Yoga Mat By: Gaiam – Hana Singlet By: INKnBURN
Up off my buns finally. Been in a physical rut/dead stop for quite some time. Struggles are real, depression and loss are real and not always is it easy to bounce back. I tend to shut myself off and hide from the world till I am stronger again. I think it’s because I never want anyone to see or know when I am hit hard and feeling weak and vulnerable. Shutting myself down has always been my go to fix. But it doesn’t work, it only makes things worse.
So I have a new attitude, new goals, and a new fitness schedule. It’s easy and flexible and will allow me to ease myself back into it all while still pushing my limits but giving me room to change things up. In the past I’ve tried to adhere to rigid schedules (that I made for myself) and ultimately I burned out fast. I pushed to hard in some aspects and not hard enough in others. But now I feel my head’s back in the game and hubby and I are working to be a support system instead of being negative enablers. You know how that story goes. I’d say how about stopping for a doughnut and while yeah one doughnut is fine, once in a while, us leaving with four doughnuts and neither trying to talk the other back to just one, or better yet none in NOT fine.
We’ve sadly loved each other so much we’ve allowed each other to be lazy and excuse away and let back in bad eating habits. Now we’ve acknowledged the problem and are facing it head on. We’ve turned the page and now love each other enough to say no, to give that push when needed and to be the reminder that we can do better and strive for more. We’ve moved and LOVE the place and with that have good vibes and positive energy flowing again (photo’s to come)!
So yeah, back to my schedule….
I’m getting back to the basics and starting all over again. This will help me focus and small improvements and specific goals.
Monday – Yoga
Tuesday – Run/Walk/Run
Wednesday – Cross Train/Weights
Thursday – Run/Walk/Run
Friday – Yoga
Saturday – Long Run/Walk/Run
Sunday – Rest/Stretch
When we moved we moved near two amazing things,  a park and a yoga/meditation/reiki studio! We also live near a gym and the YMCA (looking into memberships). And I also have a couple at home video’s I love. Bob Harper has a great series of video’s that are complete cardio conditioning, these are my go to when I am at home and need a good strength workout. He also has one of my all time favorite Yoga dvd’s. But I also follow a few yogi’s online and I’m going to check out Beachbody’s new release, 3 Week Yoga Retreat. Seane Corn, Travis Eliot, Shiva Rea and Rodney Yee are some of the online yoga teachers I follow. Another great source for yoga is Gaiam! I am hoping to incorporate some of the RWB‘s Death By Sled workouts @TheVault (it’s gonna hurt!). I’m dying to try kickboxing!
Toss in some hiking, hula hooping, swim training (yikes) and maybe some biking and climbing for a bit of flavor and I think I’ll be doing just fine. Oh and don’t forget RACES!! They are a huge motivator and so much fun!!
I am so thankful for my husband, friends, and family that stick by and remind me that even when life gives you those lemons, oranges and grapes are out there too. I’m thankful for my INKnBURN, RunJunkEes, RWB, and Hogwarts Running Club families out there who even when I’m not participating give me the motivation and inspiration I need to pick myself back up again. You have no idea how inspiring you really are 💙
So if you’re out there and life gave you some set backs and kicked your butt to the ground, just remember that when you fall, you can rise again. So start climbing back out of it and live. Live life loud and embrace ever single moment with your whole heart. It’s your one sweet life. Don’t let anyone’s judgement hold you back, even your own. I believe in you and I believe in me. We can do this 💜

Team RWB made it to Jeopardy!


The Eagle Ethos:

The Eagle Ethos was crafted using six words that uniquely characterize Team RWB and distinguish our organization from others. While there are certain principles that all nonprofits should adhere to, these are the things that make our Team special. The Eagle Ethos can be clearly captured in an instant with a single snapshot or demonstrated over time. It can be displayed outwardly or held inside as fuel for action. But it is pervasive throughout Team RWB and known intimately by each team member who puts on that red shirt. The Eagle Ethos is passion, people, positivity, commitment, camaraderie, and community…and Team RWB lives it in action every day.

+ Passion – we care more, we work harder, and we share our story
+ People – veterans and community drive everything we do
+ Positivity – we don’t ignore the challenges, we just stay positive and attack them
+ Commitment – we are dedicated to each other, our mission, and our communities
+ Camaraderie – we improve lives through genuine, personal relationships
+ Community – this is what we are building…at every level


Eagle NamasDay Is Coming Up!

main22 (1).png

Eagle NamasDay is an annual initiative facilitated by Team Red, White and Blue to get people, specifically veterans, on a mat and practicing yoga. Eagle NamasDay includes yoga practices hosted by Team RWB Chapters and held at studios/locations throughout the country on December 3rd, 2016. 

Yoga anyone? Team RWB isn’t just for runners. It’s about connecting veterans to their community through physical and social activity. Our chapter in Virginia Beach coordinates running events, rock climbing, rappelling, cross-fit, yoga and much much more. 


From Team RWB: Eagle NamasDay

“Team RWB has previously developed discipline-specific events, like WOD for Warriors and Eagle Ride Day, which have encouraged Team RWB Chapters to engage with their Teams and the local community over a fun, physical fitness event.  Eagle NamasDay is the newest addition and reflects the growth of yoga events in Team RWB Chapters over the past couple years.  If your Team is not currently incorporating a yoga practice into its consistent offerings, hopefully Eagle NamasDay will help change that.  Yoga has many individual benefits while also providing a healthy and effective mechanism to engage veterans and connect them to their community. In it’s simplest form, Eagle NamasDay seeks to get as many Team RWB Eagles on a mat and practicing yoga.  It is our hope that this event/initiative will lead to more consistent yoga events in Team RWB Chapters across the country. 

Given the broad variety of yoga schools, practices, and goals, Eagle NamasDay is not intended to be overly prescriptive.  Each event/practice that takes place across the country will be different in its content, postures, and flow.  That said, we recommend incorporating the following into your local practice, or if you’re working with a local yoga studio, you could ask the instructor to consider adding the following to that day’s practice:

  • Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior 1) – The posture exemplifies strength and balance (fierce grace). As we practice Warrior 1 we open our hearts and develop courage, increasing our body awareness and depth perception.
  • Baddha Virabhadrasana (Humble Warrior) – The posture demonstrates our true willingness to serve. As we bow in grace and humility. This forward bend creates inner focus.
  • Garudasana (Eagle) – The challenge of Eagle is both internal and external, a powerful balancing posture, combined with a double twisting action of our limbs. Eagle requires present moment acceptance with the flowing of our energy and persistence.
  • Seated Meditation – Taking this time to be present and connect to all that there is allows for us to let go of the day-to-day conflicts one breath at a time. “

80’s in November! Indian Summer? And of course, a recipe I found!

What, …..

82° ???? The last week, I’ve had the air conditioning turned off and some nights it’s been cool enough to shut the windows. Fall arrived and “Indian Summer” pushed back in! So I put on monkey (INKnBURN of course – and there are a few sizes left!), laced up my shoes, threw on some capri joggers and out the door I went.

A good dose of vitamin D, a little bit of sweat, and a nice mile later I’m back home looking at the beauty of autumn and just stopped and took in the colors and spent a few moments drinking in the little bit of “summer” we have left. Forcast is looking to fall back into the 60’s this week, great for running & training!! But knowing sunny warm beach days are quickly passing by till next year, does make me a little blue 🌊

Cooler temps means better running days ahead, and that I am more than ready for! But the warm breeze and bright sun today made me realize I’ve heard the term “Indian Summer” my whole life and really, I’m not sure what it actually means. So in my search here is the actual definition via the Farmer’s Almanac





Here are criteria for an Indian summer:

  • As well as being warm, the atmosphere during Indian summer is hazy or smoky, there is no wind, the barometer is standing high, and the nights are clear and chilly.
  • A moving, cool, shallow polar air mass is converting into a deep, warm, stagnant anticyclone (high pressure) system, which has the effect of causing the haze and large swing in temperature between day and night.
  • The time of occurrence is important: The warm days must follow a spell of cold weather or a good hard frost.

The conditions described above must occur between St. Martin’s Day (November 11) and November 20. For over 200 years, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has adhered to the saying, “If All Saints’ (November 1) brings out winter, St. Martin’s brings out Indian summer.”


Why is Indian summer called Indian summer? There are many theories. Some say it comes from the early Algonquian Native Americans, who believed that the condition was caused by a warm wind sent from the court of their southwestern god, Cautantowwit.

The most probable origin of the term, in our view, goes back to the very early settlers in New England. Each year they would welcome the arrival of a cold wintry weather in late October when they could leave their stockades unarmed. But then came a time when it would suddenly turn warm again, and the Native Americans would decide to have one more go at the settlers. “Indian summer,” the settlers called it. Watch a video from Editor-in-Chief Judson Hale about the origin of Indian Summer.




4 quarts (1/2 peck) apples
3 or 4 purple plums, pitted
2 cups sugar
juice from 1/2 to 1 lemon, to taste
Wash and quarter apples and plums. (No need to peel or core apples.) Place in a large pot and add 2 cups water. Cover and boil until apples are soft and the peels are falling off. Add sugar. Simmer another couple of minutes, until sugar is dissolved. Pour by small amounts into a food mill or other sieve, and press out the applesauce, discarding peels, seeds, and cores. Stir lemon juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg into applesauce.
2 quarts

Source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac (of course 🍎)






Tomorrow is a strength training day. I think I’ll be checking out a Les Mills Grit workout. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy the evening and what may be the last warm temps for the next few months 🌃



To Race Or Not To Race


There are many many reasons TO run races. They can be really very motivational and being surrounded by so many amazing and supportive fellow runners can be a great experience and very inspirational. But during my mini hiatus from running I considered the race I have coming up and the pressure that can put on me. I signed up for that race long before my injury or my dog passing and all the other stresses life’s thrown at me and us over the last few months. And it’s a length I’ve never even tried before, a half marathon. I’ve done one 10-miler before but usually I do 5K’s, maybe a couple 7 or 8K’s thrown in through the year. But not even in training have I ever done a half marathon. The last time I even walked something that distance was likely the slow walk we did through our Disney excursions. So a half marathon is a little intimidating.


course_muertitoTo Race

There is something to be said to be in the crowd waiting for the horns or whistles to start a race. There is an energy that can be addictive. It has nothing to do with competing. It’s the vibe of all these athletes (yes you are an athlete if you are in a race, or even running for that matter) who have trained, prepared, anticipated and usually woke very early to line up with everyone in the wee hours of morning. It’s a camaraderie. And it gets your adrenaline pumping.

That preparation you do before a race is a huge motivator for many. For me it’s been both a source of inspiration and specific time to focus on improving my pace and form. It’s the thing that makes you lace up your shoes on days you’d just like to stay in bed with the covers over your eyes. Those cold mornings can be rough, and the hot afternoon sun mid summer is brutal. But still, you have that date ingrained in your head and you gotta keep pushing.

Most races your entry fee is for a charity and that for me is a big reason to do races. I think I do races more for that reason than any other. It’s such a win win. You help a charity with your entry fee and yet you get a shirt, a medal, a piece of fruit, or more (hot chocolate races are awesome from what I hear) AND you get to race yourself, test yourself and your capabilities.

LIVE music! Or at least radio stations playing music. What a rush that is for me. Music is a big motivator for me. I only wish that the Rock & Roll was done more towards the winter months. Great music, but sooooo humid usually. And I don’t take the humidity well. So instead I usually volunteer for that one, and many others in the dead of summer heat. I am not a summer runner!

Some people actually thrive on running neck and neck with another in a race. For a few it really is competitive, especially when you become one of the fastest in an area, or a specific race. But still, it’s usually that competition with self. But running alongside others can be a push for you, especially when you start to drag. Usually I always keep someone who stands out who is going just a little faster than my pace, and I make myself keep up with them. And if I pass them, I focus on another who stands out. It all helps with focus, especially when I start to hit a wall and my legs just want me to stop. I look for that person and it becomes tunnel vision until I get over that hump.

Camaraderie! When you run with a team you don’t all necessarily run “together”. But you do have team members spread around the course who are out there giving you support and keeping an eye on you. Plus before and after the race, getting together with your team makes for a double the fun of the day! Some teams train together. The RWB runs together, and does cross-training together. Some times we do rock wall climbing or yoga too. Many bigger races have training teams for half marathons and marathons.

I love race expo’s! Packet pick up day is a fun time. Especially if you like shopping or trying out new gear. Often you can grab a great deal and learn about new advancements in gear and tech.




course_muertitoOr Not To Race

Some people shouldn’t run races. Plain and simple. For some it’s added pressure that takes away from the shear joy of the run. And the spontaneity of place and distance. Many runners and I’m one of those, especially when on a trail like to stop and take in nature, snap some pictures, enjoy the experience of feeling the air around me and the sights before me.

For others signing up for a race, no matter how much you know you’re only in competition with yourself, let the pressure of others running along with them dull the experience of the run. Then what’s the point of even running? You have to find joy. Or as RunJunkEes® say, “Find The magic In The Misery”. If it’s not fun, you’re just going to stop, so don’t do what makes you unhappy with your run.

I’ve talked to a few who just don’t like the crowds or the noise that events bring with them. While others feed off the rush of all that energy around them. I am a huge fan of the music. I like music when I walk or run. No chatting, just me, nature and music. Usually races like half marathons require a training schedule of some kind and some people just enjoy their runs to be more spur of the moment and unplanned. A free spirit approach, letting the run flow where it will free of constraint.

Weather can be iffy for some people living in certain areas making training for races difficult. Some see this as opportunity to toughen up and face the flurries or downpours. Not to mention some areas get pretty humid in the summer months. If I lived in Florida I would only run at night. But some see these weather obstacles as difficult to try and juggle specific training plans.

Not every charity is one you may want to donate to. I have one I will not run (no names will be mentioned here) because I personally don’t like how their monies are allocated through the charity. So I never run that race, ever. I don’t even volunteer for it.

And finally, my big pet peeve with races. I am not a morning person, not one bit. And getting up early for anything other than my job is always a constant mental battle with me. Most races you have to be out there before the sun even comes up. And on the weekend some times, that is just not sounding fun to me.



So seriously, do what makes you happy and what makes you love your run and find excitement in your training. Running or race walking is trial and error. To run pavement or trails, races or no races, method of run training, etc… It’s all about makes you enjoy what you do. Running is not a competition and it’s not something that should be scary or torturous. It should be challenging yet fun. So get some good quality shoes fitted for you and lace up and get out there. Every step you take is another accomplishment and better health. Adding years to your life and life to your years. Above all else…


personal opinion from personal experience – Not advice from an expert 👍🏼

Hitting the pavement (or trails)


1. Start Small
Maybe you’ve never run a day in your life. Or maybe you’ve taken a big hiatus from the pavement for whatever reason. Or injury has kept you sidelined. Regardless, you need to start or start back small. The most exuberant first time mountain climber isn’t gonna go out and tackle Mt. Everest his first climb. It would be foolish but also self deflating. You need to set yourself up for success, strength gaining and endurance building.
Heck you don’t even have to “run”. If you don’t feel a run, then walk. Or if your conditioning won’t yet allow running, then walk. Walk as slow as you need to. The point is letting your feet touch the pavement, the trail or the treadmill ( I highly suggest one or both of the first two. Treadmills are great for intervals or really bad weather conditions but being in the open air is just in general better for your health).
Commit to a 15 to 20-minute short walks or runs, or intervals (run/walk/run), three times for one week. Sure, you may want to do more, but just stick to short sessions. After three or four weeks of regular training, aim to increase your workload and running mileage.



2. One Goal
Goals help you to focus. That eye on the prize mentality. Something that would make you feel inspired or accomplished in your training. Sit down and come up with the ONE goal you want to achieve. Do you want to run a 5K, a 5K in under 30 minutes, or are you trying to get back into marathon running? Choose a race allowing yourself enough time to reach that goal. Be very very realistic. Check and see what the time limit is for the race and then set your training accordingly, but make sure it’s doable!!



3. Find Inspiration
That can be from other people who are runners or race walkers. Join a club, or some bigger races even have training groups. Many small running stores have group runs. I’m part of the RWB who gets together not only for races, but training runs, strength training , hill work, yoga and cross-fit.
Follow blogs that inspire you and your training. Find an inspirational quote every day that you focus on. Make it your mantra for the day and focus on that when you train.



4. Commit Your intentions out loud to someone or to many
You can blog it, tell members of that new group what your training plan encompasses, or tell your family members around the dinner table. There are many forums you can find about running, or Facebook groups. Even Reddit has running threads you can follow and share with.
You will also need to hold yourself accountable—long term—for your actions. Don’t just commit once and it’s over, but hold yourself accountable for the long term by providing everyone on your accountability list with regular progress updates every week or so.
So far I’ve told my blog readers my intention and also how I’ve been slacking. My hubby knows, as well as knowing details on my training schedule so he can kick me in the butt when needed.




5. Change up your training routine
Especially when you feel you’re getting bored or losing excitement in your walk or run. This can especially happen when training for longer and longer distances. So small changes help immensely. It can be changing up your play list, or your running route (which you should do for safety anyway), as well as time of day. If you are a road (pavement) runner, find some smooth trails that aren’t to challenging (where you would need to buy trail shoes for), or accept the challenge. Hey that means you can shop for some new shoes ladies 👠
This is the good time to throw in some treadmill intervals where you can change up the speed and incline. If you google treadmill intervals you will find all kinds of routines to do. Or head outside for the hills, I said hills, not mountains, for some hill work. This will help strengthen your legs.



6. Befriend Runners

As I said above, find some fellow runners or walkers. Check what you are doing minute per mile and then go seek like minded (ability) people. I also belong to group on Facebook called the Running Turtles. They are local in my area but they have everyone from 20 min mile walkers to 6 min mile runners. It could even be your spouse or a friend who has similar goals. But if you do that, just make sure you are positive for one another. You don’t want someone who can easily talk you out of walking or running for the day to go to the donuts shop instead!
Also just befriending runners in online groups even if it’s a national group like the RunJunkEes® Run Club is for me. We do have a small local group that meets. But many in RunJunkEes® are online just for the support, tips and motivation they get.

Also small local running stores often hold runs and running workshops. Some are often directed at showing off a new shoes style. But that’s a benefit because sometimes you get to try the shoes too! And besides, you need to get fitted properly if you’re just starting out anyway. Too often people buy running shoes in the size they normally wear in non running shoes, and guess what, most of the time that’s not the right running shoes size you need. Plus there are shoes depending on your pronation (heel goes to the left or right when you come down on it) and you can get shoes to help because that is a discomfort when running.


Or walking

7. Celebrate your Successes

And try not to do it too much with food if you don’t have a healthy relationship with food. Much better choices are ways to pamper or gear yourself.

  • Massages are a welcome relief
  • Manicure and Pedicure will make you feel awesome and usually you get a bit of a foot and calf massage added into it!
  • A new haircut or color is a great way to celebrate you getting healthier and stronger
  • New shoes (any new shoes 👟)
  • New running clothes! I adore INKnBURN as I guess you know by now and for me the fact that these are special limited edition runs makes my self esteem stronger when I run in them. They are special for my training and they help me to not give up!!




8. Starting for the first time

Depending on your skill level and athletic ability there are good training plans out there that are all just a little different and that makes it easier for you to find the right fit.
Couch to 5K training plan you can find on the internet and apps for your phone

  • Get fitted for the proper running shoes
  • Start with run/walks
  • Let your body be the boss. Your brain may think “but I’ve only gone 10 minutes, I have to push further”, but if your body is hurting badly, your limping along, or you are fatigued, pushing to hard will damage you for your next outing.
  • HYDRATION – yes capital letters. You may not feel thirsty at all, but your muscles need that hydration, or they will quit on you. HYDRATE well before your run (give enough time to head to the bathroom before your run).
  • Plan a safe route. A route you know, where the neighborhood is safe, time of day is safest and where you know the actual layout of the pavement or trail. Yes, walk it out first and know where there is and isn’t sidewalk. And where there is cracked up sidewalk. Where there are badly managed trail areas. It’s great if you can find a school that allows you to use their track, but check with them first so you don’t get arrested for trespassing. This is another area knowing local runners or running stores can help you out.
  • Take breaks when you need to, you are training your body. Training translates to, your body doesn’t know how to do this yet.
  • Make sure you’ve eaten a small but healthy meal about an hour before your run. Your body needs fuel. Especially when you are asking it to do more. There are many books on runners nutrition out there, just google.
  • Be patient with yourself and if you don’t succeed with your planned time or planned miles, don’t stress it. Just lace back up the next training day and go out and get it!



True Story!!

9. Some suggested help for you from me…

Zombies, Run Phone App.

RunJunkEes® Run Club

Team RWB


Jeff Galloway Training Excellent place for walkers to start. Jeff has training plans to take you from walking into running.

Hal Higdon For those already able to do some running.

ResqWalk ResQwalk is a FREE mobile app that enables you to raise money and resources for animal welfare organizations, simply by walking.

Charity Miles Choose a charity and walk or run for it.



Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes

I’m not listing shoes because every foot is different. I have used three different brands since I started. But I was fitted for the brands.

There are other phone apps out there such as Zombie 5K, Map My Walk, Map My Run, Get Running, Runkeeper, Couch to 5K, C25K, Runtastic, and Edumondo. I have used all of these and they all, like most apps have high points and low points. You just have to give them a test run and see what fits your needs best.


Old Glory Relay & Hurricane Matthew

The Old Glory Relay is a relay run done by Team RWB. We all walk or run continuously with14581576_10102037125396507_4339818343796974772_n Old Glory in hand. The National RWB does it across the United States choosing different areas of the country every year. Our local chapter did a 24 hour relay.

And this weather map is how the weather was looking during my time slot. It was pouring down and very windy as we were getting the tropical storm effects from the tail end of Hurricane Matthew. Sadly this storm left a lot of devastation in it’s path. From the Caribbean to the United States Matthew left people homeless, powerless and flooded. And many many lives were lost. Haiti I believe was hit the worst and the country is left torn to shreds and upwards of 900 or more souls were lost not to mention any unaccounted for as yet, those who are seriously hurt and any animals and wildlife that were killed in this hurricanes path. How To Help Those Affected By Hurricane Matthew In Haiti & The U.S., or do a search online for ways you can reach out to help.

Our leadership I know had considered rescheduling the event because of the weather. But felt we could play it by ear and hour to hour. The event “camp” was actually at an athletic center (Vault Athletics and Fitness ), so we could always use a treadmill if need be. So we began. And the first runner was out.

By the time it was my turn the weather was getting nastier as you can see from the map blogabove. Craig passed the flag to me. And my first reaction (this was my first time running with old glory) was how heavy the rain made the flag. But the rain felt good and the camaraderie and friendship made the time fun and memorable.  My team mates Lisa and Meghan walked/ran with me and the last mile of three I did, Jenny came out and did the last part of my time block with us. I am thankful and humbled that we were able to be out and doing this. As we lapped I thought of those who could not do this, those who’s lives were taken by Hurricane Matthew. It reminded me how each and every day is a gift. One we can’t take for granted. And how precious friendship is and the support and love we share with the world around us.

And Meghan even had a fun swim


I went home shortly after my time block and wish that I had stayed through the night with them. Some who were supposed to run in the wee hours of morning couldn’t make it because of flooding. It got pretty rough with the winds and the rainfall accumulation. But the team persevered through the night.

I kept a close listen to the weather before I finally shut my eyes for the night and many in the surrounding areas lost power, lots of flooding and some trees down in the area. I’m not sure if more lives were lost here but I know one man drowned while checking a storm drain 😢

At some point through the night the team took it indoors and stayed safe and much dryer but kept the flag and themselves moving

Finally the final runner, Tony, brought it home. It was an amazing time with some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known.


I am so proud to know each and every one of them. They are my team, they are my tribe ❤️



Old Glory Relay




This weekend the Virginia Beach Chapter of Team RWB will be carrying Old Glory for a continuous 24 hour relay. I will be participating.

Often vets feel separated from their community and the community feels separated from the veterans. Often people forget that those who serve are human beings and may have many troubles adjusting to to reintegrating into their communities. The RWB serves to help with that.


The RWB Mission “Is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.”

The Eagle Ethos is passion, people, positivity, commitment, camaraderie, and community…and Team RWB lives it in action every day.



Transforming from within








Sometimes I need to get out of my own headspace

I am by nature a giver and a nurturer but when going through times of stress I regress and become focused on self and my own problems too hard and for too long. To break myself free of being caught up in my own drama, I need a set plan. I need guidance to refocus on what’s important in life, or to focus on small things that make the world a better place.

I am a RAKtivist (Random Acts Of Kindness) and have been for about 10 years. I used to be a blog fairy and spread love on peoples blogs, especially to those who are trying in their small way to make positive change in the world. I work with the RWB, helping to enrich veterans lives through physical activity and to become closer to our community. I volunteer with the Virginia State Parks to help preserve a place for nature in all it’s glory within the confines of a city. I have volunteered with the Food Bank, The Ronald McDonald House and several animal rescues here locally.

I think these things help us to grow from within. They help us to even reach out to people we may have never met in our normal day to day life. I think these acts are an important part of keeping our sense of humanity in this  digital world.

Today I stumbled upon Kindness 365 and want you to go check it out.Or check out any of the links I posted below, find what fits you. It’s not just a “feel good” experience (although it will have that effect), it’s actually fun too!. I think some of the most defining transformation we can have in our lives is when it comes from within. It has a kind of ripple effect and extend through everything else in our lives.

Kindness 365

Team RWB

Random Acts Of Kindness



Best Friends Society

Ronald McDonald House Volunteers

Feeding America – Find Your Local Food Bank

do good – feel good – volunteer


Down The Rabbit Hole

So I know many of you know that we lost Ippo (our dog) last month. But the last three months have been rough. My hubs traveling on and off, injuries preventing me from getting my butt out and doing any kind of training, depression settling in during the month of August hit hardest. I gained a lot of weight from where I had been. I mean a LOT of weight in a very short time. I gained 30 pounds in 3 months from stress eating and limited exercise.

The last three months has been painful and enlightening all at the same time. I realized just how strong I am and how capable I am of getting my sh*t together when I need to.

Running is HARD for me, stress eating is EASY for me to fall back into. And running, or run training (run/walk/run method – thank you Jeff Galloway) is exactly what keeps me from stress eating. Moving my body lets me get in touch with what my body needs, and what it doesn’t need. Run training releases those endorphin’s that make you feel alive and free your mind of the things that stress you out.

I have been blessed with meeting and knowing some amazing groups of people within the running community. They inspire me every day to be a better me. And during the crappy last few months I’ve been going through, although I neglected myself, neglected these groups, but I still listened to them. I still saw their stories of triumph over adversity. Of reaching new goals, of exceeding their limitations. The running community is filled with some of the best humans you could ever want to encounter. They lift you up when you need it and cheer you on enthusiastically every step of the way. Them along with a handful of amazing friends old and new and in-laws that I adore, I look forward to October and all the plans and goals I am setting!

Running is hard for me. And I love that fact. It challenges me to be better, to do more, to want more. So to INKnBURN, the RWB, RunJunkEes, the Running Turtles, and to Hogwarts


Running Club thank you!! Thank you for being amazing and challenging and there to learn from and to share with, even when I am sitting the sidelines quietly. Because even then, you teach me about me.

I can now fit back into my InB and am back at training again. I crawled out of that rabbit hole and am  feeling alive and grateful to be back on track again!

And if you are out there lost down a rabbit hole like I was, because of stress, or loss, or bad self image, or fear, etc… find a group, something you are passionate about and throw yourself head first into it. At fist you may feel like you’re faking it. guess what, you are! But in time you will feel alive again. Full of hope and goals. Ready to set your soul on fire and challenge yourself to what’s hard for you to do.

Woman running by the ocean beach at sunset