the open air is just in general better for your health).
Commit to a 15 to 20-minute short walks or runs, or intervals (run/walk/run), three times for one week. Sure, you may want to do more, but just stick to short sessions. After three or four weeks of regular training, aim to increase your workload and running mileage.



2. One Goal
Goals help you to focus. That eye on the prize mentality. Something that would make you feel inspired or accomplished in your training. Sit down and come up with the ONE goal you want to achieve. Do you want to run a 5K, a 5K in under 30 minutes, or are you trying to get back into marathon running? Choose a race allowing yourself enough time to reach that goal. Be very very realistic. Check and see what the time limit is for the race and then set your training accordingly, but make sure it’s doable!!



3. Find Inspiration
That can be from other people who are runners or race walkers. Join a club, or some bigger races even have training groups. Many small running stores have group runs. I’m part of the RWB who gets together not only for races, but training runs, strength training , hill work, yoga and cross-fit.
Follow blogs that inspire you and your training. Find an inspirational quote every day that you focus on. Make it your mantra for the day and focus on that when you train.



4. Commit Your intentions out loud to someone or to many
You can blog it, tell members of that new group what your training plan encompasses, or tell your family members around the dinner table. There are many forums you can find about running, or Facebook groups. Even Reddit has running threads you can follow and share with.
You will also need to hold yourself accountable—long term—for your actions. Don’t just commit once and it’s over, but hold yourself accountable for the long term by providing everyone on your accountability list with regular progress updates every week or so.
So far I’ve told my blog readers my intention and also how I’ve been slacking. My hubby knows, as well as knowing details on my training schedule so he can kick me in the butt when needed.




5. Change up your training routine
Especially when you feel you’re getting bored or losing excitement in your walk or run. This can especially happen when training for longer and longer distances. So small changes help immensely. It can be changing up your play list, or your running route (which you should do for safety anyway), as well as time of day. If you are a road (pavement) runner, find some smooth trails that aren’t to challenging (where you would need to buy trail shoes for), or accept the challenge. Hey that means you can shop for some new shoes ladies 👠
This is the good time to throw in some treadmill intervals where you can change up the speed and incline. If you google treadmill intervals you will find all kinds of routines to do. Or head outside for the hills, I said hills, not mountains, for some hill work. This will help strengthen your legs.



6. Befriend Runners

As I said above, find some fellow runners or walkers. Check what you are doing minute per mile and then go seek like minded (ability) people. I also belong to group on Facebook called the Running Turtles. They are local in my area but they have everyone from 20 min mile walkers to 6 min mile runners. It could even be your spouse or a friend who has similar goals. But if you do that, just make sure you are positive for one another. You don’t want someone who can easily talk you out of walking or running for the day to go to the donuts shop instead!
Also just befriending runners in online groups even if it’s a national group like the RunJunkEesÂŽ Run Club is for me. We do have a small local group that meets. But many in RunJunkEesÂŽ are online just for the support, tips and motivation they get.

Also small local running stores often hold runs and running workshops. Some are often directed at showing off a new shoes style. But that’s a benefit because sometimes you get to try the shoes too! And besides, you need to get fitted properly if you’re just starting out anyway. Too often people buy running shoes in the size they normally wear in non running shoes, and guess what, most of the time that’s not the right running shoes size you need. Plus there are shoes depending on your pronation (heel goes to the left or right when you come down on it) and you can get shoes to help because that is a discomfort when running.


Or walking

7. Celebrate your Successes

And try not to do it too much with food if you don’t have a healthy relationship with food. Much better choices are ways to pamper or gear yourself.

  • Massages are a welcome relief
  • Manicure and Pedicure will make you feel awesome and usually you get a bit of a foot and calf massage added into it!
  • A new haircut or color is a great way to celebrate you getting healthier and stronger
  • New shoes (any new shoes 👟)
  • New running clothes! I adore INKnBURN as I guess you know by now and for me the fact that these are special limited edition runs makes my self esteem stronger when I run in them. They are special for my training and they help me to not give up!!




8. Starting for the first time

Depending on your skill level and athletic ability there are good training plans out there that are all just a little different and that makes it easier for you to find the right fit.
Couch to 5K training plan you can find on the internet and apps for your phone

  • Get fitted for the proper running shoes
  • Start with run/walks
  • Let your body be the boss. Your brain may think “but I’ve only gone 10 minutes, I have to push further”, but if your body is hurting badly, your limping along, or you are fatigued, pushing to hard will damage you for your next outing.
  • HYDRATION – yes capital letters. You may not feel thirsty at all, but your muscles need that hydration, or they will quit on you. HYDRATE well before your run (give enough time to head to the bathroom before your run).
  • Plan a safe route. A route you know, where the neighborhood is safe, time of day is safest and where you know the actual layout of the pavement or trail. Yes, walk it out first and know where there is and isn’t sidewalk. And where there is cracked up sidewalk. Where there are badly managed trail areas. It’s great if you can find a school that allows you to use their track, but check with them first so you don’t get arrested for trespassing. This is another area knowing local runners or running stores can help you out.
  • Take breaks when you need to, you are training your body. Training translates to, your body doesn’t know how to do this yet.
  • Make sure you’ve eaten a small but healthy meal about an hour before your run. Your body needs fuel. Especially when you are asking it to do more. There are many books on runners nutrition out there, just google.
  • Be patient with yourself and if you don’t succeed with your planned time or planned miles, don’t stress it. Just lace back up the next training day and go out and get it!



True Story!!

9. Some suggested help for you from me…

Zombies, Run Phone App.

RunJunkEesÂŽ Run Club

Team RWB


Jeff Galloway Training Excellent place for walkers to start. Jeff has training plans to take you from walking into running.

Hal Higdon For those already able to do some running.

ResqWalk ResQwalk is a FREE mobile app that enables you to raise money and resources for animal welfare organizations, simply by walking.

Charity Miles Choose a charity and walk or run for it.



Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes

I’m not listing shoes because every foot is different. I have used three different brands since I started. But I was fitted for the brands.

There are other phone apps out there such as Zombie 5K, Map My Walk, Map My Run, Get Running, Runkeeper, Couch to 5K, C25K, Runtastic, and Edumondo. I have used all of these and they all, like most apps have high points and low points. You just have to give them a test run and see what fits your needs best.


Throwback Thursday One Day Pre-Order


Such a cool design, with a strong and powerful mantra!

For One Day Only we’ve brought back our classic Men’s Endurance Tech Shirt with a design update. This design is about the ability to withstand adversity. For the warrior deep within that won’t stop and won’t give up. The power to overcome fear, fatigue and hardship to reach a goal.  
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Throwback Thursday INKnBURN style!!

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From InB….

“Women’s Purple Lust Capris feature a beautiful pen and ink illustration by INB artist Tiny Bubbles. For this special edition version of an INB classic, the denim is now a deep purple with a subtle fan texture. For most, lust is an emotional force associated with the fantasizing about one’s desires. For you, lust is thinking about your next finisher’s medal, workout or how much more you can train. A unique and even mysterious design, perfect for distancing yourself from the crowd!


“(Please note!! This is a one day only pre-order then we’ll have to stop taking orders and and start hand-crafting your capris!  Please no returns or exchanges on pre-order items. Production time is typically 6-8 weeks depending on the number of orders we get.)”



Absolutely Breathtaking!

Isn’t this design scrumptious?? They created the art based on Japanese textiles. Stunning14463284_10153667374456292_8404804348196442559_n
artwork. But breathable, comfortable fabrics!
W-Kimono-Tech-back__49875.1471629098.1280.1280.jpg“Inspired by the Japanese kimono, we took a few liberties with our Women’s Kimono Tech Shirt.  We started with a foundation of traditional Japanese textile designs. We then added a beautiful chrysanthemum at the waist to symbolize rejuvenation and longevity.  The peonies on the shoulder and hip represent nobility, respect and good fortune.  So much easier to put on than a real kimono, (word is that they offer classes in Japan since it is so complicated), our Kimono kit is also much lighter, moisture-wicking and works great for sports! Beautiful, functional and unique!”
w-kimono-skirt-side2__32050-1471630399-1280-1280“Inspired by the Japanese kimono, we took a few liberties with our Women’s Kimono Sports Skirt.  We started with a foundation of traditional Japanese textile designs. We then added lavish chrysanthemums to symbolize rejuvenation and longevity along with peonies to represent nobility, respect and good fortune.  So much easier to put on than a real kimono, (word is that they offer classes in Japan since it is so complicated), our Kimono kit is also much lighter, moisture-wicking and works great for sports!  We also feature compression style shorts with a generous pocket on each thigh and a beautiful waistband that you can wear up for support, or fold down for a low cut look.”

INKnBURN Ambassador Applications Are Open Till October 31st!!

If you love the clothes, you would love being an ambassador! The best part is being able to hear the minds behind the art talk about the process, the creative love that goes into each and every design! And of course sharing with everyone all the info of the quality craftsmanship that is INKnBURN!

To me it’s about honoring a reputable smaller business that sells quality artistic items and that is why I do it. The perk is in getting a glimpse into the inner workings of the company and being a part of something a cut above the rest!!


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