Loki Update…

Blood test showed his liver and gallbladder levels are up. There are a couple reasons this could be.
1. He stopped eating because he has a bit of infection somewhere. Maybe even urinary. When cats stop eating for a couple days it’s hard for them to bounce back. When a cat stops eating and rapid weight loss starts, protein supplies are soon exhausted and the liver becomes overwhelmed by all the fat. This results in a condition known as hepatic lipidosis, which can lead to liver failure. Bottom line, whatever illness big or small, when cats stop eating their bodies begin using their fat supply which makes them think they don’t need food. And so whatever illness they are fighting gets compounded by them not eating. 
2. Or, he may have cancer or another more serious issue.

Either way,  the way the blood panel read,  his nausea and not eating is not likely being caused by his ibd meds (prednisone). In the long run, that’s good because he may need to stay on a small dosage to control his advanced ibd. 

So his antibiotics he got on Tuesday will last in his system 2 weeks. We now have to get him to continue eating. If it’s just an infection he needs his strength to get better. So last night he started anti nausea meds and an appetite stimulant (cream on his ear). He seems to be improving quickly. It has to continue to improve, none of us want to deal with option #2.

His behavior has us hopeful. The video below was yesterday afternoon. Last night he continued to eat and was alert and drinking water. Same this morning.