some of my favorite cookbooks


One Part Plant  

Naturally Nourished 

Wanderlust Find Your True Fork: Journeys in Healthy, Delicious, and Ethical Eating

The Intuitive Eating Workbook: Ten Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with Food (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)


Thug Kitchen 

The Pescetarian Plan: The Vegetarian + Seafood Way to Lose Weight and Love Your Food

Forks Over Knives – The Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Based Eating All Through the Year

Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking: 101 Entirely Plant-based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes

Nourish Bowls: Simple and Nutritious Balanced Meals in a Bowl

The Healthy Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook: 100 Easy & Delicious Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet Recipes For Weight Loss and Radiant Health

Plant-Strong: Discover the World’s Healthiest Diet–with 150 Engine 2 Recipes




While I myself am not doing a vegan nutrition plan, something vegans and even vegetarians who are finicky need to remember: By eliminating food groups from your diet, you are potentially at risk of missing out on certain micronutrients. By avoiding animal and animal products, a vegan diet is at risk of being low in calcium, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, if you follow a vegan diet it is essential that you get enough of these nutrients through specific vegan food sources – and may even need to take additional supplements.

When selecting dairy-free alternatives, make sure you are choosing the fortified options. Humus is a good nutrition choice; tahini (sesame seed paste)  is a good source of calcium, zinc and iron, which are all micronutrients hard to get a hold of on a vegan diet.

Vegan Shakeology is a great supplement for those on a vegan or vegetarian nutrition plan:

  • It is fairly low calorie (160 per serving), but packs in so many nutrients including: 15 grams of protein from raw sprouted brown rice, 9 essential amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and loads of “superfood” ingredients for antioxidants.
  • It suits a variety of special dietary needs. It’s gluten-free and made without top allergens (soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free).
  • It’s low in sugar. Most of the sugars come from nature within the fruits, since the only added sweetener is essentially stevia. It’s almost dessert-like and when blended!

While within my own lifestyle I am focusing on a a more pescatarian/vegetarian/ovo-vegetarian centered nutrition plan, I am also trying to keep my nutrition clean and whole food oriented and items like these below that are consumed by many vegetarians and vegans I just keep out of my diet.

Soy, in large or often amounts: “because the soybean contains large quantities of natural toxins or “antinutrients.” First among them are potent enzyme inhibitors that block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion.”

Nutritional Yeast: Simply because I don’t think it makes ANYTHING really taste like cheese. I would rather just eliminate the cheese and stop trying to emulate it with something that tatses nothing like the cheese I so love and is so bad for me and my health. It just toys with my senses.


My 3 Day Refresh Results & Tips




🌱My results…

As you can see, I lost some weight and an inch! I’m really happy with my results!! My belly bloat is gone, I feel lighter and even though I was eating under 1000 calories a day I feel energized. I was eating pretty clean to start with so these results are a keeper. I will do the Refresh again in a couple months. I think I may do this three or four times a year, seasonally.

Ps…I KNOW I didn’t drink enough water the last three days. Water is still something I struggle with. Actually, just drinking enough of anything is something I struggle with. I’m just not a drink person. I drink slowly and infrequently. So times like these when required to drink quite a bit, I struggle. I think I could have lost another half pound if I had drank what I was supposed to. Water flushes your system.


🌱Recap: what Is the 3 Day Refresh?
In a nut-shell the Refresh is a simple 3 days of plant-based eating that is a HEALTHY way for you to drop a few pounds, get rid of belly bloat, jump start a new workout routine or break a weight loss plateau. It consists of daily, nutrient rich shakes including Shakeology, a Fiber Fresh, Vanilla Fresh, fresh fruits and veggies, healthy fats and a lot of water!



🌱What the Refresh is NOT

  • A starvation diet or diet of any kind
  • Something that will make you spend 3 days in the bathroom
  • Lacking real foods


🌱Why did I choose do it? 

To be completely honest, to see what it was all about and to challenge myself and my will power. I feel fantastic after doing it.


💅🏻Excuse my once broken – desperately in need of a pedi – toesies 💅🏻


🌱The Shakes

Shakeology: I LOVE this superfood shake. There is a misconception that Shakeology is a simple protein shake but let’s be honest, if I wanted to protein shake, I can get that at my local Sam’s Club for cheap. It’s NOT just a protein shake. But it does have protein, about 17 grams. But it also has superfoods hand-picked and sourced from around the world, then formulated into a drink that truly gives us what our bodies are missing from the bad eating habits we are accustomed to (like processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, GMO’s, etc). It’s loaded with pre and probiotics, superfoods such as matcha, chaga, camu-camu, and Lycium Berry(goji berry), which deliver phytonutrients, and the list goes on…! Plus zero artificial flavors, colors,  or GMOs. It’s completely different from any other “protein shake” on the market. Ingredients just can’t compare. And it’s delicious!

Vanilla Fresh Shake: I personally liked it. It tastes like a mild vanilla flavoring. My favorite way to make it was with a couple drops of maple extract.  It’s full of plant proteins, tons of vitamins and minerals, NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives…And it keeps you full and satisfied. 

Fiber Sweep Drink: The flavor is lemony, and it smells kind of like fruity pebbles. It was eh, ok. I mixed it with ice cold water + ice and just drank it quickly. It’s not like some fiber drinks that keep you running to the bathroom every hour. It just make it all happen very naturally. 


🌱What results can you expect if you do it?

If you follow the program, typical results you can expect, is between 2 and 5 lbs and probably even an inch or two from you midsection. Reduced belly bloat. A jump start to freedom from caffeine and sugar addiction. A jump start to a weight loss journey. Excess toxins to be gone from your body. And a focal point to a new healthy mindset.

*Great for post-holidays, pre-big event day (think weddings, parties, etc…)!


🌱My Tips 

  • Make sure you space the time out between shakes and food, like the instructions tell you. It not only helps your digestion system, it keeps you satisfied between steps. This is a low calorie 3 days, be wise!
  • Use a blender to mix not only your Shakeology (a must for me), but to make your Fiber Sweep & your Vanilla Fresh too. I’ve heard people complain of texture. Texture isn’t an issue if you use a blender or bullet.
  • Make sure the water you use with your Fiber Sweep is cold. Some don’t like the taste, I don’t mind it all. But if you use cold water, the flavor isn’t as strong
  • You may feel headachy over the course of the 3 days from sugar and/or caffeine withdrawal. I had a pretty bad migraine on day two. We don’t consume much sugar at all in our house anymore so it was likely from caffeine. I am still a coffee drinker, a couple cups a day. Just be patient, the headache will lessen.
  • The taste of the Fiber Sweep by day three had me gagging. I think it’s directly related to how it smells more than texture (a blender fixes that). It’s kind of a super sweet smell, so blend it in a blender with ice cold water/ice and then drink it right down. As it sits it separates and has a weird texture. And as it warms it tastes worse.
  • I liked the taste of the Vanilla Fresh, but some people don’t. Utilize the serving of fruit you get and the spices. I used cinnamon. Plus I used maple extract.
  • Drink a lot of water. This not only helps flush your system, it keeps you full.
  • Get extra sleep. The extra sleep will help ward off cranky mood swings you may experience from withdrawal of caffeine and sugar. I was always super grumpy before dinner. That was my hangry point. Once I ate, I was ok again!
  • Working out – Since the Refresh is a reduced calorie plan (about 900 calories a day), really intense workouts should be put on hold. But light workouts, yoga, walking, short runs are totally fine. Just listen to you body and if you feel sluggish, stop. Since it was my first time doing it I did light yoga for the most part. Nothing that burned through too many calories.


If your interested in doing the 3 Day Refresh yourself you can get it here or you can email me with your questions or any guidance or support you need on your journey 💚


**disclaimer–all results are individual and depend on one’s personal body make up and individual effort. These results are only posted to give you an idea of what I experienced personally.

Down 4!


Coincidence, I say no.
I admit, when I finally ordered and received my Shakeology last month (mid month), I delayed ripping open the bag because I still had some of another brand shake and hate being wasteful. I never really lost weight with that shake, but I bought it and it tasted ok, but didn’t help with anything. I’ve been back to drinking Shakeology on a daily now, a bit over a week. I also stayed faithful to daily fitness (BOD & run/walk/run) and continue to learn and work on healthy  meal planning.

I’m happy to say I lost FOUR pounds this week! Yayyy for Shakeology This was a game changer for me twice before. And twice before I decided cost was more important than my health and walked away from Shakeology to search for a “cheaper” daily shake. During those times my weight fluctuated and snacking was ALWAYS an issue.

I’d been dancing this dance for two years with Shakeology. And when I go back to it, I feel better, lose weight and don’t snack like I was my whole life. My body gets the vitamins and nutrients I KNOW (doctor said so) I lack. I despise taking pills. With Shakeology I don’t have to swallow pills that I choke on and gag over (sorry for tmi), instead I drink a chocolaty shake that gives me the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients I need + curbs my hunger + keeps me from snacking on unhealthy junk + gives me a desert like drink – every single day!

3rd times a charm and I’ve learned my lesson. Shakeology stays a part of my daily health plan. There are always ways to find money for things we want so for the things that can add to our health, it should be wayyyy easier to find a way to afford it.


So how did I find the money for Shakeology?
Cut back on spending on clothes. Half my clothes buying is because of yo-yo weight loss/gain. Instead I now limit what I have with kind of a core piece wardrobe, things I can mix and match. I’m tired of buying clothes in four different sizes. and it made no sense. It was wasteful money spent. I know what healthy weight I need to be at. I know when a doctor says I am obese, I MUST fix that, permanently. So why am I buying a bunch of clothes I KNOW should be eventually WILL be, too big on me anyway?
Cooking more meals at home. Less eating out. Not no eating out, but those times could instead be planned as something special. When I cook at home I know what ingredients I’ve used. Keith and I now, cook most meals together. So not only does it help the budget, it’s added quality time with my hubby! We’ve made health and nutrition a joint mission we’re on. Instead of him doing his thing and me my own thing, now it’s a team effort. This keeps us from sabotaging each others goals!
Starbucks was an every time we (me and the hubby) were in the car going somewhere stop. First, that can add up to a whole lot of calories + a whole lot of money for a drink, a drink! So yeah, we still do Starbucks. I save it for my girls day out me and my besties here do a couple days a month. And hubs leaves his as an occassional lunchtime treat. AND Shakeology now comes in Cafe Latte (vegan too) and so we make frosty cold Starbucks type drinks right outta the blender 😉
Being a coach I get a discount & if you are military – active duty, reservist, confirmed veteran or military dependent, you get coaching fees waived!
Prioritising health. Nope, this isn’t a money saver. But this is something we all HAVE to do. Or should do. In my 20’s I didn’t worry about gaining weight, high blood pressure, cholesteral levels, etc… And even into my thirties I avoided thinking about it all. After all, I felt fine, right? Well it’s an inevitability that all things catch up with you over time. Years of eating double cheeseburgers, soda pop, smoking, being a couch potato, or even just being naturally thin so thinking your immune to the effects of a bad diet and little to no exercize WILL all come back to haunt you. It’s sad that when we’re young, if not educated about the repricussions of things, or just ignoring the advice of “older” people what will happen will result in years of abuse on our bodies. Abuse with food, smoking, alchohol, and not moving enough to keep our finely tuned bodies in good working order. We have to make our personal healthcare a priority. For ourselves AND for the people in our lives!

Too often we blow small amounts of money daily because of stress over not having what it is we realllllly want. At least that was me. Spending money as instant gratification. And half the time I didn’t even realize how much money I spent on things that would give me immediate gratification to make me feel better over what I felt I couldn’t achieve or attain. Any of this sound familiar? I’ve been working on this issue and realize that I needed to pull my big girl panties up and go for what I really want, no matter how big a dream or how long it may take. Because I AM capable and I CAN achieve whatever I set my focus on achieving.
If you want to try it, try it for a month, with regular exercise and healthy eating (I can even hook you up with eating plans)! You can always cancel so, drop me an email, if you want to talk more about it!


Todays’s Shakeology Recipe

1 serving Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
½ banana
1 cup coconut milk
lotsa ice
Sprinkle of cinnamon

BOD Fitness Challenge w/free trial?

BOD Special.jpg

I am really super excited because #1 I think you are getting an absolute steal with this offer and secondly it gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what workout you want to do based on your current needs. And #2 having On Demand at your access will give you so many options to choose from, you will never get bored with a fitness routine again.

I love BOD because you don’t have to continually purchase new programs every time that you finish one.  It allows you to pay a 1 year membership and you have access to every single fitness program that Beachbody has ever released plus all new releases for an entire year!  So, for example let’s say you start out with (where I think everyone should start), the 21 Day Fix and you loved it but you want something more intense, you can just open up your library and move to the 21 Day Fix Extreme or PiYo.   Another plus to BOD is that if you don’t like the program you picked, for whatever reason, you don’t have to return it, you just pick another one 😉  No excuses, your workout is right there whenever you want it. It’s great for traveling because you can access it from your laptop or tablet and GO!


download (1)v

Beachbody on Demand & the 14 Day Free Trial

(14 day free trial and how to access this option)


Starting on June 1st of 2017 every single Beachbody program will be available as with the “Beachbody on Demand All-Access” no matter which package of BOD that you choose.  This will include the quarterly, semi-annual, and the year membership.  The BOD free trial lasts for 14 days.   Gone is the 30 day free trial but they will still have in place the 14 day Beachbody on Demand free trial.  The steps to get your Beachbody on Demand free trial are as follows:

  1. Go HERE or
  2. HERE ( if you want BOD w/Shakeology, your best choice for success AND on SALE!!) or
  3. HERE is you’d like BOD and to join my team!
  4. Click the 12 month, 6 month, or 3 month option by clicking SELECT


3. Then fill in your information and card info this will create your TBB account and log in info for BOD.  It will show Susan Halloran (me ☺️) listed as your coach (you can cancel anytime within 14 days!)

4. Once you have submitted the order , put a sticky note somewhere to remind you the date you have to cancel by. But I have zero doubts that within the 14 days you’ll see the value and how it can change your fitness focus! I am looking forward to getting an email from you so please feel free to CONTACT ME with your goals and any questions you have! Our team, Set Your Soul On Fire, runs private accountability groups to help you every step of the way!

Not Just Workouts, The Total Package

  • Fitness Programs
  • Workout Calendars
  • Program Guides
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Progress Trackers
  • Recipes
  • Free Coach



June – 21 Day Challenge

RTZ 21
I’m super excited! I’ll be doing round two of the 21 Day Challenge starting June 10. Last time I lost 9 pounds and inches all around. It’s time to put together a challenge group because summer is closer than we think. And we all need encouragement and support along the way.
The challenge will be 21 days. You will be given a meal plan to follow with portion control containers to measure out your food. You will be doing 30 min workouts. You will be drinking Shakeology every day to curb your cravings and keep you from eating between meals. This will all be done in a PRIVATE Facebook group and the goal is to help you stay accountable and to make your 21 day journey FUN!!!
RTZ 21
Comment below with your email address or email me at for more details. Excited to work with those who are ready to COMMIT!!
*U.S. & Canada only
 ** Last day to apply/order June1st (to insure arrival time)

Obstacle Course Race Tips


My added tips:

  • Take advantage of your local gym or club that specializes in cross training. The Vault
  • Find a local park and get busy. Some parks even have stations set up! 
  • Practice running in dirt and mud BEFORE the event so you know the feel and are ready for it.
  • Hydrate hydrate hydrate
  • Get adequate rest the day before
  • get over trying to be “pretty” out there
  • Read this book (amazon link, just click the cover)


  • If you are inclined, there is a pretty bad ass routine here


How to Make Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash takes the mystery and effort out of preparing this sometimes large and awkward vegetable. Follow the link for step by step photos and instructions.

How to Make Slow Cooker Spaghetti Squash