Ruthie O.
“I had my first [tarot]reading with Susan and am so grateful. Her ability to connect, not just through her reading, but with me personally was fantastic. I have been struggling with an issue for years and she was gentle in addressing it, yet she was straightforward and told me exactly what I needed to hear. Much guidance along the way! Susan was so spot-on and I have been moving forward in a focused and energetic manner. She’s such a pleasure to spend time with and I would recommend her immensely.”


Elizabeth K.
Received a clear, reflective, tarot reading. It told me all the things I’ve told myself. Peace with mortality means I need to actively engage and live life and stop being a passenger. I have to go back and open my spirituality and renew that sense of spirit. As the cards said the future is infinite. Reminding myself and knowing for myself that death is not the end. Not allowing myself to be swayed by others in a way that makes me discredit my own experiences or lose faith in those experiences.