They had so many requests, they decided to bring back the classic sunflower design for this months #TBT.  Strong, bold and beautiful, these pieces are not for the timid! Known for being the “happy” flower, sunflowers actually resemble the sun with the petals reaching out like beams of light. It is said this radiant flower symbolizes adoration, loyalty and longevity. TODAY, throwback Thursday is the ONLY day for pre-order! Friday they start production!

Ladies…something to lust over (but you better hurry)!


This is my all time favorite design by InB and they did a TBT release! The artwork in this design is scrumptious! I’m a lover of  Asian art, history, and design and this is a beautiful representation of the pen and ink style. I posted the closeup because… the detail. The artist, Tiny Bubbles did the first pen and ink illustration of the the Lust design back in 2011. This for me is my very favorite ever INKnBURN design! Yayyy for TBT!

BUT…there is a limited time ordering window!

One Day Only Pre-Order! Jan 5th 2017



If You Find Yourself Lusting for This…
Don’t wait! We are only taking orders for this Women’s Lust Pullover for one day, Thursday, then we need to get busy hand-crafting this design by INB artist Tiny Bubbles. Whether it is the beautifully illustrated art or the rich colors that get your heart beating, this is a wonderful piece to own.  Especially if you’ve been lusting for a little extra warmth!

(Depending on the number of orders, we anticipate 6-8 weeks of production time before this product ships. You are welcome to order other in stock items with this but, your order won’t ship until this top has been made. If patience isn’t one of your virtues, please place separate orders!) 

INKnBURN Shoutouts



West Coast Running

Marty Wacker is going from Vancouver to Tijuana logging 30-40 miles a day. Sure he may stop off and do a few races on the way… who wouldn’t? Our Men’s Shady Tech Shirt was perfect for running through the giant redwoods. Marty told us when he was standing under the tree crossing the trail, it was 50ft above his head! Good luck and safe travels!



Gratitude and Perspective

Kimberlee Hummel, pictured here in our Kimono Kit, is one of our inspiring ambassadors and is relentlessly positive in how she approaches life, MS and staying healthy. We invite you to take a moment to read more about her and enjoy the wonderful photos taken by her husband, Aki Hummel. 




Unicorn Sighting

This INB Elite and owner of The Ultra Running Co. in Charlotte got a unicorn he’s been chasing all year. Huge congratulations to Nathan Leehman on taking First at the Uwharrie 100m in 23:28! Not only was it a sub-24 finish, but a new course record! Way to go! Nathan wore our Men’s ISO Tech Shirt which has a unicorn hidden in the geometry of the design. (A great gift for guys running Boston this year, but only a few left!)

Don’t Forget to Play!

As the The Year of the Monkey winds down, we have just a few of this awesome design left! Intelligent, playful, and even mischievous are just a few attributes of the monkey. The ancient character in red translates as “monkey”. With a calligraphic finishing brush stroke that suggests a curling tail, this shirt is a great reminder to stay curious, playful and have fun! 
(Great Gift for anyone born in: 1956196819801992, 2004!)

Our Awesome Aussie!

Sending HUGE congratulations to INKnBURN Elite, Rachel Glasson, who set an Australian age group record (F45-49) last Sunday: 50K in 3:35:58! That’d be sub 5-minute kms for 50km… Wow! (Actually 4:19!!)Rachel is wearing our Serpent Capris with our classic Chameleon Racerback.


Pixels on the Move

This Pixel Tech Shirt is one of our most versatile designs that goes with everything! The perfect shirt to be sure you are seen in a race or just training on the road. Inspired by the arcade games of the 80’s this shirt starts out with flat pixels that break away into 3D cubes. This photo is of Linzie Starr, one of our relentlessly positive ambassadors, at a Garmin photo shoot.

Dragon’s Gate

In case you missed our earlier product launch this week, we just released this beautiful kit inspired by an ancient legend. The story tells of a koi and its journey to become a dragon.
Women’s Dragon’s Gate Tech Shirt
Women’s Dragon’s Gate Capris

The Dragon’s Gate


This is a stunning new kit from INKnBURN! And the legend that brought about the idea for the design is beautiful, touching and inspiring! I already ordered mine!!


“The Story of Dragon’s Gate
There is a beautiful story of how a koi fish managed to swim up a great river in China, leap up the falls and turn into a dragon. Our most recent design was inspired by this story of perseverance and determination. Read more about the wonderful legend behind this powerful design…”
“And, be sure to use the magnifying feature to see the beautifully detailed patterns on the shirt and capris!”
The Legend Of The Dragon’s Gate



From: INKnBURN Netherlands

You have to pay extra for international shipping but We Run Together is amazing with customer service and mystery shirts are always fun!!

“Who loves a good mystery? We’re going to clean up to make room for new designs and have ladies-and gentlemen techshirts if mystery design for a ridiculously low price.
You don’t know what design you get, but it is certain that you’re with a inknburn techshirt always good for the coming of the day.
Check out www.inknburn.nl and choose your size.”

Womens Or Mens 

News from the INKnBURN Facebook Page!

Some fun happening tomorrow (Wednesday 10/5) on the INKnBURN Facebook page! Read below for details!





We’ll be doing another live feed Wednesday, Oct. 5th at 11am PST! Time to do another spin of the Wheel of Awesome! Since the last auction went for a record amount, we’ll be picking two bidders names from the hat, as well as a spin for the auction winner! Hope you can join us 🙂

Industrial – Steam – Graffiti

14463277_10210924980860355_7603423337314587916_nThis morning I put Tank Tank on to run errands. Tank Tank is a piece from INKnBURN’s menswear line. But I love it. I love Industrial art, Steampunk art. I find it mesmerizing to find beauty in what would seem hard, or gritty to others.

Now that I finally have a GoPro I am going to venture out to start photographing street art. Beauty in the underbelly of our world. The places where graffiti artists paint flowers on dirty walls, and art can be found through the harsh lines of steel and concrete.

Beauty exists where and when you choose to see it!                                     2693life_is_beautiful_ok


10863263_12ca514446 7f0782279e305d574deb81e47f66843d.jpg




Studio Hush


If you want stunning wearable art INKnBURN