Beautiful Day!

Exceptionally laid back beautiful day 
 Amazing lunch and lattes
🛤 Cruisin around exploring 
🌊 Spending time @ my soul space…the ocean
 Candle & rock shopping


I give this place ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Java Surf Cafe And Espresso Bar

















This Sunday’s Blog Share (a lil late) – The 4 Stages of Expat Island Life


Keith and I are hoping to move to Hawaii for at least a couple years (maybe sooner than later) and so I’m drinking up all I can about island life and relocating to a new area. And also on our list for maybe someday is to move to an island outside the USA. My mentor Amy Silverman moved to Puerto Rico to be able to live an island lifestyle and to me it breathes perfect life. I’m an island girl at heart, and the beach is where I want to sink my toes into and the ocean calls my name!

So I love seeing blogs like this that will help prep us for island life and maybe living outside the USA some day (we want to live a lot of places for short amounts of time until we find “home”)! Thanks to Women Who Live On Rocks for this great blog!

“Island expat life teaches you not only about a new country, but a lot about yourself.”

The 4 Stages of Expat Island Life

Sunday Blog Share – Random acts of kindness movement




Fotor1227164335I’ve been a RAKtivist for a few years now. And I usually don’t publicize my random acts. Many of which are either through volunteer work, or donations but I think it’s a crucial piece of personal development and social development if we take part. Of course people do kind things all the time on their own without having a group, or movement to tell them to do so. But the act of “joining” in and of itself serves at that little reminder as we start to get bogged down with our own busy days to stop and take a moment to reach out in some small way, big or small, to make a positive impact in the world we share with one another.


So I ask you to check out This Sunday’s Bog Share and begin your own movement to sharing positivity and kindness as you walk through your busy days. Share the love



the art of being fabulous is calling to motivate us all towards a “random acts of kindness” movement on Fridays.

Blog Share: Random acts of kindness movement


And stop by the Random Acts Of Kindness Website and see if you’d like to join, just click the button below! ps… One more day is April today and this month has been Earth Month!



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