Tuesday Was A Strength Day



Day 15/21/Round 1/Strength: 45 


🔷 When you feel you can’t do even one more rep

🔷 Tell yourself you can

🔷 Tell yourself you have unlimited untapped potential

🔷 Tell yourself you are strong

🔷 Tell yourself you can do just one more

🔷 Then do it again





Last Chance Birthday Giveaway!



The next 3 people who sign up for our SYSOF Shift challenge group will get free gifts from ME!! What free are the gifts you ask? I’ve been talking about the amazing nutrition plan I’ve been tweaking for the last week or so, I want to get you started in the right direction! Learning portion control and the right balance of nutrients is super important to not only your weight loss journey, but for every day healthy living. The perfect compliment to your new commitment to fitness is what awaits 3 of you! Happy Healthy Journey to you!

Fixate: Cookbook + Containers
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Transformation Tuesday… Samantha – 8 Weeks!!


“The day I decided to make a change to today. 8 weeks down,

a lifetime ahead of me!!” …Samantha

Congrats to you girl! This is 2 1/2 weeks into our program!

(She repeated week 1 and is now on week 2!)

Exhausting Workout Day



PicMonkey Collage.jpg

⚡⛈️Day 14/21/Round 1/Speed: 45 + 1 Hour Zumba Class⛈️⚡

The thunderstorms we had and my workouts today were kind of symbolic of this quote in many ways. Life can be hard and workouts can be hard. They can really hard. But we get to decide how we deal with it. We can grow from it or let it defeat us.

💫You Decide!💫

Those are some sleepy eyes lookin at you. This day kicked me in the a$$. First I woke up early for how late I went to bed last night. But I had to get up because I’m doing Zumba now two days a week with one of my besties. So an hour of Zumbaing and dancin my booty off, followed by a huge thunderstorm and then home to do my workout program, followed by more thunder and lightening!  Talk about POWER!

Thank goodness for #energize today, is all I have to say.

I was so sleepy when I got home, but knew I had to get my workout done. And I did. I kicked it’s butt, but I think mine suffered the most lol. I was totally exhausted after day one of increasing from a 35 minute workout to a 45 minute, especially with doing Zumba right before. I think I pushed myself a little too hard and was totally unprepared for the powerhouse of Speed: 45. Talk about challenging! But that’s one of the things I love about my at home programs. They aren’t just beginners stuff and then useless. There is a constant challenge as you get stronger. You get your money’s worth + 

I am super duper sore and really sleepy. And you know what that tells me? I pushed myself to failure and that where it gets golden. In a couple days when I go to do my program I’ll feel the change today made because I will be able to do the moves with more better form and more power. That happened a few days ago. I pushed to where I just could not do anymore and then two days later I felt like Wonder Woman. 

This is all a process. And you have to trust the process. I have to believe in myself and all that I am able and will be able to achieve. I think most of all this program has shown me what I’m capable of overcoming and how key nutrition is to success with a workout program. It’s a marriage and one without the other is nowhere near as successful alone.

Ready to get started?

Catching Up on Round One Updates & Progress



PicMonkey Image

First let me apologize. I fully planned to nightly update my workout progress but eh, life got in the way. I’ve been super busy with new projects and well, life.

I’m doing some new training for work and I’ve been thoroughly engrossed in that and learning all kinds of new ideas for business building and mindset. Having your own business has all kinds of bonuses but it also means you have to dig deep to keep yourself organized and focused on your goals. The training has been immensely helpful and will be an amazing addition to training my team now and in the future.

I’ve also joined a team who is doing Gishwhes for it’s final year. And the scavengering has begun so my team has been dividing duties and creating and imagining and dreaming up all sorts of fabulous ideas! We would love to win this the final year, the trip is to Hawaii! I’ve done Gishwhes once before and it was a lot of fun but it was when I was going through a particularly rough time in life and my head wasn’t in the fun and festivities as much as it should have or could have been. I’m trying to make up for it this year! I can’t really tell you much about what we’ve done so far because, shhhhh it’s all very secretive. But later, I will be able to show you what we’ve been up to!

Hubby and I have been spending some serious time discussing future plans and goals and where we may want to move away too next. As of right now California, Florida, Washington and mayyyyyybee Hawaii are tops on our list. But again for right now this is just in the serious talking stages of development.

Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out and getting some small amounts of run training in. But it did mean I’ve had little time to write blog posts.

One things for sure, I’m getting stronger, faster and more agile and these are the non-scale victories I’ve been focused on. Come winter I want to FINALLY get back to signing up and running some races, and maybe even doing some distances I haven’t yet.  I’m really owing it all to the program I’m doing, my superfood shake and the #PCS I’ve been on for all these non scale victories and my steady weight loss. 

Spent the day prepping food for the week and setting up the weeks schedule and am so impressed with how amazing everyone is doing in our SYSOF Shift group!

I start week 3 of my first round tomorrow but everyone in the group is in all different stages of the program. So make sure you send me an email if you want an available spot in our group!

My mentor Amy was in the very first test group and she killed it! Her results alone show shows just how AMAZING this program really is. And the other’s I posted in the pic are just a teeny tiny few examples of how everyone in our group is CRUSHING goals and killing this program! From non-scale victories to some pretty emotional and phenomenal weight loss victories along with everyone becoming empowered and conquering what’s held them back in the past this isn’t JUST a weight loss journey for us, it’s a whole mind/body experience and everyone is feeling fabulous!!!

How do you want to be feeling when Labor Day rolls around?



08/04/2017 – 08/06/2017
Round 01/ – Days  12/21, 13/21 + program rest day
Speed: 35/Strength: 35 & today was an off day so I walked 


Yesterday – Round 1 Day 11/21 Shift Shop


Round 01/ – Day 11/21
Shift Shop – Strength: 35 + Core work

Yesterday our Shift Shop creator and trainer Chris Downing asked those who were starting to slide as we were halfway through this round a BIG question. Some challengers have been seeing a few rough moments with the nutrition plan. The nutrition plan that in my opinion gets people off carb and sugar addictions. And I do mean addictions. I was ahead of this stage of the game a while ago, eliminating carbs that are unhealthy while keeping the healthy ones. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle.And that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally indulge. But that was AFTER I got beyond the addiction craving point. Honestly it took me a few months before I could eat pasta in the afternoon and not be craving donuts by dinner time. 

When you grow up eating a lot of starchy carbs such as sugars, breads, and pastas especially; you get kinda addicted to them, some people more than others. These foods can also pack on weight. Runners who run 10 or 20 miles can easily burn off a big plate of pasta but if you sit at a desk most of the time, pasta will burn slowwwwww and make you super tired. And you’ll pack on the pounds.

Think about how us American’s eat. We eat lots of sandwiches, lots of bagels in the morning and then pasta at night with a side of bread. These foods all spike your energy level and if not burned by running 10 or 20 miles, will suddenly see your energy level fall and you’ll get sluggish and sleepy.  If I eat a bagel in the morning, by mid-morning my energy level falls dramatically and I seriously need a nap. Ever see one of those memes with buns stuck on a persons buns? That’s because sugars and super starchy carbs easily pack on pounds more so than say getting your carbs from more low glycemic foods like veggies.

So some challengers have been having a hard time with their cravings for these kinds of carbs. But these kinds of carbs are one of the things that keep people from losing weight and KEEPING weight off. And the point of this nutrition plan is to help us form new healthy eating habits.

Chris asked;

When are you gonna be tired?

💠 Tired Of Not Being Happy

💠 Tired Of Being Overweight

💠 Tired Of Not Living The Life You Were Created To Live


Are you addicted?

✖️ Cravings…
Do you find yourself craving donuts, pastry, ice cream, even when you’re not hungry? 
And once you get that fix, you indulge heavily? Ever see anyone cut a donut into fourths and only eat a quarter of it? There’s a reason for that 
✖️ You can even get emotional about it…
You get angry, or hangry if you don’t get it or have it for a while? Hmmm I think there was even a candy bar commercial about being hangry, wonder why lol. 

✖️ I. Just. Can’t. Stop. ….
You open that bag of chips, you can never just “eat one” now can you? 

✖️ You’ll Eat Better Later….
When confronted with your craving, your mind goes into bargaining mode. Oh I’ll get back on track, tomorrow…. (This is a HUGE one for me)
✖️ Can’t Focus…
Some people are so addicted they even lose their attention span until they get their craving filled. And then have almost a euphoric high when they eat whatever it is. Yep, that’s addiction.
✖️ Portions grow over time….
So you try those new oreo’s that just hit the shelves. You eat one or two. Later you have 3, maybe 4 and before you know it you’ve eaten half of the container. Mmmmhm.
✖️ You Feel Withdrawal Symptoms When You Cut Back/Cut Refined Carbs Out…
And this is where some of the challengers are now. They want their refined carbs back. They’re getting moody and cranky. Well friends, it’s time to push through it! I promise you will get out alive, more alive than ever because you won’t be hooked on the stuff that’s packing on many of your pounds!


To make change, we have to make changes. To make permanent change, the changes have to be permanent. It’s that simple. We all need a little dose of constructive criticism from time to time 😉And I know I’m tired. Are you?

The SYSOF Shift

Shift Shop – Round 1 Day 10/21 Shift Shop

Mr Blue Sky.jpg

Round 01/ – Day 10/21
Shift Shop – Speed:35 + Run Training

🎵️🎶️🎵️🎶 So I’ve had two songs playing over and over again in my head for the last couple weeks, it’s making me happy and crazy all at the same time lol. We’ve gone to see Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, twice since it’s release and Mr. Blue Sky is on repeat in my head as I dance 💃🏽 through my day. And my only reprieve is a song I do not know the name of, nor can understand a single word of, or even remember the words. My new Zumba instructor at the ASYMCA plays a lot of Latin music and one song in particular is going through my head when Mr. Blue Sky stops for a hot minute. I guess I’ll have to ask her what the song is the next time I do a Zumba class 🤣


Migraine went away early afternoon and hasn’t returned, yayyy!! So I celebrated by getting my booty back out and doing my run training! It was short but sweet😘. I can see that Shift Shop is majorly helping my timing and endurance out there, how awesome is that!? I sat for a bit of a break since silly me decided it was ok to head out in the sun for a run at high noon(ish). And a HUGE crow (raven) sat down near me for quite a while. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but it was really big and very pretty.

And yes, I was in fact singing Mr. Blue Sky in that center photo 🌞☀️🌞 And my run training felt pretty awesome today! Excited to be back at it again!

I took my Shift Shop workout outside today, on our balcony. It was so hot and I was already tired from walking and running in the sun and heat and I did the workout right after that. But in all my organizing outside and rush to get it done, I didn’t do a video today 😞 That extra 10 minutes on the Speed: 25 workout combined with all I did right before and doing it outside left me in a puddle of sweat 😅💦 and kind of done for the day as far as fitness goes. That extra 10 minutes is no joke! I liked doing the workout outside. Shift Shop seems to flow better outside than in (at least I thought so). I think I’m keeping my workouts out there for now, maybe even taking it to the park at some point. This would be a great workout to do with others, like out in your yard, driveway or garage. It’s seriously a fun one for a family fitness day!

My shake today was Vanilla Maple ( I added more liquid than usual for hydration)

  • 1 Scoop Vegan Vanilla Shakeology
  • 8 oz Coconut Milk
  • 8 oz Water
  • a few drops of maple extract