31-Day Squat, Lunge and Pushup Plan

A little late, but I just saw this article and challenge. I’m game, how about you?

You can always modify when needed:

  • don’t squat a full extension
  • just lunge as deep as you can
  • do pushups on your knees, or with arms up on a weight bench. Or do them off a wall.


Start by doing 10 reps of each exercise on Day 1, and then add one rep per exercise every day for 31 days. By Day 31, you’ll be doing 40 reps of each exercise, adding up to a whopping 120 reps that day — and 420 reps over the course of a month.


For tips and proper techniques go to:MyFitness Pal


So two days ago…

LegsI did a LOT of weighted squats. Too many for how long I’ve been out of the game. Afterwards I was leg shaky and my thighs were on fire. By last night I could barely walk, stand up or move, even after doing some light yoga! Today I’m doing a bit better, BUT, I overdid and now my muscles still need to mend a bit. This was a rookie bad move on my part. But it felt so good to be back at it 😪 I’m going to do more yoga today and stretching/foam rolling tonight. And at least I’m wearing green (Leaf Tech by: INKnBURN )

What I’ve done by definition is what the American College of Sports Medicine calls DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. From what’s I’ve read up about DOMS, it can be different for each individual as far as how often and how intense you get DOMS. I have battled DOMS since I started a more physical lifestyle.

I admittedly, don’t always do everything as I know I should (foam rolling, drinking enough water, BEFORE and AFTER physical activity, etc….) So I do this to myself, suffer for it and get a little better each time at doing what I know I should do. I am always learning and always doing things and learning things the hard way. It’s my nature I guess.


How to Recover from DOMS

By: Christine Yu (Daily Burn)

“There are a number of ways to alleviate those can’t-make-it-up-the-stairs symptoms. A sports massage is one good way to reduce the effects. “A massage will move the fluid and blood around in your body which can help heal the microtrauma in your muscles better,” says Haythe. A study in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation found a massage to be beneficial on both gait and feelings of post-workout soreness.

Other common ways to treat DOMS include foam rolling, contrast showers (alternating between hot and cold water), Epsom salt baths, increased protein intake (to increase protein synthesis), omega-3 supplementation (to reduce inflammation) and sleep. New research in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that supplementing with saffron may also help to alleviate DOMS. Regardless of your preferred Rx, Haythe recommends looking at your diet to make sure your taking in nutrients to help your body heal. “Find a diet that can really help you feel the best that you can feel,” she says.”




Foam Rolling For DOMS

Ever heard the phrase, “It hurts so good”?  Yeah that’s foam rolling. Something I don’t do nearly often enough. Below is Fabio Bonnano, a fitness trainer and a pretty good demonstration of foam rolling techniques. And also a good article from Daily Burn on foam rolling. If you’re not foam rolling (even if you never get DOMS, you should, your muscles will thank you for it!


Daily Burn – The One Foam Rolling Move You Need to Do


The Best Epsom Salt Bath Recipe I’ve Found


03-totalbeauty-logo-7-insanely-luxurious-bath-recipes Ingredients:
1/2 cup sea salt
1/2 cup aluminum-free baking powder
1/4 cup Epsom salts
1/4 cup cider vinegar
12 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional)

Directions: To make your bath, fill the tub with the hottest water you stand. Add salt, baking soda, Epsom salts and vinegar, and swirl the water around to dissolve all of the granules and evenly distribute the vinegar. Add your fragrance drops under running water. Soak in the tub for 20 minutes.

Source: Urban Remedy

***** Update on the recipe from a friend – ” I would recommend though that you mix the essential oil into the salts. That way the oil can bond to the salts and better disperse in the bath rather than pooling on top of the water. ~Siobhan”.  This is a fabulous idea and will adjust this tonight! *****



So fitness wanna be’s or fitness pro’s, just do the work! If there are things your slacking on like drinking your H2O or giving those muscles that are going to works so hard for you, a good pre-workout stretch, do the work! And learn from your mistakes. We all make them, but what’s important is to do better the next time and to learn from the experience.

But no matter what….

Get out there and move your body. But also take care of your body when it tells you to. In the long run, your runs, lifts, poses, etc, will not only be thankful for the tlc you gave your body but will preform better for you doing so.

Oh and speaking of leg day –  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!