They had so many requests, they decided to bring back the classic sunflower design for this months #TBT.  Strong, bold and beautiful, these pieces are not for the timid! Known for being the “happy” flower, sunflowers actually resemble the sun with the petals reaching out like beams of light. It is said this radiant flower symbolizes adoration, loyalty and longevity. TODAY, throwback Thursday is the ONLY day for pre-order! Friday they start production!

Ladies…something to lust over (but you better hurry)!


This is my all time favorite design by InB and they did a TBT release! The artwork in this design is scrumptious! I’m a lover of  Asian art, history, and design and this is a beautiful representation of the pen and ink style. I posted the closeup because… the detail. The artist, Tiny Bubbles did the first pen and ink illustration of the the Lust design back in 2011. This for me is my very favorite ever INKnBURN design! Yayyy for TBT!

BUT…there is a limited time ordering window!

One Day Only Pre-Order! Jan 5th 2017



If You Find Yourself Lusting for This…
Don’t wait! We are only taking orders for this Women’s Lust Pullover for one day, Thursday, then we need to get busy hand-crafting this design by INB artist Tiny Bubbles. Whether it is the beautifully illustrated art or the rich colors that get your heart beating, this is a wonderful piece to own.  Especially if you’ve been lusting for a little extra warmth!

(Depending on the number of orders, we anticipate 6-8 weeks of production time before this product ships. You are welcome to order other in stock items with this but, your order won’t ship until this top has been made. If patience isn’t one of your virtues, please place separate orders!) 

Throwback Thursday!!!


One day only pre-order (TODAY ONLY) from INKnBURN! Gorgeous design!! If you ordered the Run or Tie singlets, they are in production and will be shipping out soon! ‪

Friday they begin production at the warehouse in Southern California, so don’t hesitate or you’ll be late 😉

“Sugar Skulls originated in Mexico and are a festive part of celebrating the memory of those who have passed. Skulls also symbolize triumph over death and are a great reminder to be thankful for the time you have to celebrate and enjoy life.”


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