I had (and still have) soooo many issues to get past if I was every going to get anywhere. With myself, my goals, my coaching, my life!

Some had to do with FEAR, some had to do with needing TONS more personal development to get over issues I’ve had since childhood, most was getting over and past myself and all the doubts in my own head, and some had to do with this.

Jealousy – Envy 

Dirty words, aren’t they? Really?

I allowed myself, jealousy and envy of others success to take me places mentally, no one should ever go to. It was never that I wanted someone else to fail. I celebrated others success but I let their success mix with my lack of success and let it pull me down, reallllly down. I allowed it to make me feel less than…

And as you’d expect, it just will set you up for major failure and spin you around that hamster wheel of self doubt. I’m here to tell you NO. Don’t go there, EVER.

We are ALL capable
We are all superstars in the making
We are all worth it
We CAN all achieve our goals

In our own time. Because there is room for ALL of us. So YOU, there, sitting quietly in the corner, reading blogs, seeing success of your friends or family pour in. Watching as others claim the prize. Don’t you dare quit, don’t you dare quit on yourself. And seriously, NOT because someone else achieved something you haven’t, YET!